Friday, July 11, 2008

y'all have overwhelmed me with your powers of deduction

So, I got me an attorney! I'll post updates on the case as they come, but she's pretty sure I won't see the inside of a jail cell (unless I get arrested again before the case resolution, but hell- I'm clean and not taking probation so I won't). Hooray! Anyways, here are my replies to some of the various comments:

"There are two kinds of people in this world. My kind of people and assholes."
Damn straight baby!

"Bravo to your comments about Barack. The guy is a total idiot, racist, asshole and hipocrit!!!!"
Power to the people!!

"happy birthday, guess your still growing"
You guessed right! None of my BP clothes fit no more, hah.

"I do think that prostition should be legal. If you can't sell your body what can you sell?"
It is impossible to sell your body, except in a slave trade. It's either selling sex, or renting your body- but not selling it. Because after the sex, I go home with everything I left with, plus money (some bitches will fuck for drugs, but you can buy your own drugs, so taking the cash is the only way to go). I know the appropriate response for this is "everything you left with... except your dignity" but with my fucked up morals, I've never been ashamed so, yeah. I leave with my damn dignity still intact!

"I don't think that it's minorities that are unfairly jailed. It's that white people stand a better chance at getting in less trouble for the same crimes."
Not white people, rich people. Poor whites are jailed for the same shit as poor blacks- it's the rich folks (in this country, more of whom are white) who get a good attorney and get out on some loophole or technicality. And praise Jesus for the technicalities!

"I'm not saying that your going to be Mother fuckin' Mary after she is born but I think that little baby will set some bounderies for you. Bounderies that you didn't have before."
I agree, since I've already set boundaries that I never even imagined I'd set for myself. I haven't gone this long without getting high (cept weed) since... shit, since boarding school. And I miss my booze- I didn't even have a drink on my birthday like I was gonna- so technically I haven't drank since late February/early March. I do care a lot about this kid, although I sure the fuck won't ever be up for any mother of the year awards (as Jake pointed out).

"And, it's clear to me that a lot of what you write is pure fantasy. Many of your "tales" just aren't plausible (being hit by a car, the hospital, being arrested then found the next day in a hotel room with *how much dope* up your snatch????). You need to do your research before you fabricate."
Whatever helps ya sleep at night, baby.

"You've lost your looks, honey. Those shorts only work on baby prostitutes. You're way beyond that."
23 years old, and my life is over... what's a bitch to do?

"While she thinks nothing is her fault, it's painfully clear that it's all her fault. She's one sick, stupid fuck."
I like "it's all her fault." What is, exactly? Be more specific... me being pregnant? me liking heroin? me not being able to quit cigs? Yeah, all them things are my fault, although I don't remember passing the buck on any of those... what exactly are you referring to that is my fault? Forgive me, but I've done a lot of wild shit in my life and need clarification on what precisely it is that I'm taking the blame for.

"It's clear that this blog is just your way of getting attention because your life is so frighteningly pathetic." ..... "You're right; she's an attention whore who says things for shock value without any meaning behind them. " ..... "your comments were starting to die down and being the attention whore you are you thought this would get people going again."
Omigod, you guys figured out that I like attention! What tipped you off, the fact that I post all the crazy shit that happens in my life on the internet for strangers to read? You guys all deserve gold stars for that kinda fuckin' detective work! I'm so impressed I can't even keep typing- y'all have overwhelmed me with your powers of deduction.


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CindyB1 said...

What is you legal case about? You have spoken of it many times but I missed what you were charged with.
Good Luck with the case, sounds like your lawyer is going to help. Being Prego in the clink would not be good!

Take Care,

Melody said...

God, I do love a smart-ass! XOXO Melody Lee

Cocaine Princess said...

I hope everything works out in your favor.

Cocaine Princess

Victoria said...

Awww, I love that pregnancy countdown ticker you put up, it's so cute! I was looking for one when I found out I was pregnant in May, but I miscarried last month :(

Still, I'm so excited for you! And ignore the haters (which I know you already do!), they're just jealous because either 1) they're not as hot as you, or 2) they can't tap that ass!

And I've been trying to stay clean too, so don't worry, you're not alone in your cravings and feelings of wanting to get high!!

Love you ♥