Thursday, July 16, 2009

a day in the life

I tried to put these pictures in order, but I'm not the most computer-savvy bitch alive (obviously) so here they are randomly. This is just one really fun day with baby, if you think it's boring or redundant I don't really care. Bask in the glory of Jasmyne's beautiful face.

at the grocery store

making sleepy faces on the changing table

right after eating a snack (banana)

the same grocery store trip as before, reaching for orange juice

look at her teeth! 8 of 'em now!

car seat chillin'

more grocery shoppin'- Jazzie loves mushrooms

at this indoor playground in Gardens

crawlin' around the house

more car seat chillin'

same indoor playground

bouncing her on the trampoline

eating... breakfast? lunch? dinner?

big smiles

she's like a puppy who got into her kibble, no?

Monday, July 13, 2009

look at my sweet baby!

She can pull herself up on furniture and people now, and today she stood all by herself for about 3-4 seconds before toppling over.

This is after Jazzie ate a bagel with cream cheese all by herself- she practically used it as a napkin.

July 4th tea party pics- my favorite sign was "stop foreign aid".

Took me long enough, I know, but finally new pictures of fat baby. I am using Firefox now, no more shitty Internet Explorer! IE wouldn't let me upload my pictures, it just shut the picture folder every time I tried to upload anything from the folder to this blog or a message board or anything. Also it wouldn't let me log into gmail (I got 2 accounts and it wouldn't allow me into either) or play certain online games and AIM closes down while I'm talking and it froze up all the time- basically acted shitty all the time. Fuck Internet Explorer! No problems so far with Firefox. Silly name for a browser, but whatever. I'm not exactly a "computer person", I spend a lot of time online but it's mostly making money or writing or talking to other folks on message boards or chat rooms or AIM.

Jasmyne eats everything that I eat. Fettuccine alfredo, chicken pot pie, macaroni and cheese, lasagna, spaghetti and meat sauce, pizza, chicken with rice, squash soup, guacamole, bagels with cream cheese, grilled cheese and pickle sandwiches, salmon fillets, everything. I'm so glad that she's not a picky eater, on top of all her damn allergies. She eats healthful food, and a hell of a lot of it. An average meal for her: macaroni with meat sauce, mushrooms and leeks, blueberries, cherries, avocado, little pieces of cheese, green beans, a banana, and some yogurt or cottage cheese. I think she eats more than me volume-wise, without allowing for proportion. It's nuts. I really love that big baby- she's about 20 pounds now (apparently she's slightly below average, weight-wise).

I think Greg and I are broken up, but I'm not sure. He showed up past midnight, ranting and raving and telling me to wake up the baby which really pissed me off, especially in light of our discussion THAT SAME MORNING where I had told him to back off a little bit and not jump 9 feet up my ass. I told him to get the fuck out of my house because I'm not into that stupid jealous high-school shit. The next day I sent him an email saying that with much more detail, and he hasn't responded since. It's been over a week. If he hates me forever now, I want my fucking stroller back.

Sobriety is grating on me, I'm so goddamn exhausted all the time (hep C?) no matter how much I sleep and it would make my life ever so much easier to get some ups. It's not worth it of course, baby Jaz is the most important thing and it needs to stay that way. Just sometimes it's fucking difficult. What I need to find is a young mother who shares my... interests. That would be just awesome.

In closing, I really really really really really really hate Obama. He can't be stupid, you can't get elected president if you're stupid, so why does he do so much stupid shit? Cap-and-trade, to "create jobs" in industries we just don't have the technology for? "Oh, we don't want people to use any fossil fuels... or nuclear power, because that's evil... so we will tax the SHIT out of oil and gas until y'all use something else." But there isn't anything fucking else that's possible and affordable. If solar power or wind power was efficient, people would be making money in these industries. It isn't efficient, affordable, or really useful AT ALL. So the solution of course is to punish Americans for not having another choice in energy. Liberals in action. God I hate that man. Obongo the fucking asswipe.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

when's the last time a new tax helped YOU?

As if the new federal tobacco tax and ban on flavored tobacco and blunt-wraps wasn't enough of a pain in my ass, there is also a new state tax on cigarettes- an extra fucking dollar a pack. Jesus Harold Christ on a fucking rubber crutch. I paid $5.49 last night for a pack of Newports, and that really hurt. A year ago I bought 3 packs for 9 bucks. And if that store that I frequent is selling them for $5.49, that means the average asking price around here is up to around SEVEN BUCKS A PACK. It's disgusting. I'm gonna start rolling my own cigarettes, cause I don't want to quit smoking.

My brother thinks that stuff like new taxes on cigarettes and cap-and-trade (which will raise gas and utility prices) are what will keep Obama from getting re-elected. People can hear him on TV talking about compassion and hope and say "awesome!" and they won't know that the national debt just went up another 3 trillion dollars because it doesn't affect them. Once these folks are paying more for cigarettes and gas, they will take notice. Why is it so expensive now? Because there's a new tax. That hits them where they live because it's not just a number on a piece of paper, it's THEIR money being spent more quickly. And then every time they hear Obama spitting game on TV, their brains will filter right past the bullshit and all they will hear is, "there's a new tax." If something good can come of this and we can at least get rid of that stupid socialist elitist black asshole in the White House, then cool.

It's the Fourth of July which is awesome. We are going to the big tea party tonight at downtown which is awesome. It's gonna have all the people from the April 15th protest, plus all the people who just heard about it from their friends and family, plus all the people who are kicking themselves in the ass about missing the April one, plus all the curious people who want to see how big this movement really is, PLUS all the people who have gotten pissed the fuck off at Obongo since then. Tons of fun. Jazzie is gonna have so much fun, and just like last time I shall post pics.

My birthday is day after tommorrow, then in a couple weeks my brother is turning 21 which is just the bees' knees because once he can sit at a bar and hang out, we have a place to kill time where we're not getting bit by mosquitos.