Thursday, July 17, 2008

this hilarious piece of mail

Those crazy liberals and their crazy bullshit. I first learned about Polar Bear SOS through a petition that was sent to my mom, detailing how the big bad Bush administration (my mom counted, the words "the Bush administration" were used 15 times in 4 pages) is "putting polluter profits before the needs of the polar bears" and asking for donations to save these bears, which by the way are not technically an endangered species. For those of you who didn't receive this hilarious piece of mail and are too lazy to click on the above link, I'll give ya the basics. The Bush administration, those horrible horrible people, are drilling for oil where the polar bears live. The polar bears, who need donations to save them and won't make anybody any money. As one columnist online said (I'm paraphrasing because I can't remember the exact words, but either way I won't claim it as my own since I'm not a thief), "liberals don't want anyone to drill. Liberals don't want us to have any oil at all. They want us to ride bicycles and then die. We deserve it, because we were mean to the polar bears." Hahahaha! Anyways, I sent back the petition (after blacking out my mom's name and address at her request) unsigned with my own little commentary scribbled on it. It's a free country, right? I bet it's not the only one they get back like that either. I know I didn't make a difference for anything, but guess what? Neither will Polar Bear SOS. The drilling will go on. If it turns out I'm wrong, I hope somebody calls me on it because I don't watch the news...

Just finished watching Shutter, which I believe came on DVD on Tuesday. I can't watch scary movies by myself (I get nightmares) but I like 'em quite a bit, and Greggie doesn't like the horror shit. My mom used to like scary movies, she used to be fun, now everything is "what would Jesus do?" and let me tell you, that narrows down any list of possible activities to... well, not a lot. "Jesus wouldn't watch slasher movies." "Jesus wouldn't smoke pot." "Jesus wouldn't say that about someone." No fun at all. Anyways, Shutter wasn't a slasher movie, it actually turned out to be pretty cool and scary. It reminded me of The Ring, which was awesomely terrifying. When that bitch came out the TV... glorious.

$$$ selected replies $$$

"Do you miss the other life... fuck its been awhile since I vented I can't do it with my blog its becoming an issue, how do you do it?"
Yeah, sometimes I miss it more than other times. It's crazy, when I'm in the middle of the game it's fun mixed with bullshit but once I'm out, all I can remember is the fun times. I wonder why it works like that? Why can't you write whatever you want on your blog, it is yours. Do the folks at your school read you or something? If so, start a new one and don't give 'em the url (but leave it here!) then speak yer damn mind. We all gots the right. How do I do it, I just don't care what others think, which is easier than it sounds.

"I just started reading your shit. I have had you in my favs for 1 week but just got to a point where I can really sit down and take it all in. Love your writing, can't wait to read more."
Awww, thanks. It's easy to brush off the hate, but the love still gives me warm fuzzies. :)

"Deleting comments now, huh? What's the matter, truth getting to you? "I don't want to go up, even though my dose doesn't matter to the baby."Wow. Just.... wow. Then you go on to say..."Any dose between 20 and 200mg affects a kid in the same way, if it affects them at all- mild-to-severe withdrawal symptoms lasting less than a week"....which clearly states it DOES affect the baby."
Jake! My all-time favorite hater! I couldn't delete comments if I wanted to, I could set it so there's no anon people allowed to comment or so that I have to "moderate" aka proofread all the comments and decide what will go up on the blog and what won't. But I just let it be a free-for-all. What comment am I being accused of deleting? Was it one of yours? Can you post it again? Maybe you mean that I didn't respond to one of yours, which might be true. That's why this is called, selected replies. I select and then reply. Maybe what you said wasn't worth answering. For the other thing you said, the fact that I'm on methadone does matter to the kid- of course. But if my dose goes up or down, THAT doesn't make a difference. Basically, once we're on it we're on it and 20 or 200mg, it's the same shit. My dr told me that if I tried to detox my kid would die, so by going on methadone I'm actually following my dr's recommendation. I'm sorry if I believe him more than your shit-talking ass. No, wait... I'm not sorry at all! Hah! Anyways, thanks for the hate- you always put thought into what you say, and I enjoy reading your comments much more than the folks that can't think of anything more creative that "u suck ur a whore" or whatever.
Oh and the comment of yours that I "deleted" was it here?

"I just love people who go around judging ppl they dont even know dont you?Anyhow I would like to put a link to your blog on mine is that kool?"
Jake thinks he knows me. In fact, I'm convinced that he thinks he knows a lot more than he does- just like me! Oh my god, that means he and I have something in common! Argh! :) But I don't mind the "judging", you can't air your dirty laundry online for the world to read and then complain when people don't like you. It comes with the territory. I'm not like Obama, who you can't make any jokes about because he thinks he can run for president and not have anyone in the country dislike him out loud. What an asshole! But I digress... yes, by all means put up a link. I always like readers. I would link to you if I could see your site, but apparently I can't so when you got content on your blogspot- let me know! Stick around baby, I try to keep it interesting even though my life has been pretty boring lately.

New pictures are coming! They have already been took, they just need to be given to me on a disk (I don't have a digital camera, but Greg does as he is an amateur photographer) or emailed to me or something. For those of you who don't like my pics because of my slutty-ass clothes: don't look! Till next time...


Anonymous said...

Hey Gorgeous,

I disagree with you concerning our protected lands. The preservation of these lands for what ever reason, being for the animals or vegetation is necesary for mankind not for the Bush administration to profit from the destruction of, like he did with the wars in both Afganistand and Irak ( did you know that we built the largest pipeline through Afganistand shortly after we invaded this country. It's all about oil and the profits that the Bush administration benefits from (not the american people) no matter how many people, animals or vegetaion that they destroy to get there all mighty profit, it was just business, I really did not mean to destoy mankind, I just wanted to make a profit, sorry about the mankind thing but as the Bush administration will say after the fact, it wasn't us that did this, it was anybody but the Bush administration !!!! This is why the Bush administration is mentioned so many times in the article, because they are the ones profitting and destroying ( follow the money trail ). Hello, who's in charge but not responsible for these blunders ?

Melody said...

I'm sure it is a big surprise that someone like me is politicly retarded but alas I am. I do think it's great that you have enough knowledge to form an opinion. For all that people keep trying to tell you you are ignorant at least you have some idea of what is going on. I can't say the same for myself. I am lucky if I remember what year it is much less current political events. Keep being awesome Shelley (as if you could be anything else) and whisper a hello to that baby girl for me.XOXO

Anonymous said...

What a nice way to say:
"Shut up, you don't know what you're talking about. Just open your mouth to suck my dick, gorgeous.....

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