Wednesday, July 30, 2008

if the spotted owl learns how to run a bulldozer...

I am so sick and tired of environmentalists and their endangered and protected species. More plant and animal species have gone extinct than exist now, and guess what? It had nothing to do with humans! These environmentalists, who mostly just claim to care about the environment in order to bring about social change, need to remember that humans are just as much a part of the environment as the Florida panther and the whooping crane. So we bulldozed a forest (which is home to a bunch of animals, true) to build an apartment building- so what? We did it because we need a place to live just as much as they do, and also because we *can*. If the spotted owl learns how to run a bulldozer, we'd all be in trouble.

My gas station is down to $3.91, and I've even seen cheaper around here! Could this have anything to do with the proposal to lift the oil-drilling ban for the continental shelf? Shit, drilling hasn't even started- all Bush Jr had to do was announce it! Take THAT, polar bear huggers!

My counselor at the 'done clinic wants to raise my dose, she (and a couple nurses) say my pupils are too big and I'm sneezing and yawning too much in the mornings when I come to get my shit. Apparently if I'm in withdrawal even a tiny bit, it could hurt the munchkin... I apparently hafta see the doc who will decide what's going on with my dose. Whatever, I don't mind feeling like shit when I wake up because I usually go get dosed soon after waking. Unless I wake up at 3 or 4 or 5am, like I'm in the habit of.


Melody said...

Hey, had some stuff shipped to you today, hope you like it. XOXO Melody

Anonymous said...

Thats one of the stupidest things I've read in a while.

Yes, plenty of animals have come and gone during the MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of years the earth has had to evolve, but in comparison to the age of our planet.. humans have been around for only the blink of an eye. Mass expansion has nothing to do with other species that became extinct naturally in the past. But that's not the ignorant statement I wanted to comment on... it's the ones you made in your previous entry.

One of the reasons addiction is referred to as a disease is that just like people can be born being predisposed to having breast cancer or schizophrenia, people are also born predisposed to addictive personalities. There is much evidence to back up the fact that heredity plays a key role. Once rampant addictive behaviours take over, said addiction will sytematically destroy the persons health, not to mention life.

Is it invading and killing cells like cancer? No. But if left unchecked it will progressively get worse (like a disease) and can potentially result in death.

Is the rudimentary definiton of disease the best description? No. Disease may not be the most perfect word to describe it, but some of the most accredited and educated individuals in the world (who have studied every aspect of addiction) consider it a type of disease.

We are learning new things about the human body all the time. With all the medical advances that have been made in the last 50 years... we are still far from understanding how the brain works. Maybe the problem isn't "those idiots" who are mislabeling the issue... maybe the problem is that YOU have bought into a preconcieved and narrow minded notion of what the term 'disease' implies.

As far as people not taking responsibility for their actions because they belong to an organization that terms addiction a "disease", well thats a contradiction in itself. Not taking responsibility would be continuing to use and not trying to improve ones life. Obviously if someone is *trying* to better themselves they're taking responsibility for their actions.

I think that if you told your N.A. meeting that you were on methadone they would be much more understanding that you're trying to portray. Do you think you're the first heroin addict thats walked through the door? Please. I've attended NA off and on for a long time while on suboxone maintenance, and they were fine with it.

There were plenty of others at the meetings that were on methadone or suboxone and again, there was no judgement. So it's not your thing... no reason to be so negative towards a method of getting clean that has helped countless people.

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Anonymous said...

I am a she, actually.

And it's always been my understanding that the owner of this blog supports free speech if not encourages it, even when people don't agree with her.

Anonymous said...

Jersey Jamie, that looks like Greg's way to post.

Cocaine Princess said...

I hate tree huggers.
You and your munchkin stay safe. Thanks for the advice about the Oatmeal, it helped.

Cocaine Princess