Wednesday, July 23, 2008

possible seizure activity

I had a seizure today... I think.
I was sitting at the computer, I honestly don't remember anything else although I might have been on the floor at one point. If I was, I got back on the chair really quick because when I "came back" and looked around the room, shit was all wrong. I was sitting in the same place on the computer chair, but next to me there is an empty box that used to hold golf clubs and it was on its side when it used to be standing up. And my arm hurt! My wrist was cut slightly and I had a lllooonnnggg scratch (super shallow, like a giant paper cut) down my inner arm. Then I noticed the garbage can next to the 'puter was tipped over, and the keyboard was on the floor. It usually sits on one of those pull-out keyboard things that you slide into the desk when you are finished with it (that's the best I can describe?) and the whole pull-out wooden thing was on the floor too with the keyboard, also the little wheels holding the pull-out thing onto the desk. Judging by the scratch, I think I whacked the corner of the pulled-out keyboard with my arm hard enough to knock the whole mess onto the floor. It's a scary feeling, waking up and all your shit is on the floor and you don't know what the fuck happened.
I told my mom, and guess what the first thing she asked was? If Greggie had brought me any coke! She has seen me have a coke seizure after a particularly vicious shot, so I guess she assumed, but I have seizures without cocaine occasionally. I told Greg my mom had asked that, and he asked if my mom had given me any coke. I don't blame him, I would've taken that as an insult. Hell, I would love a good coke shot but I don't think I could find a bitch that would sell to my pregnant ass. Plus... I just wouldn't do it is all. Only reason I told her was cause I couldn't get the keyboard back on the pull-out thing correctly, and didn't want her to think I purposely trashed it cause I was mad or whatever. That's pretty lame, as I use the 'puter more than she does!
I love blogs and message boards. Is it possible to get hooked on blogs and message boards? I was invited back on today. Actually I was invited a few days ago, but didn't check my email so I found out today. I wasn't gonna go back there on the GP (I got banned for calling Barack Obama a nigger on a site where "your dirty language is accepted, and fucking encouraged") that the admin is a hypocrite. But most of the folks there are mighty cool, plus I get to add my blog link as my post signature! Hooray! I think I'm part of 5 message boards now, and keep up with god knows how many blogs. Fun fun!
The Sunoco gas station on Forest Hill and Fla Mango speaks volumes about what is going on with fuel prices in my part of the world, and I ride by it daily so I will write the price of [regular] gas each time I post. If you don't care... well, I can't do much about *that* now can I?
7/19 Sat - $4.09
7/20 Sun- $4.06
7/21 Mon - $4.06
7/22 Tues - $4.03
7/23 Wed - $4.03
**** selected replies ****
"at the very least they need to seperate the real pedos from the guys who got caught fucking a teenager. there is a big difference."
Amen, sister!
"if i started a blog would you red me?"
If you started a blog the feds would read you. Stay anonymous and free!
"Pregnant woman glows!!! You look so pathetic, more like Dulcinea.I hope your boyfriend is not Don Quixote."
Ummmmmmmm....... what? I don't get it.
"One of the reasons I love your blog is you're so honest and upfront. You hold nothing back and I admire that."
Thanks baby, it comes with not caring what people think about me or what I say. Why should I hold back? We are all entitled to our opinions, and a blog is the perfect forum for uncensored sharing.


Carrion Doll said...

once you start having seizures from coke shots you can have them even when you not high. and since i have been on house arrtest i have become addicted to message boards and online communities to, lol.

Melody said...

My friend Joe had a seizure from hitting in his neck. It happened a couple times after that even though he was off the neck for good. Take care of yourself girl, that shit is scary. You look so good and healthy too. Any of these dumbfucks that want to say you are still using need to take a closer look at your pics. You are far from what still slammin' preggo junky looks like.
Love ya, Melody Lee

who runs de souf? said...

hey angel member when you did that hugee shot of crystal and herion and kept yelling evryone to shut up even though no one was sayin nothing and then ran to evry room in the crib before finaly haviung a seizure, wow that was wild


Anonymous said...

"my bf will find someone (like this will be hard) to fuck my fat ass on camera
and post it on preg porn sites
hopefully, that will make some decent $$"

Have you ever thought of getting a JOB before whoring yourself, on camera, no less?

Just be sure to save the video and pics so you can show your kid what mommy did to buy her diapers.

PS a boyfriend would not get guys to fuck you on the internet. That's called a PIMP. For a street whore you are very niave.

Victoria said...

Look at you, girl! I love the picture, you look absolutely gorgeous. And according to your pregnancy countdown, you have 66 days to go before your due date! Wow!

I've never had a seizure before, but the way you describe it makes it sound pretty damn scary. Do you think you could've fainted, or are you sure it was a seizure? Hopefully it doesn't happen again.

Love you ♥

Cocaine Princess said...

I one time woke up on the kitchen floor, I had passed out from lack of sleep, and my sister was trying to wake me. When I did come to I had no recollection of it, I still don't. I'm glad you and the baby are alright. Thanks for posting my reply sweetness.

Cocaine Princess

P.S. Stay safe. You look great in a bikini!