Wednesday, October 22, 2008

crazy baby

I never get to update anymore because Jaz doesn't let me go online. Seriously, she will be just chillin' or sleeping or someone else will be holding her, no problems at all- until I sit down at the computer. Then she starts howling like a freaking banshee. I've tried holding her in the sling so I can hold her and have my hands free to type, but for some reason she starts crying the minute I sit down in the computer chair. Weird huh? See, I want to make her a playlist for my ipod because in the hospital Greg and I discovered that she likes country music (especially Dolly Parton) but every time I touch the keyboard or the mouse, she goes off. I guess it's cause I'm not paying 100% attention to her, huh? So when I do get online it's always for a short short time so I don't bother coming on the blog. I go on my message boards or I download music on shareaza. Anyone who has emailed me, hah! I haven't checked that either. I guess since my real life got more hectic, my virtual life has taken a beating. Whatever, I'll get over it! :)

Even though she won't let me post, Jaz is a great, easy baby. She mostly only cries when there is a problem (or I'm not paying enough attention to her) such as wet diaper, hunger, bored, etc. She sleeps through the night, usually waking up only once. She hangs out and makes lots of happy noises. When she wakes up, she doesn't scream, instead she makes little "aah aah" noises to get my attention and let me know that she's awake without busting my eardrums. After all, I do sleep a couple inches away from her. :) I have a queen bed, so I put a small 'baby bed' in the middle of the bed and she sleeps there while I sleep on the side of the bed. The 'baby bed' is actually a pillow with cylindrical pillows velcro-ed [is there a word for 'attached with velcro'?] on each side so that I put the baby on the pillow and she can't roll out of it. I like sleeping next to her- it makes me feel safe and it keeps the voices quiet. But the baby bear... she's so good-natured. Except when she's taking a bath- then she freaks the fuck out. She'll get over it.

I'm doing good too, that has a lot to do with the fact that Jasmyne is doing good. I'm still clean amazingly enough. Well to be totally honest, the night before my first court case (last Tuesday) I left Jazzy with my folks for a couple hours and went to the local bar for some beers. I had 3 or 4 Bud Lights and bullshitted with some spanish guys who I met there. Two of them had babies at home also HAH so we talked about that mostly, and also that english is a harder language to learn than spanish (as a second language). I went to the bar because I figured I wouldn't be going anywhere for a while...

House arrest! Did I even write about that on here? My original court date was Tuesday, but it was re-scheduled to Friday, and now it's on Oct 31 so my lawyer can get the proper paperwork to get me "approved" for house arrest. [As we left the courtroom on Friday, I told my lawyer how last Halloween I was in jail and this Halloween I'll be in court.] I am pleading out my old-ass possession charge: 120 days house arrest, with a few exceptions. I can go to the 'done clinic every day, I can go to church on Sundays (weird that the prosecutor agreed to that huh?), I can go grocery shopping once a week, and I can go to all my and the baby's dr appointments. Not that bad, huh?

Time to feed crazy baby... :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

this was on my doorknob

I go outside to smoke a cig and find this lovely message hanging. It was actually an advertisement for water softener, listing the ways that hard water "robs" us... weird.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

my birth story, or, oh sweet Jesus it hurt

This won't be long- I only got until the munchkin starts to cry and then I gotta go scoop her up. I call her 'baby bear' or 'bear cub' or sometimes just 'bear' although I'm not sure why. It's just that the first time I looked at her, I thought, "she's a little bear!" I also call her cuddlemonkey, wiggleworm or squirm-worm, barracuda (when she's being rough on my titty while eating), munchkin or little munch, little J, teddy, Jazzy-bear, and little nugget... probably other names too. My dad says she will never learn her own name, hah.

Anyways my birth story- 'twas quite painful. Got induced Thursday night with oxytocin but it wasn't doing shit so they took me off the drip and stuck something called cervadil into my twat. Started having BAD contractions around 2am and was given epidural, since I am a pussy when it comes to physical pain. Once that was working, I passed out and was awakened at about 9am with superbad contractions and an urge to push. My doc was called, then I was told to push which H-U-R-T!!!!!!!!!!! Oh sweet Jesus it hurt. I kept saying "no, I can't do it, I can't fucking do it, just stop and cut me open, cut my stomach open and pull that kid out, I can't fucking push any goddamn more!" Yep, I was whining like a little bitch- screaming too. Dr told me that if I pushed her head a little bit out he could pull her the rest of the way but I couldn't do it. Greg yelled at me to push and I punched him in the stomach. I pushed as hard as I could (screaming at the top of my lungs at the same time) and felt something warm and slippery come out... then something heavy and wet was thrown on my stomach. I look down and see a small, bloody, naked human being wiggling around on my belly and say my first words to my daughter...

..."no fucking way!"

I know, not exactly the right way to welcome a baby into the world, but I was so shocked. Yeah, of course I knew that labor would lead to an infant, no shit, but I wasn't ready for it. I can't really explain what I mean here without sounding stupid like "der, I didn't realize that 9 months of pregnancy would result in a baby, derrr" but whatever. Then I was in so much goddamn pain that I didn't even want to look at her, much less hold her. Greg (who was there the whole time and was AWESOME to me!!!!!!!) was holding her after the nurses had cleaned her up and put a diaper, the way he was looking at her made me very happy- still does, actually. : ) I didn't have any episiotomy or tears or stitches, but it still hurt like a mofo and I was bleeding a LOT and my stomach/abdomen was killing me and my legs both had charley-horses and I was shaking all over... basically I was not a happy camper.

The nurses then gave me my 90mg of methadone, plus some kind of narcotic painkiller (I didn't ask what it was). The combination got me pretty high, I think it's because I had been sharing my dose with the little munch the whole time and now all 90mg were going to me and to me alone, plus the other dope whatever it was. I started to feel better, at least until I got up to go pee which burned like gonorrhea (well I've never had gonorrhea but I do have an imagination). It was about 30 minutes after I was given the dose that I was able to finally hold the baby. I was fucking amazed at her, but I wasn't overwhelmed by love- she was a total stranger, just a really tiny helpless-looking one. I had expected her to be ugly since I was told that all newborns are ugly, but she was actually pretty. I figured that she was just pretty to me since she was my kid, but others have said the same thing so I guess she was a good-looking newborn. Later I saw other kids that were 1 day old or less and they were mostly weird-looking so I felt special.

Okay the kid is crying so I will continue this later... to be continued!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

here's some baby pics ya damn whiners!!

I will write the whole story- including the very painful (but apparently normal) birth, the tales of the neonatal intensive care unit, and the incredible fact that Jaz had NO withdrawal symptoms whatsoever (in yo' FACE, haters!)- later. Right now y'all just get pictures, which I assume will satisfy everyone's curiosity for now. The hat she is wearing in the first pic- that is from Melody. The man-hands you see near her face in the first three pics- that is probably the most you will ever see of Greg on this blog. I have not slept for more than a couple hours at a time since Thursday, it is me and Jasmyne's first day home and the baby is asleep so I shall be going to bed now too. Breastfed baby in cloth diapers- it's not as hard as everyone said it would be, aside from no sleep and sticking my hand in the toilet.
Can I say once more, to my fans and even more to my haters: Jasmyne Rose Moreau suffered ABSOLUTELY NO WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS from the methadone, and had NO other drugs in her system!!!!!! Also, DCF interviewed me for about 5 minutes and then immediately closed the case against me. I bet my haters are just grindin' their teeth over that shit... ha ha! My baby is healthy and the state trusts me! Hooray for me and Jaz!