Friday, November 17, 2006

a sort of introduction

So, how is this supposed to work? Blah blah blah about whats happening, right? Here is my sort of introduction.
NAME: Michelle Angelina
AGE: 21
SEX: the best industry to work for
LOCATION: Lake Worth, Palm Beach County, South Florida
STATS: 5'2'', 128 pounds, fake blonde hair, hazel eyes, 34C and a huge ass
JOB: prostitute, hooker, whore, escort, ho, entertainer, anatomical sales associate, freelance customer service representative and professional lover
WORKPLACE(S): Spearmint Rhino of Delray Beach Gentleman's Club, Lingerie Models & Private Sessions, freelancing on Dixie Highway or Lake Worth Road
MAN STATS: kinda sorta single, with a boyfriend-type person
HANGOUTS: Wendy's on Military Trail and Cherry Road, Harry's Banana Farm in Lake Worth, Dixie Highway from Linton to Northwood, Lisa II Apts on 8th Ave S and Federal, John Prince Park, the spillway, Strykers in Delray Beach, Diamond Phillip's house, Aqua Motel on Dixie and Alhambra St
HOBBIES: cartoons, sex, drugs, Sirius satellite radio, TiVo, sex, fuggin around online, writing depressing poems, sex, getting paid, getting paid for sex, eating tasty food, porno, magazines, and sex
DRUGS: heroin will always be #1, IV cocaine is also fun, pot is becoming more and more important to me, no booze or crack.
MUSIC: rock (Pink Floyd, Marilyn Manson, Nickelback, Hatebreed, Neil Young), country (Tim McGraw, Big N Rich, Shania Twain), rap (Young Jeezy, Eminem, Akon, Lil Jon), sometimes r&b (Mary J Blige, Akon)
TV: Family Guy, South Park, Futurama, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, King of the Hill, American Dad, Ren and Stimpy, The Simpsons, Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Drawn Together, That 70's Show, MadTV
READING: Stephen King and John Saul, other than that, Cosmo and Mad Magazine
MOVIES: cartoons, addiction dramas, remakes of terrible horror movies, anything that begins with "National Lampoon's", profoundly disturbing dramas, family/kids movies that aren't cartoons, depressing stuff
FOOD: anything, I'm not picky
COLORS: pink and black, but I look good in white too

So I get a ride with this guy Pete and his pregnant girlfriend, she was like 8 months along. We park over at the BP gas station at Forest Hill and Georgia and he asks me for a dollar, which I deny having. He goes in the BP anyway and comes running out with a beer, which he apparently stole because the gas station guy is running out after him yelling, "you motherfucker! I'm calling the police!" He had a phone in his hand and was trying to get their tag number, which wasn't hard to get because the car wouldn't start. Pete finally gets the bastard started, only to run out of gas before even clearing the parking lot. He and I got out and pushed the car across the street while the gas station guy called the cops on him. I'm sitting on the curb at the Kwik Stop wondering if this could possibly get any funnier, and it does. That BP is the only gas station for miles, so they send me across the street with the gas can to get a gallon of gas from the place they just stole from. This has been an entry in Michelle's Believe it or Not! But I don't care what anyone believes, that shit did happen this morning.

the count: 10
others: 0
street money: $145
in the hole: $195