Sunday, July 20, 2008

I feel so *violated*

Okay, so my boy "E" weaseled his way into my Blogger account. Assholio! I do forgive him, since I called and he offered up the new password [which I changed, ya jackass!] in exchange for leaving up his "post" saying that if I deleted it, he'll just take my account over again. What an asshole way of letting me know he's coming to town, huh? Bitch coulda emailed me, called the house, left a message NOT using my s/n... lotsa stuff he could have done. Crazy mo-fucker. So E, as you can see you won. I left your shit up, although the least you could've done is give it a title. Like, "I hacked Shelley's account" or whatever. There- I posted! Are ya happy now??


Dying4Something2Live4 said...

Hey girl! Da name is Kelley, and I've been reading your blog for awhile! I found it thru a link from Tori's page. I started all the way from the beginning so that I could understand everything you write about. You really sound like a cool ass chick! Hope everythings fabalous! Hope the baby is doing well in ur tummy too! Keep ur head up girl!
P.S. I love what you wrote about Obama! I feel the same effin way!

Anonymous said...

Aren't your enemy "Jake" and Lucas good friends?

Jake said...

heh. Her "enemy".

Nope. I don't know anybody by the name Lucas.

As for enemy? Nope. Do I pity her? Yes. Do I pity her (maybe) kid? Yes 2x.

But an enemy? Way back when Michelle first announced she was knocked up, I actually emailed her and offered to not only get her into rehab, but also to look into getting it funded 100%. Not state paid rehab, PRIVATE rehab. There are plenty of grants and donations that would have helped cover the cost. I even offered to personally cover whatever the grants DIDN'T cover. She had a free ride to a GOOD rehab place. There were some stipulations, reasonable stipulations,(which i won't go into unless she brings them up.), but she refused to go.

Is that what an "enemy" would do? I actually tried to help her, outside of this blog. So yes, while I do continue to point out her denial and stupidity all the time, I have actually attempted to help her, which is more than 99% of the shit talkers here have done.

who runs de souf? said...

I like how you don't call me, it's caue I'm high isnt it, yeah i'm pretty spinny, tell that guy to stop bothering you or i'll come AFTER HIM HArharhar!!!! Just playin don't hate, I thought the joker was a sexy bitch meself i'd suck his crazy dick and smeer his crazy make up, time for nother blast, call me, 2 wks i be there member!!!


Cocaine Princess said...

I don't think I could forgive anyone if someone hacked into my account!

Cocaine Princess

Anonymous said...

She is a lying. No one hacked into her account!