Sunday, November 30, 2008

smack *does* make more interesting stories

Last "post" has a comment that I am boring now. It's quite true, I'll admit it. The reason I started this blog two years ago is because so much crazy shit happened, a lot of it completely unbelievable, that I just had to publish it. It would be a true story that read like fiction, and every time some other shit went down I could add to the craziness. Fast forward to now, nothing really exciting happens anymore. Do I miss the excitement? Fuck yeah! Am I sorry my life is boring now? Fuck no! I'm happier now than I have been in a long time. I posted this over at but I can also say it here: some of the happiest times of my life have been because of drugs, but ALL of the most miserable times of my life have been because of drugs. Of course I had fun sometimes, and I was miserable sometimes. Now I'm not miserable at all. Smack *does* make more interesting stories though... no doubt.
Greg has disappeared. He dropped me off on Thursday after having a little Thanksgiving dinner for just our family (me, him, and Little J) and we weren't even fighting. Friday he didn't call at all, and Saturday he was supposed to come over for the big Thanksgiving dinner and he not only didn't show, he didn't even answer my phone calls. My haters will say, "maybe he's sick of your shit." While that could be true, he isn't the type to get angry and just ignore me. No, when he gets a bug up his ass about something I did, he harps on it overandoverandover and absolutely will NOT stop talking about it! Blowing off plans and then giving me the silent treatment? Very much not like him. To tell the truth, I'm kinda worried about him. I'm driving by his house today, so if she who shall not be named is reading, knows what's going on and doesn't want me coming by, give me a call please! Also if Greggie is reading this... please call me! I am scared for you! : ( : (

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


it's kinda small, but if you click on the cartoon you will get a larger image... GREG.

Monday, November 17, 2008

2 years is nothing to sneeze at!

It's November 17 2008, and my long-time readers know what that means- it's my 2-year anniversary of this blog! Hooray for being so interesting for so long! I actually didn't get any readers until around June/July of '07, but hell. No one said getting "famous" would be easy. I like my fame in my small circles, the online ones and the real-life ones. I like hanging out in town and half the city stopping to say what's up while the person hanging with me asks, "does everybody know you?!?" Anyways, my father is taking the baby for a stroll in the cold [can you believe it's 60 degrees here in my hot tropical paradise?] and the time I have online I need to spend doing something else which will make me money. And trust me, I NEED money- I gave up on Medicaid and am now faced with paying for 4 immunizations (plus the doctor visit!) by myself in a few weeks :(

What I really wanted to do was congadulate myself for being on here for so long (and yes, my arm does hurt from patting myself on the back) and of course thank my online social circle for being such loyal readers: my followers on Blogger, the few pals I got over at LJ, many of the folks at, my friends at SDP, my friends on WTE, and anyone else who knows me from online. Okay, fine, I'll name some names! Melody of course, Tori, Carrion Girl, Kelly, Lilygirl, Cocaine Princess, Libby, Boston Joe, Jamie, Polgara, Trish, Poppylovr, Narkotikon (even though you hate me), hater Jake (where have you been lately, did my success shut your mouth once and for all?), and of course the ever-popular ANONYMOUS!!!!!! And my readers who know me IRL: Lucas, my parents, my wonderful Greggie, Greg's "friend" who has asked not to be named but has been a loyal reader for a while now, Elliott aka 'who runs da souf?', Diamond aka 'ice queen', and Johnny from down the street- I know that's not your name, but I told you why I call you that, didn't I? I LOVE ALL OF YOU, EVEN MY HATERS AND SHIT-TALKERS!! KEEP READING AND COMMENTING, AND MAYBE I'LL HAVE 3 YEARS IN!!

If I missed anyone, GET OVER IT!!!! :) :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

RIP capitalism......

Jesus Harold Christ on a fucking rubber crutch... it's Obama for the win.


Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him, anyway?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

pictures of my beloved...

The Day of Reckoning

Here are my halloween pictures: one of me and one of Jazzy. Above are more pictures of her because it's my blog and I want everyone to gaze upon the wondrous beauty of my little bear cub baby... over and over and over again. :) The weekend before the 31st, my cousin and I went to Fright Nights, one of those haunted house things at the fairgrounds. Here is a free plug, which I know is useless now that Halloween has passed and Fright Nights is over. But here ya go anyways: It was one of my few nights out without the baby (by "night" I mean "a couple of hours" of course, hah) and I had a blast. I'll admit, I did drink, but not much- although I visited the beer tent, I left the liquor drinks alone. Yes, there was a cocktail tent : )
The haunted houses were pretty damn awesome. We would say, "someone is gonna jump out from behind that wall right there, be prepared" and when someone did jump out from there, we'd still scream and jump in fear even though we knew beforehand. I guess it was the atmosphere... plus the beer, the strobe lights, and the noise. Near the end of one of the places, a costumed girl stops us and says "are you claustrophobic? No? Well then, go ahead..." Looking back, we should have said HELL YES! There were 2 huge black tarps being blown in from either side, pressing hard against each other, and folks had to squeeeeze through in the pressure-filled pitch blackness. I didn't like that too much (especially since everyone's sweaty body had rubbed all over that black thing that rubbed across my face) but I gotta admit it was a good ending to a scary haunted house.
On Halloween night itself I stayed home with Jaz and Greg who was off work and in town for the weekend (hooray!!) and passed out candy. To be honest, I ate over half of the candy I bought to pass out, but fuck I'm the one who put up the cash so why not eat it myself? I can't wait until next year, when Jasmyne will be old enough to go trick or treating- and every year after that of course. : ) Let her eat as much candy as she wants the first night, she'll throw up, and I'll get the rest! [[yes I am kidding, you Shelley-hating motherfuckers]]
Halloween was also my court date, after two continuances. I was supposed to get my ankle bracelet that day or the Monday after, but the house arrest people haven't gotten in touch with my attorney so guess what happened? Another goddamned continuance!!!! I go back to court on Nov 13th. I suppose I should be grateful for the extra time, but if house arrest never starts, then it can never fucking END, now can it? Lame... I just want that crap over with already.
They canceled the baby's Medicaid and I had to pay out of my pocket to take her to the doctor for her well-baby visit. Very very gay. Especially after I sat in the DCF office twice for a total of [at least] 4 hours trying to get that shit straightened out. First they put her birthdate as April something, then they wrote "black" under her race (for those who didn't know, Jazzy's biological father is a blond white guy, and yes I do know who he is), and now they canceled her insurance altogether. It's starting to piss me off- I don't want the coverage for myself anymore, I just need my fucking child to go see the fucking doctor! She has to get all her immunizations next month- they better have her shit straight by then. I'm going back to the DCF office a-fucking-gain tomorrow and this time I'm gonna piss and moan instead of being so polite, since that obviously didn't get me jack shit.
For anyone who was waiting for me to mention it... it is The Day of Reckoning! That is to say, election day is upon us, and by the end of the day the nation will know if we are in deep shit or not- and I will find out if Greg owes me twenty dollars or if I have to go the ATM and make a withdrawal for him. Yes, I bet twenty dollars on my candidate.........
JOHN MCCAIN!!!!!!!!!!!
You know the crazy part, I don't even like him or Palin. But I really really REALLY don't like that fucking Obama clown! He will run us into the ground! There is a Mccain sticker on Jasmyne's stroller, and 2 signs in my yard (neither of which are mine). Go John Mccain!! Go white guy!!
Well, I gotta get off the internet soon, since I am needed to tend to a crazy baby who flat-out refuses to nap. She was throwing up this morning too... do I have a sick baby on my hands? She's spoiled rotten (I never put her down except to sleep and drive, hah) but not sick- I hope! : ( : (