Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm white and it's not my fault!

Today is my birthday, so I'm officially 23. Halfway over the hill, right? :) As a birthday gift to myself I am gonna post a bunch of my random uncalled-for opinions on here. Who knows, might even stir up some controversy since a lot of folks disagree with a lot of things I say. Remember where I am in society- I have many unpopular beliefs, some of which are based on current events and others which I've believed for years. So here are the opinions that kept me from being popular in both public and private school, and later:

1) War is sometimes necessary. Not always, but sometimes- no matter how many "no blood for oil" signs you wave while people are getting killed. Why are they getting killed? So we have oil (expensive as it may be). So that after the protest, you can get in your car and drive to your air-conditioned or heated house, filled with groceries that you could buy because a truck drove them to the air-conditioned store. Yes blood for oil. And don't tell me to go enlist- the military won't take my ass!

2) I hate when black people in America talk about reparations for slavery. Slavery happened, and it's been over for quite a while now (here, at least), and blacks need to get over it. No, it wasn't right for anyone to be bought and sold and forced to work for nothing but pitiful amounts of food and permission to sleep in a dirty barn- that's mad fucked up, and it shouldn't have happened. But ya know what? I'm white, and it's not my fault. It's not my family's fault either. Even KKK members and neo nazis- they may be full of hate, but slavery wasn't their fault either. Reparations mean that white folks who were never slave owners have to pay black folks who were never slaves. Not only that, but the reparations folk want us to believe that Whitey went on over to Africa and broke up all their little village freedom parties and kite-flying and decided they belonged to us. The black slaves brought to America were purchased from black African slave owners- they were already slaves before we got there! Wonder why that wasn't in our Black History books in junior high? Reparations supporters need to stop exploiting their ancestors very real suffering, seeing that they didn't even know what it was like. After all, the Jews were slaves first and you don't hear them asking for handouts- they got over it and made their own money!

3) Darwin's theory on the origin of species is bullshit. It's been disproven by it's own methods and everything, from the fossil record to evolution through random mutation. If all organisms came from a common ancestor, then there would be hundreds of fossils of transitional forms, such as a lizard with part of a jaw, or a snake with a partially-formed leg- but there are none. Darwin figured that all animals were formed by "genetic mutations" over millions and billions of years. One major hole in that- mutations in animals are almost always harmful instead of beneficial. How, for example, did some animals come to have wings? Why would an animal with one or two "partial" wings survive and pass on their altered genes to another generation? How could an animal possibly benefit from functionless wing bits? Stubby there is gonna die quick. Same problem with the formation of legs, arms, fingers, toes, mouths, and internal organs. Countless different biological processes work together within every life form- and it all happened by trial and error, that everything is here by mistake? Really? It's more logical to assume (I know there's no proof in this direction either, but it makes a hell of a lot more sense) that we were designed by an intelligent force of some sort. God, Allah, Jesus, that elephant with all the arms that the Hindus worship, Zeus, mother nature, the spirit world- choose your favorite name, but the idea stays the same. This world is too goddamn complicated to be random, and I don't have enough faith in Darwin to swallow that big of a lie, although many do. [side note: this is actually my pet argument so I shortened it a lot, since I could go on for hours about intelligent design (using arguments that DON'T come out of the bible!). If you want to debate this for real, email me at]

4) The Fairness Doctrine is bullshit to the max. It sounds like someone's older brother had a later bedtime and they never got over it. Life isn't fair, and Democrats need to get that into their heads already. If you have money, your wants and needs come before the wants and needs of those with less money, and people with no money are last. Why? Because we are capitalists, not communists. Is it fair? Maybe not, but so what? It also wouldn't be fair if rich people are forced to put the poor folk first after working hard to get to the top.

5) Since black slogans like "black power" and "black brotherhood" are socially acceptable, then I should be able to use "white power" and "white brotherhood". If they are sooo proud to be black, then I should be just as proud to be white! But I think the whole concept of racial pride is pretty stupid. Are you proud to have green eyes instead of blue? You can't help what nationality your parents are, so why be proud of something you had no control over? I say, be happy to be black or white or latin or whatever, and save the pride for actual accomplishments instead of something you had no part in.

6) If cigarettes are legal and alcohol is legal, then marijuana should be legal too. Alcohol can kill you by itself, but the only way you can die from smoking pot is if you get really stoned and do something stupid (which of course, is more likely to happen while drinking than while toking up). Also it has more different medical uses than a lot of the "controlled substances" being sold by pharmaceutical companies. [side note: I'm not gonna diss "big pharm" because we Americans love our pills, and those corporate giants earned every penny]

7) If there is a law keeping tobacco companies from advertising their deliciously addictive products in most magazines and on TV, then we shouldn't have to read/listen to commercials on these same places urging us to quit smoking. They need to either allow propaganda from both sides or neither- we as Americans have the right to give ourselves emphysema and lung cancer if we damn well please.

8) Almost a continuation of the last point- there shouldn't be a seatbelt law for adults. Maybe for kids under 16 or 18 or whatever- fine, they have to buckle up because we gotta protect kids. But if a 30-year-old wants to fly through his own winsheild at 75 miles an hour- well, that's his business. It's not like driving drunk, where others can get hurt. If I don't wear a seatbelt and I get in an accident, the only person who is affected by my inertia is... me! Basically, I support American adults not being protected by themselves by the government or law enforcement. If I want to smoke pot, smoke 2 packs of Marlboro 100s a day, don't wear my seatbelt, kill a fifth of Captain Morgans, and drive a motorcycle without a helmet, that's my fucking problem!

9) Racism is just an excuse to act like an asshole and blame someone else. Why are there FAR more blacks and hispanics in prison than whites? Racist judges? Racist cops? My ass! Minorities earned their spots in prison just like anyone else.

10) BARACK OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST, and if he gets everything he wants, the US will be just like Cuba. He's a modern-day Robin Hood, railing against anyone with money and standing up for "the rights of the poor." If he hates the rich that much, then he must be one self-hating brother, huh? Socialists are famous for the "everyone should be equal except for me" philosophy, but we Americans should be able to see through it...

11) ...not that McCain is a much better choice. In fact, this election has brought us nothing but a parade of assholes. I'm proud to say I can't vote!

12) Prostitution is a gift to mankind, not a crime. Yeah, there are nasty hookers running around stealing and giving people oozing diseases, but that's because they are nasty theives (and probably crackheads), not because they are hookers. Guys who normally couldn't get any woman to sleep with them now have a choice between lots of women, who will take care of him with a smile... if the price is right. If a man wants to spend his entire paycheck taking a girl out to dinner and buying her things hoping to get laid, that's called dating- but dating is prostitution, only you don't always get what you pay for. We hos are just more straight up about it- forget all the shit in the middle, just give me the money and meet me in the bedroom, I'll buy my own dinner and whatever else. Plus, if a man thinks a girl is pretty enough to warrant a hundred bucks for a bj, who is gonna convince him otherwise? And why? Likewise, hos work long and hard (ha ha) for their money and we EARN every penny! Are you one of those really picky women, who would never dream of sleeping with an ugly weirdo? Well, you don't have to because hookers are doing it for you- we sleep with the men no one else will sleep with. So girls, go slip a hooker $50- you dodged a very ugly smelly bullet because of us.

I might try for more later, if I can come up with more opinions- and I'm pretty fucking sure I can!


Melody said...

Hey M,
Happy belated B-day.Your latest post made me think of one of my favorite quotes from Pink Flamingos,
"There are two kinds of people in this world. My kind of people and assholes."
I think you probably agree with that sentiment as much as I do, I know I am constantly astounded by the un-ending asshole parade that marches past my window. I think I will maybe have it printed on a T-shirt so everyone can enjoy it. Oh, I left the info you wanted about the phone stuff under the last comment you left me.
;} Melody Lee
"sex workers unite,we will overcum"

Anonymous said...

Great post, and a great read.

how can you have a beautiful ending without making beautiful mistakes said...

Just responding to your post...everything is crucial to you, me and every other living organism on this planet. It is called balance and recognizing that every action has a consequence. Heck, it's called the first law of physics. The point was/is that despite the self-involvement of humanity, everything they do affects everything around them...kind of the way something that a mother does affects the child inside her. Regardless of your stance on animals/insects etc. it doesn't change the fact that we are all interconnected and depend on one another to actually exist. To think otherwise is simply a reinforcement of the primitive logistics of humans. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I gave to my self a laptop and my boyfriend gave the best sex that i ever had and an Ipod.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to your comments about Barack. The guy is a total idiot, racist, asshole and hipocrit!!!! I agree, McCain, is not much better, but he IS the better of the 2 evils. Scary to think about the future of our country for the next 4 years

taxitalk said...

I clicked the ad sweet deal I hope, happy birthday, guess your still growing

Anonymous said...


it was nice for you to stop by

buttttt i don't see anywhere
me saying i'm gonna kill myself.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Some of your opinions I agree with. Some I don't. No matter --you're entitled to them & at least by writing them you might start some folks thinking about what they believe in or not.

I do think that prostition should be legal. If you can't sell your body what can you sell? And most drugs should be legal too. At least using them. I get really mad when I think about all the money our country spends on prosecuting & incarcerating people for using drugs & prostition. Seems silly & wasteful.

I don't think that it's minorities that are unfairly jailed. It's that white people stand a better chance at getting in less trouble for the same crimes.

I dislike both of the presidental candidates. I think that almost all politicians lie & just want the power that comes with the job so I probably wouldn't like anyone running for the office.

LilyGirl said...

Michelle, this is only like my second comment but I fuckin' LOVE you..I love your opinions, your blog, and everything you have to say(especially your replies)...You definetly are the've been reading you for awhile now and girl,let me tell you, you have had it rough, I think that Jaz(love the name) is a total blessing for you, I'm not saying that your going to be Mother fuckin' Mary after she is born but I think that little baby will set some bounderies for you. Bounderies that you didn't have before..I know that you will be the best mother you can be to your little Jaz...Everything changes once you have a child, at least it did for me. Don't get me wrong I am by far a saint, but my daughter set's bounderies for me(actually I set them for myself with her best interest in mind) I'm not going to get into it on here but I'll leave a link for you and I'm going to e-mail you..Sorry this comment was pretty irrelevent to what you were writing here but I do agree with ALOT of what you said, and happy belated B-Day, girl..You'll be hearing from me more, I think I'm going to start my own blog cause of you and a couple other people...Lots of Love to you and your's..Especially that little one inside you <3

LilyGirl said...

Let's try that link again..

Anonymous said...

you are a serious fucking idiot. wow. a true to form, self-righteous and misinformed pregnant tragedy. you have fun with that and long may you rave.

Fresh Hell said...

Wow, girl, drink up because it will be a miracle if you live another year -- dope or bad karma is going to do you right in.

As a white woman orginally from the South, you and those like you are responsible for why everyone from the rest of country thinks we're all white trash, racist, uneducated inbreds. You bitch about blacks, yet you are a pregnant junkie whore on Medicaid (and welfare I imagine), with a rap sheet as long as your track marks, and you're not quite sure who's your "baby daddy". Pot meet kettle. Yet, I'm sure you've been afforded a hell of a lot more opportunities than many minorities.

And, it's clear to me that a lot of what you write is pure fantasy. Many of your "tales" just aren't plausible (being hit by a car, the hospital, being arrested then found the next day in a hotel room with *how much dope* up your snatch????). You need to do your research before you fabricate.

The other crackup in your litany of beliefs is defending hooking. My god, anyone who has to pay for it or get paid for it is such a chronic loser. And, as someone wrote, your "victimless crime" mantra further reveals that you're a fucking dumbass with a brain the size of a gnat.

Must agree with with someone else who wrote about your endless supply of 1978 terry cloth camel-toe shorts (did they have a sale at the .99 store?). Christ, could you look more cheap and disgusting? You said it's because you're in South Florida and it's hot. Hmm. I was there last August, and didn't see anyone wearing those shorts in the heat. Gesh, don a pleather micro-mini skirt or something more befitting someone of your stature. Anything but those fugly shorts. You've lost your looks, honey. Those shorts only work on baby prostitutes. You're way beyond that.

It's clear that this blog is just your way of getting attention because your life is so frighteningly pathetic. I mean what kind of moron would actually post their arrest warrant with their full name and address? I bet your parents are elated about that. I don't know how I stumbled on your blog, and for awhile it was kind of interesting in that "watching a trainwreck kind of way", but then it started to make my IQ go down a few points, as well as lessen my faith in humanity. Good night and good luck, bitch. May your child find peace through social services and then hopefully a decent family (and you've led them to you with all the info you're posted on your blog).

Cocaine Princess said...

Happy Birthday girl!

Hope all your dreams come true. I enjoyed reading this post a lot! I agree with you on so many things. Intelligent and well written as always.

Cocaine Princess

Jake said...

I know you were trying to go for shock value on this post, trying to stir up the flames a bit if you will...


Your ignorance, your total lack of world experience, your sheer stupidity makes it hard for one to be offended by the things you say. Those thoughts you just wrote, are so completely stupid that one can't help but laugh.

Like a retarded kid yelling "I hate black people", you kind of have to just shake your head and smile, becuase the person saying it has no intelligence foundation, be it scholastic or personal experience.

The title should have been "I'm an ignorant dumbass, and it's completely my fault!!"

Yest another reason why your (maybe) kid is going to have a brutally painful life. Can't wait for the kids school career day. "Your mom is a Dr.? So what? MY Mom sucks DICK".

Seriously, look at yourself. Are you a role model? Are you someone a kid could be proud of?

If you answered yes to either, then you really need to pull your head of your ass.

"Hey honey, you should be proud of your Mommy. When I was pregnant I stopped doing heroin. So even though I drank and smoked a ton of pot, I'm the most awesomest Mommy since Cortney Love or Britney Spears!! And even though your were born retarded, it's not because of the drinking or smoking or pot. It's because God hates you."

Mother of the Year award material. Bank on it.

Anonymous said...

i meant to post this here:

i'm writing ron paul in. popular vote doesn't count anyway. our officials in office are selected, not elected...think about it before our entire country goes down the drain.

NAFTA Super Highway/Trans-Texas Corridor (Highway connecting Mexico through the US, to Canada.

The NAU, or North American Union erases our borders and makes the three countries, truly one continent (think the EU, or European Union, with the implementation of the Euro).

The Amero Our proposed version of the Euro.

it's coming...arm yourselves with the knowledge the mainstream media does not tell you about. people in numbers are more powerful than one-man-armies.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Jake! Bravo. No truer words have ever been written. You're right; she's an attention whore who says things for shock value without any meaning behind them. It's just, "look at me, I'll shock you by being a junkie and hooker and spewing a bunch of shit I know nothing about." This girl is a much worse than a monkey who throws his feces at the wall when he needs people to look at him.

While she thinks nothing is her fault, it's painfully clear that it's all her fault. She's one sick, stupid fuck.

Anonymous said...

Fresh Hell and Jake are right on! It's obvious why you chose to post your pathetic views-- your comments were starting to die down and being the attention whore you are you thought this would get people going again.

Anonymous said...

I'm white and it's not my fault!
YOU hit the nail right on the head.
Blacks are so stupid, they still think they live back in the 1800.
They will never forgive the white man(white people). They want an apology from us? what for? We didnt do anything. There was no slavery when I was born, or my parents, or my grand dad and grand ma. They got payed back through welfare, food stamps, taxpayers paying for there born babies. I dont feel i owe them anything. If they would get off there lazy butts and go to work,,then they would be to tired to bitch at what the white man did or does, they are lazy and always want a hand-out from somebody.Im white and im proud and no other is gonna take me down.They can bitch all they want too!.I dont owe them a damn thing.

Michelle said...

a man after my own heart!!!