Saturday, July 19, 2008

all that goth-y makeup and red scars

Finally hooked up with some pot. Took long enough! I was ready to go knock Ghetto White Boy's door down, he keeps saying he's getting it "tommorow". Oh well, money spent elsewhere.

This morning at John Prince Park I fed a squirrel a crapload of Corn Pops. I kept throwing cereal closer and closer to my feet, at first it didn't even want to eat them but once it tasted one, it came after 'em. Near the end, squirrel was like half an inch from my shoe just to grab some sugary snacks. Got that little ratty-rat hooked! The way squirrels eat is so cute, Greg took some pics but I know how he is so I won't get them for a minute. :)

BAD accident tonight on Lake Worth Road and Military Trail. Greg and I were riding and there was a little white car all smashed to hell and ambulances and police all over the place blocking the intersection. Shoulda seen it.

Dark Knight came out last night, which means that Chevy Boy is already trying to sell me a copy where you can hear the people in the audience better than the people on the screen. Good thing I saw it last night at the drive-in. Heath Ledger with all that goth-y makeup and red scars, acting all crazy? He couldn't be any hotter. Too bad he's dead... he overdosed on medication that he was put on after locking himself in a motel room for a couple weeks reading nothing but Joker comics. Getting into the role of psychotic killer didn't agree with his brain chemistry, I guess, making Heath Ledger the first real-life victim of the imaginary Joker! Weird to think about, huh?

Why is Young Jeezy the snowman? Why does he close shop, do his count, then hide the rest of the yams at his auntie's house? What the fuck are yams? Why is DJ Paul from Three 6 Mafia hustlin' hay? I don't get these "obscure" drug references in rap songs. It's not like if they were straight out with what they were talking about, someone would lock them up. If you're gonna rap about being a drug dealer, it's better to just be straight-out with it, like when Jay Z says "we the dope boys of the year, drinks is on the house." I don't understand what's so goddamn cool about being a d-boy anyways. Yes, it's necessary that someone in each 'hood fills the position, and you can make a lot of money with it. No shit. But being a pharmacist isn't considered cool, and that's bascially the same idea: people approach you when they need some sort of drugs, and you exchange cash for it which doesn't necessarily go to you but you do end up paid at the end of the day.

"the t-o-p to the d-o-g, or the p-o-t to the g-o-d, and I'm trippin' " -Kid Rock

Yeah, I listen to some lame music... what can ya do.


Michelle said...

Hey lil girl remember me i'm number five the good ol' boy from the souf side yeah u know me we seen the impossible and that one time that "v" got the f150 stuck all the way to the doors, very first trip :) so i'm headed down ft laudy way super fast of corse and i have to stop in loxahatchee for a few days so... got time for an old old buddy?


Carrion Doll said...

thanks for the heads up about my links they are fixed now

Carrion Doll said...

hey I just went back and read your post. I have a pet squirrel, well really she is my bf's. She doesn't like females, but she is a cute lil fucker. The youngins are the onky ones who think slingin dope is cool. Ever seen an old drug dealer? They are usually a pretty sad site, if they make it that long without getting killed or or doing prison time.

Melody said...

Oh girlie, you know the Joker makes me cream in my jeans! We're gonna go see it this week as we were too fucked up to get to it this weekend. Kisses, Melody