Tuesday, May 22, 2007

smells like the ghetto

I had court this morning over at the jail concerning an ancient drug equipment charge. I wasn't at all scared about the verdict (pled guilty, adjudication + court costs which I never pay) but I was pissed off about having to wake up at 8 in the morning after going to sleep, stoned, past midnight. It was exceptionally hard to do. I'm on the rag too, for the first time in months, so I feel fuckin' nasty in general. Then after court my dad drove me to South County, where I waited for almost 2 hours. It smells like the ghetto in that lobby. I wish I never had to go back.

On a more cheery note, Epic Movie came out on DVD today! I already rented it, along with Strangers With Candy and a Lewis Black stand-up special. I'm bringing all 3 of them with me when I get the room with Micheal on Thursday. Oh shit he's calling me now.


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