Monday, May 7, 2007

new or used or soiled or what

I changed my template, my font colors, switched all the pics from the right side to the left side, removed some pics, and changed the title and description of my blog. If it wasn't my very own, I wouldn't recognize it. But I needed a new look- this blog is my homepage when I go online so I'm sick of seeing it the old way. Now whenever it comes up, I smile. It's a darker look for my dark side... hahahaha Michelle's dark side. Do I have a side of me that's not dark? That's pretty funny.

Last night I went out with my family to Legal Seafood (motto: we charge you $29.95 for fish you can get for $8 somewhere else) because my brother just came home from his first year at UF and wanted to eat a 2 1/2 pound lobster. As long as they were spending like that, I ordered the $40 king crab legs and a $7 cup of soup. Hey, I don't want to feel left out. But on the way back I was talking to my brother and his girlfriend and I don't remember even what we were talking about. I just remember it was hilarious. One comment I made that cracked them both up was something like, "I'd feel like an asshole sittin' there punching a coconut." No clue what that means or where it came from but it cracked them up something fierce. My parents were trying to get us to change the subject by occasionally yelling into the backseat: "Lucas, come on!" "Michelle, please!" "You guys, that's enough!" I think by that point our convo had reached the fact that you can buy women's panties from a vending machine in Japan, and we were wondering whether the panties were new or used or soiled or what and my mom was flipping out trying to shut us up. Basically a good time, and I got to fire off a shot in the bathroom after devouring my crab legs. Hah, the bill was almost $250. Feels good to contribute to their AmEx bill. No respect, huh?

I talked to Greg and he's finally gonna stop taking all my money. I left a long rambling message on his voice mail where I told him that I'm gonna start paying a taxi driver to follow me around because he was more expensive that my dope habit. I seem to have developed a pattern with guys. They start out treating me like gold and paying for EVERYTHING. I don't even have to work, money is just getting thrown at me. Then at some point we kinda break even, where we are both putting in. Then all of the sudden, I realize that my boyfriend isn't working or even pretending to look for work aned... HE'S TAKING ALL MY MONEY! And I'm working my ass off and staying broke! How does it always happen! But whatever, Greg is a real adult, not like Micheal who was just a kid like me. He can float alone. I'm still gonna help him out, but I shouldn't be paying his mortgage. I don't even get to come over to his house, why should I pay for it?

And now, it's time for a shot.

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