Wednesday, May 16, 2007

one step ahead of the game

It's time to move out. I'm always one step ahead of the game, seconds away from getting caught doing something wrong. And on top of that my brother's friends are a big pain in my ass and they're always fucking here. They're here now, and I was laying out back with the doors shut and all i hear is those little bitches screaming and hollering. Plus I got my mom up my ass to get all my doctor shit done and she's the most pissed off person ever. I wonder why she never takes her anger out on the brats in the living room. Fuck all of them. It's time to move out.

Last night I made $100 off the neighbor. I did him real quick, but I hung around for a while, snorted a little coke, shot a little dope, smoked a little weed. I figured out that I like snorting coke. Shooting up coke is like a bomb going off inside my brain and going all the way down my body. Snorting coke is... well, it puts a spring in my step. But I don't jones for the stuff like I do when I'm banging it. Snorting it is much better. And no chance of getting a real scary rush like you can with IV or crack.

God, those sons of bitches need to shut the fuck up out there!!

Today, before my brother's useless people came over, me and him went out for lunch at TooJays at the mall. I like hanging with him solo. He's a cool kid when he's not with those other losers. I'm waiting on one of my dealers who is delivering for me out here in Wellington. Awesome. I wish he would fucking call though, it's been like 3 hours. I'm about to call him.

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