Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I'm siiiiiick. Got the flu, I think, got it real bad. And it came on in a matter of 15 minutes, last night. I was laying out on the porch, smoking a Newport 100, on the phone with Micheal, when suddenlly my nose started to clog up. By the time I finished that cigarette and a second one, I couldn't breathe at all and my head was killing me, so I took some Nyquil and went to sleep. I woke up with my nose running down my face, ran to the bathroom and proceeded to throw up my guts. A large chunk of heroin directly into my vein helped, but I was still feeling like shit.

Still, my addiction must be fed, and I was nearly out of dope. So off I went to Dixie Highway, where I made a measly $100 and spent $90 of it. I called my mom for a ride home and had a quick drink at the Sandbar with 'E' (a guy I date, who I had informed that I was in no shape to do anything) while I waited for her. I got home, banged another bag (I've been hitting veins perfectly all day! What a refreshing development!), and went to lay down which is what I've been doing since then. I got 5 bags left out of the 9, plus a chunk of the raw that I bought from my Westgate guy on Monday. That's not too bad, considering I'm going to town tommorrow for my date with Micheal. I gotta score before then, cause he won't want me to work or hook up with my dealer while I'm with him. Even if he said he doesn't care, it would still be disrespectful. I hope I feel better tommorrow.

They say we're going through a drought, but I'm always getting rained on. I don't know how both can happen simultaneously. Like today, I did a date with a guy whose passenger side window didn't go up, so the whole time I'm sucking his dick I'm getting soaked. I was pissed the fuck off.

I'm in the middle of reading Hearts In Atlantis by Stephen King. It's been out for a while, but I already read his new book (Cell) and I haven't yet read this one so who cares how old it is? People read Shakespeare, and his stuff is older than fuck.

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Tanya Marie said...

Shit you even like Stephan King, We really do have alot in commen. Men, Drug's, Lie's, Denial, and we like tattoos and read Stephan King!