Thursday, March 27, 2008

where are all my haters?


October 2005

I call Micheal's cell from a pay phone just as the sun is going down and tell him to come pick me up from where I've been working. I don't have much money, only $60, but I'm perfectly aware that we are out of heroin- it's time to go get more. We only know one person (well, technically 2 people but they are boyfriend and girlfriend and share a phone number) to cop from. I wait outside the McDonalds, but I'm not waiting for very long. Micheal and I never did waste any time when we were ready to cop.

Our dealers, "Pitbull" and his girl "Haitian" (don't worry- these aren't even the names they went by), used to live 7 exits away on I-95 before moving a little further south to Okeechobee Blvd. We would call and say we were beginning the half-hour trip in our Saturn SL4 and would be there in less than 10 minutes, which earned us endless ribbing from both of them. Not that it mattered, to us or them. When we needed h, we needed it now and they never minded our hurrying to give them our cash. But now, they lived closer- a good thing for us, since Pitbull lost his car when he had to bond out of jail and gas was going for $3.99/gallon at the time.

Micheal pulls up in front of the McDonald's grinning, and I jump in the passenger seat. I count out $40 and set it aside for the buy. "I already called Pitbull, and he said he'll get us 6 bags for what we got," said Micheal as he jumped on the closest exit of 95 headed north. We make the trip in about 5 minutes (as usual) but turned into the Taco Bell parking lot instead of down their street. There is a very good reason for this- we had been hassled by the same couple of PBSO cops for buying dope on their beat, and they let us know that we would get pulled over and searched every time they saw our car. I hand Micheal the remaining $20 and take off running down side streets around the back to where I needed to go while he goes inside Taco Bell to wait. Haitian is outside already. We do a quick handoff and I race down the back roads once again to the Taco Bell with the 6 dimebags in my hand- I figure if the cops stop me, I'll just open my hand and they can't do shit to me.

I get back to Taco Bell, hand Micheal 1 of the bags and he shoves a needle and a cooker in my purse so we can go to the seperate bathrooms and get our heads on straight. We used to shoot in the car, but now we are too hot in this neighborhood. He finishes his shot before me, and by the time I stumble out of the women's room he is already at the counter ordering us some food. We laugh and eat and get back in the car, ready to get back on the highway asap and get back to Lake Worth, where our efficiency is located. But right in front of the ramp- cops! We get pulled over with no time to hide the remaining 4 bags, which are found right away by the same cop that had been harrassing us before.

"I could arrest you both and tow the car, but I won't. This time I'm just taking Michelle," says the cop with a goofy grin. "Next time, I take Micheal and if you piss me off once more, both of you are going to jail for a long long time. I told you not to come around here no more." He slaps the cuffs on me and puts me in the back of his sherriff's cruiser. I get to Gun Club Jail with an $8,000 bond and my very first possession charge. I spend the night, and the next morning get released on drug probation. [A heroin addict takes probation- yes, I was a total idiot back then. I was also 19 years old, so there's my excuse.]

Micheal did not know that I was getting probation. He had already robbed a house to get the eight grand necessary to bond me out (in fact he had way more than just eight grand) by the time I call him from the holding cell to let him know I was getting sprung. [I never even went upstairs on a felony heroin possession charge- not bad for a bitch with a record!] I didn't find out about our sudden financial "windfall" until we were pulling out of the jail parking lot, and needless to say I was shocked and impressed. What do 2 junkies do when they have thousands of dollars they suddenly don't need for anything specific? We called up Pitbull and Haitian and asked how much dope they had. Haitian asked how much we wanted. I smiled- "we have a lot of money- how much you GOT?" Haitian asked if we had $500, and I answered in the affirmative. We roll over there, this time getting off I-95 a full exit south of Okeechobee Blvd, parking the Saturn, and getting in a taxi the rest of the way there. No chances this time. We tipped the cab driver $50 to not notice that we were buying drugs, and he was more than happy to oblige. We get back to our car (in a much safer area for us) with 65 bags of heroin and immediately do 3 apiece before driving carefully to a motel in Royal Palm Beach. I figured we needed to get out of Lake Worth/West Palm until this whole thing blew over, plus I was on probation.

What Micheal didn't tell me is whose house he robbed. It was about 2 miles from the Royal Inn, where our car was parked right in the fucking lot. We had just done more dope and were munching sleepily on a pizza when someone pounded on the door- the way cops pound on doors when they are gonna arrest the person on the other side. I grab the 50+ bags, which are all gathered into a bigger bag, and shove the whole thing up my pussy- I am NOT violating my probation in less than 24 hours for fuck's sake. The cops burst in the room and slam Micheal against the wall. "You're under arrest for burglary!" They search the room for drugs, but there aren't even empty bags laying around. Needles and cookers, yes- but they didn't take me in because I still had my paperwork from the jail, proving that I had been incarcerated while the house was being robbed and therefore couldn't have been involved. The cops had seen our car in the parking lot- if we had gone somewhere ELSE, he would have had at least a couple days before he went down, maybe longer. [And you guys thought I was stupid!]

So, Micheal is in jail and I am asked to leave the Royal Inn. He was holding all the money, which means I couldn't just take it and bond him out, but I have all the dope plus the car. At least the bastard didn't leave me empty-handed. I call Gun Club a couple hours later and ask what his bond is- no bond. Of course. I decide to stay at my dad's house until I figure out what I'm gonna do. Two weeks later, I'm back in jail. The charge? VOP possession of heroin. Tons of fun, right?

The moral of the story is- crime does pay, but you lose everything if you act like an idiot.


Jake said...

Wait, was this post the made up story or was the one before this one the made up story?

The court in your area is hella efficient. Arrested, booked, arraigned, go to court, offered and accepted probation, and then released. All in the space of one night. That’s awesome.

And then you go buy more drugs. But the cops track you down, so rather than violate your probation, you shove all the drugs up into your double-wide snatch. That was some awesome quick thinking. Good thing you didn’t violate your probation. Especially the first time you report and they drug test you.

And the cops in your town must be different than the cops in my town. Or any other town for that matter. Because even if you had paperwork showing you were in jail at the time of the burglary, you’d still get arrested. Hanging out with a criminal? Drug paraphernalia? Or in your world is it OK for probationers to take part in those things.

Michelle, seriously, your stories are getting worse. Is this just some game to try and see how much crap you can make up and how many people you can get to believe it? Because really, anyone with half a brain can detect this bullshit from a million miles away.

Hey!! Next can you tell us the story about how you became the first whore to service the astronauts on the moon?

Anonymous said...

There's Tony Montana type mountains in Florida.

Neely said...

shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. spewin' for you, move towns where the cops won't know you.

taxitalk said...

Did the accident hurt the baby? no heroine thats cool, changes the way the blog looks, "blog" watch the evolution of a person, i like it, changes, trying new things with mine

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a truly sad life. MichAEl (learn to spel, hunny) robs a house to pay your bail, but he's a "bastard" for getting busted. Meanwhile, no worries about whoever's house it was, probably decent folks who work all day to pay taxes so scumbags like you can take up cops' time by being total losers.
No thought of the innocent folks hurt here, only of yourself, as usual. Doesn't it ever occur to you that your actions are hurting people who are good honest citizens? Guess not.
Your total lack of remorse or care about anyone but yourself will soon have you following the Kim Dixon path. You are absolutely selfish and immature and your karma is going to be a bitch very soon: that's just how life is.
When you're stuck in the clink for a few years or gasping your last breath in some alley or BK bathroom, think for a moment of all the innocent people you've hurt along the way. You earn every bit of hate you get here.
I for one don't hate you at all, I just feel sad that people like you are hurting others because you don't have the courage or intelligence to live well. Do all the drugs you want, but when others pay for your greed and addiction, you become a heatsink for all the misery in the area.
You belong in SoFla, to be sure.
Ho hum, the bastard robbed a house for me but then got busted. What a loser he is!
You are a true princess. Daddy's girl all the way...until Daddy gets sick of your shit and then you have to go whore yourself to Daddy-substitute pimps.
Sad sad sad.
Good luck.
You're gonna need it.
Sad for your family, Donna

Anonymous said...

His name is spelled that way.

I have been reading her blog since she started it and I have to believe it is Connie the Cunt that mispelled it.


Victoria's Pimp said...

He robbed his own house fuck-wad... The hard working people were his fat bitch ass mom and family.

If I remember they dropped the charges in a couple weeks.

This is exactly how she told the story over a year ago for the dumb fucks who think she always lies.

I enjoy the older stories you tell, keep them comming. How about some from Alabama or when you first stared working???? Please.

I bet the story of your first trick is HOTTTT.

Cocaine Princess said...

Hi Girl,
I honestly don't know what to say after reading this latest post other than I hope you are trying your best in staying clean and are safe and out of harms way. Please do take care of yourself.

I see you have a couple of haters- don't worry as do I! Someone gave me sound advice, don't feed the monster! Somebody is just looking for attention. Ignore something long enough and it'll eventually go away. Stay strong! Stay proud! Despite your addiction I know you are a good person inside.

Cocaine Princess

big ray said...

hey slut,

i can get you all the dope you need, baby.
do you give good head?

Anonymous said...

hey michelle its micheal, i REALLY need to talk to you cuz of some stufff you wrote. give me ur number or call me. byee

iris&lost said...

Wow you sound like a very smart girl stuck in very hard times. I feel for you, I was on methadone maintence for 3 years. Ended up quiting cold turkey after I got tired of seeing it day in and day out n the life that goes with it. Will pray for you, stay strong! If you ever need someone to chat to you can add me on msn . Take care of yourself.