Saturday, March 15, 2008

at least it's not heroin

I did coke last night. It wasn't a lot, hell I only got 2 good shots out of it even though it was quite powerful. Usually when I do coke I do a shot of heroin to come off it, but this time I didn't have any (and wasn't planning on buying any) so I came down the only way I could- by getting stoned out of my fucking gourd. At least it's not heroin. I guess I just opened the door for shit-talkers, but I don't much care. Blah blah blah with your bullshit and your hate. I know I don't lose any sleep over it. This blog was created and is maintained for 2 reasons: 1) because it's fun, and 2) because I support free speech. The haters are just having fun (?) and using their right of free speech, so why should it bother me? That's exactly what blogs are about- open forums of discussion.

You know what's been plaguing my mind lately? Thoughts of h. I know it takes a while to get rid of the cravings, but hell. I got almost a month off- 23 days, or perhaps 24, I haven't been keeping such good track lately. Here's my current obsession involving h. I haven't called my main dealer "Jose" in a while, and he lives very close to where I am staying. If I called him, he'd be here in like 3 seconds with a couple freebies just to get me back on the bus. He's used to hearing from me every day, and I know he left voice messages on my turned-off phone. Then I sneak the shots and have to start over. What a fun fantasy, huh? NOT! is down! I am a sad sad girl, and I think I need to fix my links now that half the sites I "promote" are down or pieces of shit by now.

Greggie if you're reading, I sent you an email.


Victoria said...

You're doing really good. So what, you did a little coke! The bad news is that you'll always have cravings for dope, but the good news is that the longer you stay off it the fewer and far between your cravings become.
I'm proud of you boo! ♥

Victoria said...

PS: How long is Opiophile down for?? Just until they do some maintenance on it, or FOREVER?!?!

Greg's Herpes Sore said...

How the fuck can you, at 21, claim the cravings never go away????

Lets just say you had a started shooting dope at age 8, and had a full blown 2g a day habbit by 10.

You still don't have not put in enough time to sit here and tell others about the long term challenges of a sober life.

Save your bull shit and go search the web for another blog to rip stories and advice from... That way you can spew out another real person's expierence as your own.

Victoria said...

I'm pretty sure the dude above me is talking about me. Usually I don't respond to dumb ignorant fucks but I think I'll give this one a try.

First of all, idiot, I know well-enough to be able to say that the cravings never go away. I've been to two different residential rehabs and two different OUT-patient rehabs who spewed enough drug-facts at me for me to be able to write a book.

I've been doing dope since I was 15 so I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about. You, however, are just a ridiculously pathetic loser who speaks nothing but bullshit.

taxitalk said...

No h thats cool, if you wanna stop that shit just do it, you probably got your reasons, you don't want to get caught in the hustle of shit, the coke in florida is good I bet so watch out for it and smoke the herb to relax the nerves nothing wrong with that, canadians are big into the chronic, Canadians don't even know what swag is, but they snort some cheesy half cut coke and think that its great, its cause they suck and its cut with meth, jib has a real kick to it. being clean has made me into an crabby old man, and I;m only 25. I started getting fucked up cause life sucks it's fucking hard, but if you stay clean you can say life sucks but at least.... I'm a good dad/mom now life will suck for my kid too, but ill protect my kid for as long as I can and if he gets fucked up I'll make sure he goes to a doctor not a street dealer cause the freebie mother fucker is making a killing watching you die so shit on his face or get fucked up. whatever you do free speech all the way

Celular said...

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jin said...

GOOD FOR YOU for going this long without H.

fyi my process of getting coke went the same way - hell for 2 weeks, then around 3 weeks i thought i was mostly off it and thought about trying a little bit JUST TO SEE. was FIXATED on that idea (have been off for this long, what is one line) but i didn't and now i've been clean 3 years.

no judgment honey. cut out everything you need to to make it for yourself and you will do it too.

Anonymous said...

If you don't care what other people think why are you lying about not using dope. I know for a fact that you have been. Good to see you and Tori found each other. You two are a great match. It's fun to watch trainwrecks.

Anonymous said...

girl ı've been reading you for quite a while and I admire your stubbornness on life.
Move back to your parents for a while if you must but you are on a very good track so do whatever you can to ease the maintanance of being on track.
You'll do it, I am sure. keep it up.

Victoria's Pimp said...


How do you know the cravings never go away after, they may stop after 5 years or 8 years???? You don't fucking know, you are trying to spit out someone elses expierences like they were your own.

You have not been off long enough to say they never go away. You may have heard someone else say they never go away, so you say it like its happened to you.

Fake ass bitch.

You started using 6 years ago, stopped and went to rehab 3 or 4 times and now you know it all.

Please shut the fuck up. Save your bull shit information for topics you do know about. Like AIDS treatment, sucking cock for cash, Valtrex, how to cover meth sores with make up, how to fail at rehab 4 or more times, gang bang how to's, getting into porn for dope money, etc...

You suck at life.

Victoria's Pimp said...

For the last time victoria...

Shut your fucking mouth, Get off the god damn computer, and go make me some fucking money bitch.

The rent is due and I'm hungry.

Cocaine Princess said...

Hello Victoria,
Thank you for visiting my blog. I am so glad you enjoy reading it and that you find me so entertaining. And yes, you can link me. Please do keep in touch.
Cocaine Princess

Cocaine Princess said...


I too believe in free speech but unfortunately there are some nut jobs who don't. For the past couple of weeks someone by the name of 'anonymous' has been going around telling people not to read my blog. I wrote an entry about it called PUNK ASS LITTLE BITCH!

Cocaine Princess

Victoria said...

Hahahaha. You don't know shit about me so stop fucking pretending. I don't play that shit. I don't play games on the internet with ugly fucks who act like they are PRESSED ON MY ASS. You don't mean shit and that's why you are fucking ANONYMOUS.

Listen dumb bitch. I wasn't saying shit to your broke ass so don't try and say shit when you ain't about it. All you are is shit. But it's alright cause you're making me laugh my ass off.

While you're in your fucking trailer after working hard days work as a fucking greasy-ass cook and being mad at people (ON THE INTERNET) you can't be, I'm in my fucking mansion and I don't even need a job because I'm a spoiled daddy's girl which means I'm going to end up with MILLIONS. Sorry, loser.

You ain't shit, you ain't got shit, and your words don't mean SHIT.

Now stop wasting my goddamn time, pussy. Come and find my ass if you want to settle this shit.

Anonymous said...

It should be easy to find. (Victoria's ass). Just look for the dimpled one on the street corner that has some green goo seeping out of it.

Anonymous said...