Wednesday, March 19, 2008

good idea? probably not

Wow, that's some venom-spewing if I ever heard any. Thanks for the support Greggie! Ahhhh I only have 11 minutes left online! This is gay! Bob just called now, as I was writing this. Clown shoes, hahahahaha. I drank 20mg of methadone today mixed with a couple valium. Good idea? Probably not. Fun? Hells yes! Haha!


let me say it before someone else does: "yeah, I love everyone for a hundred bucks an hour." There- it's been said. Now no one needs to say it again cause it's unoriginal and uncreative. I have to learrn carpentry today. Argh! Rob wants me back! I am floating!

Greg quit smoking pot for real. That doesn't mean I have to stop- it actually helps me. I've cut out booze altogether, so that's a good thing.


Anonymous said...

"I'm no longer addicted to heroin".

hee hee.


Anonymous said...

man, i wish i could have 80 year old bald jobless fake-pimps that live in trailers and/or trucks to fight over me. what a life you have...

Chris said...

Please be careful using those 2 drugs, I have had several friends die using methadone with barbs lately. I enjoy your blog, you are a nut

Anonymous said...

So what happened with the pregnancy?? Step mother confirmed that as another lie.

You are nothing but a trailer trash ho.

Lori said...

"yeah, I love everyone for a hundred bucks an hour."

Amen sister...

Susan (Baltimore)

Victoria said...

I wrote you an e-mail, so hurry up and respond!! ♥

Anonymous said...

A life of perpetual suffering and hurting from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep and then you die ( either by drug overdose, drug deal going bad or another junky kills you ). What a life, we're do I sign up and do we have healthcare .

Then we have people like Bob, who only feel good when they have a junky to put down (viva voce, then hits her), then this slim ball kicks her out . He then, cries like a baby about how he's hurting and so sorry ( help me, I hurt so much )!!

Until he start talking down to Michelle, then he feel good again. This, with his drug use, makes him a really piece of garbage. Slim ball telling a junky how bad she is !!!

Anonymous said...

This blog is proof that people can be total and completely selfish morons and still think they're on top of life. From the lead junkie ho who claims to not be using, then not addicted, then oh well I just shoot a little, to her various absolutely pathetic loser guys (funny how she can't get someone her own age, well sad actually).
My sister lives in glorious WPB and reads this blog and others with her friends around the pool and they all laugh at the losers while drinking 'ritas and telling each other how cool they are to have rich sucker husbands. Hi sis, glad you told me about this blog, nice life you got. Say hi to bitch-ass Jill for me, tell her shut her mouth for a change or maybe her hubby needs to learn about her extra-curricular activities.
By the way, these fake twats have a lottery going on how long it will be before someone here becomes the next Kim Dixon.
Gorgeous, ain't she? That's Michelle and all the rest of you junkie ho's, soon enough.
At this rate it won't be long.
Gotta give props to Ron from Delray, he called it ahead of time. Street ho's are always at risk; evolution at work, culling the weak and stupid.
And speaking of ho's, I love the various dumbass bitches who post here with their blog pictures; notice they all have big fake tits on display (like the pool girls)? And women laugh at men for being egotitstical (punny guy!). All these ho's have to offer is fake tits, same kind of women who blame men for everything. But riddle me this, genius ho's: if stupid men weren't paying for your plastic ass services, how would you make a living? You wouldn't, except at Burger King, 'cause you're all so STUPID.
That's right, you're NOTHING without your johns. So who's the real scum at the bottom of the food chain? Tricks and johns alike, all scum compared to those who work at jobs that help others.
But at least my sister was smart enough to get a rich sucker. You ho's are still at the bottom of the heap. You'd love her phony life and her phony friends and their endless shopping and all the blow, I'm sure.
She knows how I feel so this is no surprise to her.
Man, the Palm area is a cesspool of scumbags, both rich and poor.
So, hi to my wonderful sister and all her cellulite-hiding friends. Say hello to the plastic surgeon for me, you bitches, and see if he can't add an ounce of brain while he's at it. That'd give y'all two ounces.
Man, I can't wait until my kids finish school so we can move outta this hell hole.
Good luck to anyone down here, except the pimps and ho's and junkies and thieves who make it the hell it is.
Sincerely yours, Bill who loves his kids and wife and is so glad to be with a real woman and not a ho, rich or poor though she may be.

heatherrreloise said...


you have the blog that i make sure
to check whenever i get a chance to go on the computer.

sKILLz said...

20mgs and a Val, thats nothing to me really but everyone is different.
Shit I can take 200mgs and 6Xanax and still be fine.
I just have a high tolerance when it comes to fucking drugs, it sucks. I wish I could be like those mofos that do one bag and get stoned but I'm not. I need to throw at least 4 in the cooker at once.
Anyways stay up girl & fuck these haters. There the ones spending time thinking of you and coming on here to read your shit to post some old dumb shit.
Again stay up and dont sweat it.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is a fake/humor blog, because this is so trashy, I can't stop laughing.

So did you abort the baby yet? Or in Chapter 3 you're going to miscarry from the trash you are so pround to put into your body.

Anonymous said...

sell the baby for drugs.

Lori said...


Like I said before, I have been reading you for awhile now...Personally I have seen you make alot of positive changes in your life..I am 41, and still trying to get "it" right. The one thing I have learned since I have been on this planet, is that it is not up to anyone to judge another. I have yet to meet a perfect human being. I have also learned to eliminate as many negative people from my life. Each one of us is on our own personal journey, and anyone who tries to prevent our progress and growth you simply set aside. Worry about you...take care of yourself. It might sound cold but that is the only way that you make sure you are alright. In the end that is all that matters...


Anonymous said...

very well put lori.

Coke Addiction Kinda Sucks said...

Awe, be careful sweetie - stay strong! I know it's not easy:(

taxitalk said...

I have been writing my posts stoned lately what do you think, reffer only, I wanted to change shit up, I drive sober. just in case, im drunk and rolling a roach joint, now, I like my sober shit better, Iv never done metha done =ahahahahah I hav e been comited though ahhahahaahah drunk me sorry origianl me yes thatx psych ward style except no bad drugs

Jake said...

In regards to Lori's comment....

Have you ever noticed how it's always the total fuck-ups in life who love to spew that "nobody has the right to judge anybody else" bullshit? And the reason they say it is because they HAVE to believe it. Otherwise they know people would constantly be pointing out what a piece of shit they are. So they preach the "don't judge people" mantra because they're really just hoping you won't judge them.