Sunday, April 6, 2008

nothing but a child who can't use my brain

Corrections from last time:

The house Micheal robbed was indeed his mom's house, and it wasn't for as much money as I said. I did know the house, and we BOTH showed poor judgement [read: were fuckin' idiots] in staying in Royal Palm the day of the "incident". I kinda made it out like I had no idea what was going on, which was wrong. Also, I didn't get left with the dope, he got caught with it- that part I got wrong on accident though. It was another time, by myself, that I was seconds away from a possession charge/losing my drugs and shoved up up my "cavernous" snatch, and I got the 2 incidents confused. Sorry Micheal if I pissed off you or your mom. Why is she still reading my blog? Nothing exciting going on at Publix lately? I replied to your email, so if you're reading- check it. Remember, that shit happened over 2 years ago and I've been doing drugs for those 2 years. Forgive a shitty memory added to my "creative liberties" [read: lies].

Okay, now forget the past- here's whats going on now... I know there's at least a couple people who care (fans and haters alike) because my blog counter is less than 2 weeks old and ALREADY PAST 500 HITS, NIGGA!!!!!! Thanks, fans! Thanks, haters! Thanks, people who check it over and over for updates when I don't log on for a week (I know you exist)! I'm lovin' my new blog counter.

Okay, so I was living with Greg and "she who cannot be named" (lets call her Jane to make it easier on my fingers) for a week and a half, and it was awesome at first. Seriously awesome. I get along great with Greggie, and Jane and I got along decent. Then, something went down with her which I can't publish because I promised Greg that I would only write about things that happened to me, and that particular incident is "none of my business" and posting it online would be "an invasion of privacy". Okay, fine. But something happened, and after that Jane kinda turned into a hateful ugly-hearted bitch.

She starts out taking little shots at me- I don't know anything about life, I'm just a child while she is the all-knowing adult (who apparently doesn't know how to deal with other people at her advanced age), I'm a dirty whore, I don't know how to load a dishwasher, I can't use my brain, etc etc etc. Out of respect for Greg and only Greg, I took it at first. I'd respond with "okay" and go outside or into the camper or just anywhere that she wasn't at that present moment. After all, I was living in her house. But I was also Greggie's guest, not hers, and respect is earned- not given freely. I don't believe in that whole "respect your elders" pile of shit. That's saying that someone can act like a total vile bitch and I have to respect them simply because they were born before me and managed to survive this long? C-R-A-P! You give respect, you (generally) get respect back. She started out respecting me, and I reciprocated. She started disrespecting me, and at first I took it. But I guess she took this as a sign that I was her little punching bag- hah! I'm good with my tongue in more ways than one.

After about 5 or 6 little jabs, I started responding. I know what buttons to push too. She actually got pissed because her and Greg's new tenant was hitting on me. Like it's my fault no one with eyes or ears would ever want to touch her. My favorite was when her cat got outside (he isn't supposed to go out). You see, what had happened was I was trying desperately to avoid Jane by hanging out in the camper until my omelet was almost ready, then scurrying in the house long enough to butter my toast and put the omelet on the same plate. I asked Greg if I could eat outside (on the back porch, where a table is) and he said ok. I just didn't want to be in the same house with her because I knew she'd start something. While juggling my plate and my drink and going out back, her cat ran out into the (fenced-in) back porch. So she comes outside and says "what did you do to my cat, bitch?"

Well, let's break it down: you can't hold onto your husband, you can't hold onto your job (oops!), so wouldn't it make sense that your cat is trying to get away from you too? Haha! Then there was tons of screaming and yelling (Jane and Greg AND me, I won't exempt myself from that cause I like to tell [mostly] true stories) and Greg told her that I was leaving the next day (that was yesterday (Sat), and I left this afternoon, which was planned) and was it impossible for her to not be a bitch for 2 days. Apparently it was, cause after more screaming and yelling (by this point I was screaming and yelling outside by myself) she left and didn't come back, supposedly she came back tonight but I don't know (and don't care) one way or the other- plus that's definitely not my business. That was fun, though. Just the facts, ma'am.

If you are reading this "Jane": I didn't use your real name, I didn't publish all the shots you took at me, and I even told you straight out: "Keep talking, this is all going on the internet." Your response, if I remember correctly, was "ooh, I'm so scared" so I took that to mean you don't care one way or another. So here's something else to fuel your hate- not that you need it. You have enough hate for 5 angry people already, and just a little fyi: that is NOT how "adult life" works, what with bitching and spewing hate until everyone is forced to leaves th room. Okay, I'll admit it, now I'm just getting vindictive and immature. Guess I've "sunk down to her level." But, if you remember, I'm nothing but a child who can't use my brain? What would you expect from someone like me? ; ) Oh yes- feel free to respond and spew hate right back. I won't delete a single word, I promise!

Onto happier stuff. I got my special pregnant-woman emergency Medicaid and seen an ob-gyn who let me listen to the baby's heartbeat with some kind of belly-rubbin' machine (I think it's called a Doppler?) and told me that I'm 14 weeks pregnant and everything is ok for now. I am (obviously) considered a high-risk pregnancy so I'm being sent to another doc who specializes in those. But I'm off the drugs and am even cutting down on the cigs. I don't drink anymore, either. I'll admit to smoking pot 3 or 4 times since leaving Rob's house, and I took the perc-5s that were prescribed to me after I broke my elbow (which is just recently out of the cast and I'm supposed to be trying to straighten it, which hasn't happened yet) but I had Greg giving them out so I couldn't abuse them. I actually didn't finish them- Greg is still holding on to the rest of them. I'm really trying to do good and my belly is starting to get big.

Greggie was SUPPOSED to put a bunch of pictures on a CD-ROM for me so I could put new ones of me up, but he hasn't. Currently, he says he will email me some good ones to post- but who knows. He's a busy man and I love him for it.

I moved back in with my parents, out in the western part of the county cause they are helping me out for now. I don't know for how long though, but this DOES mean easier internet access since they both have 'puters. Hooray!

Also: me and Greg washed the whole truck and camper, it was fun as hell. I even did up the windows, mirrors, and lights with Windex. It freakin' sparkled, and my arms ached like hell afterwards even my good one. Ok, this has gone on long enough!


jake : Actually, this one is public record. You already know my full name, and I wrote that it happened some time in October '05. Look it up before calling me a liar. I won't write Micheal's last name because it's not my place to.

anon 1 : There are mountainous people here, that's for damn sure. Couple months ago, I seen a black lady who, if you measured her from head to toe and then longways from ass to titties (which were at about the same level), the second measurement would be longer. Jeeeeez!

neely : Cops don't bother me no more. I stopped breaking the law- imagine that! Well, I stopped breaking the laws that matter. I guess I still don't like wearin' my seatbelt and shit...

taxitalk : Baby is fine. Changing the blog is fun, all I need is new fuckin' PICTURES!!!

anon 2 : Yeah, I think I started the story with the date, let me check... yes I did.

donna : What a kind heart, always thinking of others! Catch up with the story before making judgements, 'kay? That tale was over 2 years old and I stopped shooting up in BK bathrooms (and getting arrested) nearly 2 months ago. And fyi- MichEAL is how his name is spelled on his birth certificate and ID as well as the tattoo on my lower back (yes, I got me a tramp stamp- take your shots everybody). I think it's the European spelling and MichAEL is the American spelling, not sure. But I am sure on that spelling- hell, I dated the guy for years and years. Did you?

libby : I'm way over hating Micheal's mama. That was like, a long time ago. I don't even talk to them anymore- I was just re-tellin' an old story.

victoria's pimp : Yes, his own house. Good memory- I don't even remember writing about that here, but I guess I must have. My first trick is embarrassingly NOT hot. I didn't know what I was doing or how much to ask for, so I ended up with $20 and got dropped off in an area I didn't know (at the time) and couldn't find my friend, who I was supposed to combine my money with so we could have crack AND food. Yeah- I started tricking to pay for my crack- who didn't? I was only a crackhead for 3 months though... it got old quick.

cocaine princess : My haters make this blog the exciting place it is- that's why I don't delete the hate-spewers. I think if I can write whatever I want, so can they. Thanks for caring though.

big ray : If I need dope, I can certainly get it my damn self and yes I give great head, although not necessarily to you.

micheal : Read your email.


taxitalk said...

I'm done driving the taxi, I'm gonna tell some old stories and post some pics my buddy took of me in the taxi, i'm sad my blog is something i love, ill still be coming by all the time I'm addicted to the blog thing now, i'm getting old and boring but I don't read shitty blogs, starting to "show" congrates. My cousin had a baby about 72 hours ago it's amazing every single time

DIAMOND said...

hey junky its da drunkky!! y dont yu talk about the mthadone clinic on your blog???? u shouldnt be imbaressed becaus yor dose isnt gong up n up n up like sum people there u no? yor doin so good with yr dose and not takin da valyams and zanex you have tukt away in fac y not just give em 2 sum wone who needs them? or not just u shuld wrrite a bout the clinic and yr progriss. me 2 progriss i have not been drunk too months! hooray 4 da drunky!! x-drunky i gess i love u shell keep up hgood works k??????
luv diamond phillips
(like u ddnt al readyu know)

Anonymous said...

I am one the people that check your blog obsessively.


Anonymous said...

I shouldn't be doing this, but...

By virtue of IP addresses, I can state that the post from "Diamond" matches those previously left by "Rob" and his "aliases".

By the way, Jake- finishing medical school must be a bitch when you have multiple personality disorder.

IP logs. Gotta love 'em.

sKILLz said...

WOW I thought I had haters! You certainly take the cake.
Glad to see your on the program and hope to se you do good.
You can holla at me anytime.
Stay Up girl!

Neely said...

you're doing well buddy, don't let bitches fuck it up.

Anonymous said...

hey its mike again, mike to the sink u know me, haha what did i just say, no! im not high! been 1 yr 4mths, any way check ur email, work thursday 430-close break 6-7 come seee me on break preggy!

Anonymous said...

Who is the Father?

Victoria said...

Damn, that story is ridiculous! It seems like trouble is always following you wherever you go! But don't worry, I pretty much have the same problem... only thing is, my days are FAR less action-filled then yours. Haha, I bet you never get bored with all the adventure in your life!

Oh, and about the question you asked me, if I have dreams about heroin... I do. In fact, I had one two nights ago. See, whenever I had a dope dream, I was always able to do the dope. But when I talked to my counselor at the methadone clinic about my dreams, he told me that when people have dope dreams that they are never able to do the heroin; that something goes wrong (the dope spills out of the spoon, the needle clogs, etc) and they can't do it. Now ever since he told me that, everytime I have a dope dream I AM NEVER ABLE TO SHOOT UP. It sucks.

Anyway... I'm proud of you boo! You're doing so well. It's not easy to stop doing heroin like that, especially with a habit like yours. You're doing great, and everything is going to be okay :)

If you get a chance, you should put up some belly pics! I bet you look amazingly sexy with that "glow" expectant mothers get! I'm excited for you and the baby. Are you going to wait until you give birth to find out the baby's sex? Have you picked out any names yet?

Love you ♥

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that people will believe that for no reason people start to hate you.
Jane accepted you to help you in her house, and you call her a bitch!!!
Boy, you deserved every shit that happen in your life.