Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"people liked her, and she had friends"

Not dead, not in jail. You people actually check the PBSO mug shots for me when I haven't posted in a long time? Wow. For those who don't know yet, my full name is Michelle Angelina Moreau. I guess it doesn't matter anymore. I'm not working the streets anymore. You want to know why?

That girl in the article (Kimberly Dixon, we called her Kimmy) wasn't just some random ho to me. I lived with her. I did dates with her. Hell, I had a threesome with her and her ex-boyfriend just for fun a long time ago. This is a girl who would come to ME if a date beat her up, or the cops were after her and she needed a place to hide out, or if she was dopesick, or sad, or lonely, or had no place to stay and it was raining. I KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, that I've written in this blog about "Shane and Kim" being friends of mine. That's the Kimmy that they found in a fucking plastic bag. Blunt force trauma to the head by a motor vehicle- that's not in the article but I was contacted by Lake Worth detectives, since we were pretty close friends for "street people". The article does say this though:

"People liked her, and she had friends, said [the cop], and a woman at another hotel, who asked not to be named said the same thing."

Yes, she was a crack-smoking heroin-addicted street hooker. Yes, she was on the shit list of every police department in south Florida. Yes, she had a hell of a criminal record (all victimless crimes though, if you look closely- hooking, drugs, failure to appear but no robbery, no violence, no theft, no fraud). But people liked her, and she had friends, and once you proved to her that you weren't her enemy- that you were on her side- she was one of the sweetest, most compassionate, loving people I've ever known. Her and Shane, (who has been in a drug program for 8 months and stayed clean that whole time- he isn't a suspect AT ALL if anyone is thinking that) were the best friends I've ever had on the street. Well, one more name comes to mind- but that doesn't matter.

Those of you who have been reading me since last summer already know about Joe. He was my roommate at one of the motels I used to live in, and we got very close. At one point, we let a couple stay in the motel room with us- Shane and Kimmy. The 4 of us were great friends. Then Joe overdosed on heroin and died, back in August (I wrote about it here). I'm the one who found him. Out of that group of people- me, Shane, Joe, and Kimmy- half of the group is dead. Jesus.


So, yeah. I'm off the streets. I still do some dates, because I gave out my phone number to my favorite clients and they call me and arrange stuff, but I don't hit The Horror Mile anymore. (BTW Ron from Delray- the horror mile!!! I haven't heard that in like 2 years! Laughed my ass off- thanks.)

I've been off heroin for 2 weeks so FUCK ALL Y'ALL HATERZZZZ!!!!

*lights joint*

I don't need that fucking boy anymore anyways. Also, I broke up with Greg. For real this time- haven't spoken to him in over a week (although I do need my stuff back).


Anonymous said...

So what happened to being pregnant? Did you finally figure out you couldn't get away with lies that would give you away? I know for a fact that you have not been off heroin for 14 days. What I can't figure out is if you are so far gone that you don't even know that you are lying.

Anonymous said...

If you don't actually like Michelle, why in the FUCK do you check her blog so religiously?


And YEAH, it is Libby.


nikki said...

hi, you posted a comment on my blog, i just took a minute (well a few minutes) to read your blog and WOW! You go through alot of the same things i went through this summer. Email me and we can talk more.

jin said...

michelle i'm sorry about your friend. i live in vancouver and we have lost many working women here. i hope you can think of a positive way to make your friend carry on.

congratulations on being clean for so long - i can't even imagine what you have been through but i hope you are ok.

*lights joint back*

jin said...

and P.S. FUCK GREG ANYWAY what good was he - seems like you're doing just fine without him! (no surprise)

andrew said...

Your blog is always most interesting and your lifestyle is fraught with danger. Please be careful.

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry about your friend too.

Stay safe.

Victoria said...

Hey, Michelle. That's so awful about Kimmy and the way she died... I've known many people who lived life in the fast lane and passed away much too soon. Losing someone you care about is a really terrible feeling to have, but it's pretty impressive that you've been able to not go back to using dope during this difficult time! I'm sure you're having cravings, but hopefully you'll be able to stay away from it. You're doing great so far. I'm trying to do the same thing you are- keep off the dope. The only difference is I'm at a methadone clinic. I'll send you an e-mail and we can help eachother stay clean!

Jake said...

Victimless Crime? Wow. Just when I thought you couldn't be more stupid.

There's no such thing as a victimless crime. Again, this is simply an excuse so you don't have to take any responsibility for your actions.

Since you’re a whore, let’s use prostitution as an example.
Are any of your clients married? If so, then their wives are victims of you. But not your responsibility, right?

Are you at risk for acquiring and spreading venereal disease? Then you have victims waiting for you to infect them.

Prostitution is against the law. Even if you don’t believe it should be, until you run for office, win, convince the majority of the public to agree with you, and then change the law, until then, it’s still a crime.

Therefore, Police Officers are needed to enforce the laws of the people. These cops have to deal with you. They are victims of your refusal to obey the laws of society.

The old lady who gets her purse stolen because a cop has to deal with you breaking the law, over and over again, willingly, is a victim of your selfishness.

When you go to court, the general public who funds those courts through their taxes (of which I’m sure you don’t contribute at all), are victims. And will continue to be repeat victims because you won’t stop.

I could keep going, but the points will be useless to you. You’re far too selfish to take any responsibility for how your actions affect the world around you.

I understand that “Kimmy” was a human being. But from the sound of it, she wasn’t such a great example of one of societies finest either. I’m sorry she died. But are you really all that surprised?

And in the long run, did she really even matter anymore? And you, Michelle, do you really matter anymore?

I know I’m an asshole to you. Because you deserve it. Somebody needs to tell you you’re fucking up. YIPPEEEEEE, a week off heroin. Let’s smoke some weed. It’s a victimless drug, right? (Don’t make me start listing THOSE victims too, OK?).

I’ll be the first to call you on your bullshit, but I’ll also be the first to encourage you if you’d actually attempt to make your life worth something. Come to the realization that right now, right there, that you don’t matter. And then do something that MAKES you matter.

Instead of just being a fuckup.

The choice is yours.

Anonymous said...

One more burden on society gone. Maybe next time it will be you.

Anonymous said...


leave weed out of it...weed didn't do anything to you!

jin said...

jake don't you have an impregnated wife-cousin to beat?

taxitalk said...

use the pic maybe it'll detour all the fuck heads that leave boring comments, I love this blog I don't know why,mmm its real. still working thats cool stay safe and rock on

BML said...

I can't believe that you are actually bragging to other trainwrecks about how popular you are on the net and that they can be just like you if they leave you a comment with a link to their blog. You may have a few like-minded losers supporting you, but 90% of your "readers" either get a thrill out of watching a trainwreck or feel better after a bad day knowing that their worst day is 100 times better than your best day.

Anonymous said...

Your the best, Michelle, and I know this from personal experience. This gorgeous wench gave me food when I was hungry, gave me money when I was broke, and gave me love even when I was a real jerk and trotted on her. this gal would give you her last dollar if she considered you her friend. I regard myself as being very lucky and fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend time with this angel. Even with all the bulshit that she has went through in her short life, and her personal problems and demons (which I know she will conquer with persistence) I never saw any animosity or ill will toward another human being from Michelle Angelina Moreau.

P.S. If you need your belongings, just have someone call me and I will give to them. Sorry to hear about Kim !!

jake said...

Hey. Did she "give" you herpes too?

John in Boston said...

Hey Michelle,

Just wanted to say great job on staying clean in spite of what is going on - must be hard to lose a friend while you are battling your own demons - keep it up, but if you slip up, don't give up giving up - I can tell you are a fighter and can beat "this terrible affliction".

And Jake, you are a fucking tool, I usually don't even respond to trolls, but I thought I would leave you with this thought.

Arguing on the Internet is like being in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you are still a retard.

So Flame away, tool boy...

jake said...

Hey john in boston....

your post confused me a bit, so can you clarify? Are you saying you're on the internet and you're retarded? Or that you're arguing and retarded? Or that you won an argument and are retarded? Or you lost an argument and are retarded? Or that you're retarded and retarded?

I couldn't figure it out from your post. The only part of it that made any sense at all is that you're retarded.

Your self awareness of being retarded is cool, I'm glad you've come to terms with it. But seriously, next time you post, can you use some type of "retard check" option? So it can tell you what you're doing wrong and that you're retarded?

Mmmmmmmmk then?

mondo13 said...

Jake, you are a pathetic coward. WHy don't you come out from your hiding??

Anonymous said...

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