Wednesday, November 7, 2007

dreams of incarceration

I apologize to my loyal readers for being "away" as long as I was. But now you may rejoice, fans of me! For I have returned to entertain and titillate with my tales of junkydom and poetry of woe and anguish. Hah, I'm just kidding. I swear I'm not that full of my damn self. Just bein' a jackass, I guess.

So, yeah, I got arrested on Halloween. I didn't actually, you know, break the law. But you don't even have to break the law to get arrested by Lake Worth Police. Convinient, no? When's the last time you sat back and thought to yourself, "hey, I sure would like to go to county jail right now, but I don't wanna go through all the trouble of actually committing a crime." Well, you're in luck! Just head on down to Lake Worth's south side and walk down the street. If you see a cop, completely ignore him and don't do anything wrong. He will pull up on you and your dreams of incarceration will become a reality!

^bitter, no?

My official charge was Loitering with Intent to Solicit for Prostitution. I wonder if they can do that for other things, other "intents", when you get caught Loitering. Like maybe... Loitering with Intent to Rape a 12-Year-Old Boy or Loitering with Intent to Climb Up the Church Steeple and Shoot At Everybody. "Well, we finally caught them breaking a minor city ordinance so we can arrest them (hooray!) but if we just hit 'em with a loitering charge, they'll be out come morning. How do we keep 'em in there? We don't have anything to plant on these people. I know! I know! Let's add what we think she might have been planning on doing later! That'll add at least a couple more days. Seriously, does Miss Cleo work for LWPD now? How in the FUCK would they know what I intended to do? I thought I was just hanging out in the Burger King parking lot bullshitting with someone.

But anyways, they took me to jail where I stayed for 4 days, which is long enough to go through hellish heroin withdrawals but short enough so that I was still going through them when I got released (broke) at 11pm. I can't cop at midnight with no money. I camped out at a friend's house that night, and he ended up shoving pain pills down my throat cause I was so sick and couldn't stop crying out. God I hate coming off in jail.

So the next morning I managed to borrow a Grant from Greggie and copped from somebody pretty early in the morning. But I had no needles, and it was Sunday morning so none of the pharmacies were open until 10am. At that point I snorted a bag of dope for the first time since I was about 18. I didn't care. I needed to get well. Then I got my apartment back and we picked up Kitty from my family's house where she was staying.

I couldn't BELIEVE who bonded me out... hah!


CindyB1 said...

Who got you out? Dang, that is messed up, they can put you in jail for days, for what they "think" you are going to do? I am glad kitty had a place to go, it he adjusting to all of the here and there stuff? Glad you are back. What happened to the Methadone idea?


sKILLz said...

I know exactly what you mean. Once your known to the po-po they fuck with you everytime they see you.

Thats a bullshit charge to get heads as we say. They have a quota to fill and thats an easy charge to make and not have to prove.
All they have to say in the report is that they "observed you standing there trying to flag down cars or people"
Or they can say they passed at 11pm and then again at 12 and you were still there.
I swear they come up with some STUPID ass shit

Dam homegirl I know all to well about kicking in jail, thats the worst.
Sometimes if your lucky someone might come in with something on them and have some sympathy you know?! Other than that all you can do is wait and wait and the more time passes the worse you feel.
Then forget about if you gotta take a shit, you gotta do it in front of everyone and stink up the cells, aww man just HORRIBLE!
I think I'm going to blog about this shit later on.