Friday, November 9, 2007

giving me the ol' oogie eye

Well, it's officially "winter" here in SoFla. The weather is getting all screwy and confusing. Ever since the 3rd the damn weather hasn't made any sense. It'll be freezing cold (55 degrees) early in the morning, but all of the sudden at around 8am it jumps to 90 again. Then sometimes it gets cold again at night. One time the cold lasted all day- until about 9pm, when it jumped to at LEAST 80 and with no sunlight. Cold day, hot night out here by the Equator. What the fuck is that shit? Global warming, car emissions, blah blah blah. All I know is, I like being able to wear my hoodies. Not only are they awesome, sexy, and I have a billion of 'em, but they also have long sleeves, which make people stop giving me the ol' oogie eye that I get when people see my nasty purple tracks. Hooray for hoodies!

That was supposed to be quick. I'm actually on a mission which is not even close to completion. Just had to bitch about the weather. For example: right now it's 2:14 in the afternoon, and it's about 90 degrees outside. But 3 hours ago it was 60! Do you see how this just should not fucking be? Do you realize how HARD it is to pick out an outfit?


Victoria said...

Holy shit Michelle. Arrested again!!!!! How the fuck is that possible!!! I really do believe you now when you say the cops are out to get you. That is just ridiculous.

Michelle said...

Damn strizzle my nizzle