Sunday, October 28, 2007

protect and serve my ass

Went to my mom's church today for a change. Just got back, now I'm at her house and getting ready to have lunch.

I'm gonna quit doing h if it's the last fucking thing I do, which it just might be. Whatever. What doesn't kill me can still maim me and break my spirit, right?

I had to move into a new apartment. I'm in a giant pissing match with the cops. Protect and serve my ass, who are they protecting by kicking me out of every place I've ever lived? Stupid pieces of shit. I'm keeping it on the DL where I'm staying now, but (haha) it's still in L-Dub. Fucking Lake Worthless Police. It's a 1br and the bed is very uncomfortable, so I sleep on the couch so I can watch TV. Kitty claimed the room, and has turned pretty antisocial ever since. She scratched the shit outta me, that bitch. She deserved a smack on the head but instead I just gave her lunch a couple hours late. Ha ha! I can't hurt Cat, I love her too damn much. Also the fridge in there didn't work, and all my fucking food went bad. Good thing my folks brought over a mini-fridge and are taking me shopping for milk, eggs, cheese, etc. All the shit I lost. Hooray for my folks!

No more heroin. For god's fucking sake, no more heroin.


CindyB1 said...

Good for you! Could you now go to the Methadone clinic? I know you said they would not help you because you take seisure meds. Maybe a regular Dr. could prescribe something to help with the with drawl pain. Stay strong! I hope you get a more comfortable place soon.


sKILLz said...

Thats cool that you got your own place. doesnt it feel great to come and go as you please and not have to answer to anyone? You can walk around naked and dance and jump up and down on the bed if you want.
Whats this about your Methadone Program not letting you in cuz you take seisure meds? All the Programs I know take you no matter what kind of meds you take. Shit I have people on my program who take meds for bi-polar and all types of shit.

CindyB1 said...

Where are you girl? It has been a while since you posted? I hope you are well.

Victoria said...

Hurry up and post!!! I want to know how the whole jail thing went. Hopefully you weren't dopesick in there cause that would be a fucking bitchhhhhh.