Wednesday, November 28, 2007

breaking and exiting

I want to eat a bullet. One silver pill should do the trick.

Just kidding... I guess. "Dude" has now been upgraded to "The Jailer Dude" because he thinks he's a police now. All talk about calling his lawyer and getting me 6 months for my lil ass misdemeanors and new charges and bond revocation and "your goin back to Gun Club, hyuck hyuck, I'm a snaggle-toothed fruitcake", he thinks he's got more game than Scrabble but he doesn't know me very well, huh?

So, I took OxyContin yesterday. Sweet fucking relief. The Jailer Dude didn't stop calling my phone the whole time I was out. I have a BOYFRIEND. He needs to understand that I HAVE A BOYFRIEND. People out on bond are allowed boyfriends. Criminals are allowed boyfriends. So are hookers. So why the fuck not me? Was my [victimless] crime so bad that I deserve what I'm experiencing? I've never even thrown a first punch in my life. So, finally Jailer Dude comes and gets me, and then tells me that he's taking me back to jail. I called his bluff (he didn't take me back to jail, obviously) and so I knew for a fact that he is all talk. If I'm in jail, where's the money at? Where's the white girl pussy at? On the other side of the glass, bitch! He doesn't want that. He wants CONTROL!!!! Oooooh big scary word, control.

For example...

This morning, I called my brother. I had a pressing question to ask him about getting me the fuck up outta this bitch. Who do I have to turn to, no one here in Palm Beach County that's fer damn sure. After I hung up with bro, I deleted the number so that The Jailer Dude wouldn't have it because it's my brother not his. MY cellphone, MY money bought it, MY money pays it, MY family, why not do what I want with it? Right? Right? Well, first he did the whole "yer-goin-back-to-county" spiel which was kinda gay but I can almost say his speech along with him by now so whatever. Then he left to go do a job- and locked me in the trailer and took my cellphone. I am locked in the trailer right now. See why he's The Jailer Dude???

He told me I better not break the door. But... I know there's a law against breaking and entering. But is "breaking and exiting" illegal? I remember one time, when I was with Micheal (my ex) we got in a fight, and he locked me in a bathroom and wouldn't let me out. My friend (not my friend no more) called the police and his charge was "false imprisonment" aka second degree kidnapping in the state of Florida. God, if only I had my cellphone.

I wanted to turn the gas on last night when The Jailer Dude went to sleep and just walk out the door. Sleep... sleeep... don't bother waking up bitch! Just kidding about that too. I would never kill anybody. I will kick a bitch in the nuts though if he runs any more god damn game with me. He doesn't know how to play CHESS and that is the game. In chess, you anticipate their next move and stay ready for it. Ribbons and ribbons of possibilities. I can play chess, motherfucker. Your move.

So, goodbye friends if I do end up back in county jail. At least there I'll have people to talk to that don't constantly threaten me. Cause I am CUT OFF. He deleted all my numbers, changed MY number, keeps me in, and won't allow me contact with any of my friends or family. Except my stepmom, but only cause she's a bitch and she's on The Jailer Dude's side. Not that she knows the whole story or anything...

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