Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the dollar bills


by: Michelle Angelina

you see all these people say they coming to my aid
i either pay it back in lockdown or i pay it back in trade
cause you don't know me well enough to know i'm cold as ice
and though i hook up half the block but not because i'm nice
so you infiltrate my hear, sympathize with all my hate
i see the bared-wire fish hook but i still took the bait
but shit don't work like that cause no one is for real
it's all about control, the dollar bills, and copping feels
i know it's sposed to show you care each time you tell me 'no'
but enough of this and trust me, i'mma tell you where to go
there's always an agenda, ain't nothing 'just because'
if you wanted me on lock you shoulda left me where i was
it's not cause i'm ungrateful, it's not cause i'm a bitch
but i gotta figure out a way to scratch this itch

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