Friday, February 2, 2007

sashimi specials

"Winter is finally upon us!"

…or so we thought. It must have been about 4 days ago when I crawled out of bed, stepped outside, and couldn’t believe what I was feeling. The temperature had dropped below 70 degrees!!! And in January!!! It was about 64 outside, and all of us semi-native Floridians began searching for blankets and hot cocoa and snow pants. But yesterday was the last day of winter- it’s 87 degrees right now. I guess all those heavy down jackets are going back into storage where they belong. Oh well, it was nice not having to run my air conditioner for a couple days there.

Been on the methadone for 2 1/2 weeks now and I still hate it just as much as ever. I hate dragging my sleepy ass to Lake Clarke Shores every gosh-darn morning (at least I can't say I'm dragging my ass there in the cold, right?) and waiting in that line to get my daily fix so I can stop hating my life for another few hours. Also I had to move out of my nice lil apartment because the chink bastard cop that hates me (let's call him CBC) told my landlords that if they didn't get me out of there, they would be in trouble. What a whore. He wants me off "his block." Personally, if I were a cop and there was someone on my "beat" and I didn't want to see their nasty face, I would make god damn sure they had a place to stay. Because once they become homeless, I have to see that ugly mug 10 times as often. Stupid CBC. Bitch bitch bitch complain complain complain. Don't I ever have anything positive to say?

Saito-Bangkok!!! That's positive. It's this Japanese/Thai restaurant right there in downtown Lake Worth and it has sashimi specials for lunch and for dinner. I am totally fucking hooked on the sashimi- for those of you who don't know, sashimi is sushi without the rice (basically just slabs of raw fish, which is tastier than it sounds hah). It's worse than the dope. I eat there every day, sometimes twice a day, and still haven't gotten sick of the taste. My stomach is growling right now just thinking about Saito-Bangkok, and it's only 1 street over from the library! I'm going there the second I get done with this blog. I already updated my other one.

I can't stop smoking weed now! I now smoke about an equal number of joints and cigarettes- but I smoke 2 packs a day. It's starting to get ridiculous- but it sure is fun. And no needles or dealing with black people or paraphernalia (besides the rolling papers themselves). It's not a very good heroin substitute, but it'll do. Plus it makes my new SpongeBob SquarePants video game about 10 times funnier than it really is. And makes my Girl Scout Cookies taste better. What? Girl Scout Cookies? Where? Ah, I left 'em at home...

Riding around town, noddin out on the brown
Slingin the white, cause we know how to get down
Cause they're smokin' it up, and they're shootin' it up,
And they're livin' it up, straight up not givin' a fuck
They walk around town with a permanent frown
Cause they can taste the smoke but they can't hear the sound
They're all 'bout 30 pounds down, basehead fuckin' clowns
And they're in every city, and they're in every town
They could be young, old, Mexican, white, or black
But we can't cut these motherfuckers no slack
I'd rather be a junkie with an arm full of tracks
Cause once you're stuck smokin' crack there ain't no goin' back

[[i'm off to eat at Saito's...]]


Annabanana5200 said...

If you get clean and stay that way, can you go back to your folks' house?

You shouldn't use the term "Chink" and say stuff like "now I don't have to deal with black people". It makes you seem racist and you don't strike me to be that way.

M T said...

the poem is all good and cute
but dont u even think
of stickin a needle in again

Michelle said...

I'm extremely racist- I usually don't flaunt it, but I am. Only against black men because I haven't run across a decent one yet. I just say "chink bastard cop" because it's descriptive and insulting at the same time, which is my goal. It's not like I can post a picture of the guy.