Sunday, February 25, 2007

reverse porcupine

I'm finally in detox in Miami!

It's about fuckin' time, Michelle, dontcha think?

Well, yeah. My arms were starting to look like swiss cheese. Infected swiss cheese. Reverse porcupine. If I had as many needles sticking out of me as I stuck in me, I would look like pinhead from Hellraiser. Space-baser. Needle freak. Fu-ckin jun-kee. Mosquitos would bite me and drop dead on the floor.

Lots of hell. Lots of pain. Lots of fucking hellish painful agony. Haven't been able to eat a bite in days. Scream in my sleep. Would literally KILL for one bag.

The sad part is- I don't plan on staying clean! I can't wait to get high again. Someone special has a stash for me. Woohoo! But ONLY if I stay my full 7 days. It's worth it! Working right now- I'd rather stay clean for... well, a couple more days. But if he switches out, I'm Fuuuuucked with a capital FUCK.

Other than that... I'm doing good... HAH!!!!!!!!!!


Annabanana5200 said...

I wish you would get a fucking laptop.

Michelle said...

who am I, norman fucking rockweller?