Friday, January 26, 2007

"my crack capital was $250"

Yes! Finally the library computer lets me log onto Blogger! Fucking excellent! So much has happened since I left my folks' house...

1) I moved into an efficiency in Lake Worth which is currently being painted, so the owners of the apt building moved me into an apt twice the size of the efficiency for the same price. Now I have couches and 2 TVs in case I ever want company (which I usually don't).

2) I got on methadone and have (pretty much) quit shooting up. For about a week there I was only using marijuana and alcohol, until yesterday, when I shot 5 bags all at once which caused me to feel shitty enough about myself to start smoking crack. I only smoked half of what I bought, nasty garbage. It's still chilling in my drawer for the next crackhead who darkens my door. It will be like the One Millionth Crackhead to enter my apt will recieve a prize of... crack. Creative, no?

3) I went to the South Florida Fair... twice! Once with my parents to see the animals and the exhibits and all that stuff, and once with my fellow hoes (Diamond, Molly, and Amy- the Fucked Up Four) with ride bracelets to ride all the rides. My mom told me that gyros are made out of lamb and now I can never eat them again. I always thought it was beef. At least I got to have my candy apple, and fried dill pickle, and sausage hoagie, and kettle corn, and elephant ear with blueberry shit all over it, and huge baked potato covered in cheese, and all the other totally unhealthy foods that you eat at the county fair right before going on the Gravitron.

[[DIAMOND: I know you're reading this, you're a bitch for that Gravitron thing. Just kidding, ya know I love ya, crazy ho.]]

4) It was on the news, so it's official- Palm Beach County is the "crack capital" of America! Now if that doesn't inspire town pride, then nothing will. No wonder every other person I know smokes crack, and every third person sells it. I knew it would be in Florida somewhere, but what surprises me is that we beat Miami- I'd have bet all I had that Liberty City alone was the crack capital. I can't get into the whole crack scene, but I do like the phrase "crack capital." It sounds like your net income when you're selling the shit, no? "I had to spend $300 last night but I sold about $550 worth of dope, so my crack capital was $250." Yes! That is funny. I'm gonna be laughing about that shit all day.

5) I been doing nothing but smoking pot, playing GameCube, and watching satellite TV since quitting heroin. My dealers won't stop calling me! "I got fire." "I'll front you some." Well not all of them, but enough that it drives me up the wall. So I smoked this pot that I was warned about and went to the bar for a couple drinks. Four hours and ten drinks later, the visuals from whatever hallucinogenic substance was on my marijuana are still kicking my ass. So I stumble home only to be stopped by 2 cops who were probably normal-sized men but I was tripping hard so they were DINOSAUR SIZED. I'm surprised they didn't take me to jail what with the way I was acting.

6) Micheal has stopped calling. God I love him and miss him.

[i will update more often from now on...]

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