Monday, February 5, 2007

"House and Motel Room Searching 101"

I'm almost out of time on the library computer, so this will be short sweet and to the point. In fact, I'll number the events:

1) I started shooting up again. Still on the methadone, back on the heroin, still smoking weed and I threw a little IV cocaine in there too for good luck. Oh, and the booze. I wish I could stop, my life is a disaster, but I fucking can't. I'm the little engine that couldn't care less.

2) The Lake Worth cops searched/kicked me out of ANOTHER motel room. They are terrible room-searchers, 20 minutes with flashlights (and all the room lights on, go figure) and they came up with nothing, with all the shit I had [not]hidden in the room. You'd think that'd be part of Basic Training- "House and Motel Room Searching 101".

3) I had to move to Lantana, and already I miss L-Dub... even though I still hang there every day all day.

4) I am dopesick and broke right now... so I must move on to the next blast.

5) I hate methadone.

Why can't we not be sober?
Just want to start this over
Why can't we drink forever?
Just want to start this over

Why can't we just be sober?
Just want to start this over
Why can't we sleep forever?
Just want to start this over now...



Annabanana5200 said...

That sucks that you started the heroin again.

Would you mind posting the story of how and why you got kicked out? I pretty much know, but I think your story would be interesting.

Also, what made you turn to drugs?


Annabanana5200 said...

Okay, my bad, you did discuss the beginnings of your drug use.

I am curious about your relationship with your parents. You seem to love them. They love you.

They also look like older parents- not trying to be nosey, but I am an aspiring older parent (36) that is curious before I take the plunge.