Tuesday, September 2, 2008

tell me what movies to watch!

I'm signed up for Blockbuster Online, the $20 plan where I get 3 movies at a time and 5 in-store exchanges per month. I was gonna get a cheaper plan, but I'm probably gonna end up on house arrest and figure that I will appreciate having lots of movies to watch. Currently, I am watching the HBO show Weeds and just finished the first season- great show, very dramatic and unrealistic and interesting, which are all things I look for in a show. Also Sons of Anarchy starts tommorrow, and since I constantly watch FX I have seen it advertised enough times that I actually want to watch it. Who ever said advertising doesn't work?

Back to the point- as happy as I am with Blockbuster, my movie queue [aka DA LIST] is quite short and I can't think of movies/tv shows to add. I need recommendations! I have already asked on a couple of the forums that I frequent, and now I am asking here. Basically I am capable of being interested in damnear any movie that I catch within the first 15 minutes (there are always exceptions!) but here are my top genre picks:

(1) Scary movies- slasher flicks are ok sometimes but intelligent horror movies (aka "psychological thrillers") are more my style.

(2) Cartoons! I like kids cartoons as well as those made for adults, but i HATE anime .

(3) Comedies of all kinds: slapstick, comedy/dramas, stupid shit, sophomoric garbage, stand-up routines, love 'em all. The only exception, I don't much like films that call themselves "romantic comedies" since they are all about the same and they annoy me.

(4) Any movie about a murderer/serial killer who outsmarts everybody- even if he gets caught in the end.

(5) Sick strange psychotic movies that don't follow a timeline or make you watch them over and over to figure out wtf just happened on TV.

(6) Prison movies and GOOD dope movies (a lot of dope movies are major suckfests), especially ones involving crack since movie crackheads are even more entertaining than crackheads in real life!

(7) Cop movies of all types- corrupt cops and good-guy cops, I like all of 'em. These are probably my favorite type of movie, cop flicks! I'm thrilled about the new Samuel L. Jackson movie "Lakeview Terrace" where he will play a corrupt cop who scares the crap outta his white neighbors- hooray!!

(8) ROBERT DOWNEY JR, Adam Sandler, JOHNNY DEPP, Tim Burton, Benicio Del Toro, Ashton Kutcher, Brittany Murphey (sp?), Mark Wahlberg ["Marky Mark"], Samuel L Jackson, Penelope Cruz, WILL FERRELL (again sp?), Ben Stiller, Denzel Washington, and WESLEY SNIPES.

What I don't like: pretentious foreign films, *anime*, science fiction, action movies with no plot besides explosions, fantasy stuff (such as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter), Michael Moore, slasher movies with no plot besides blood and guts like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Jack Black (I hate that fucker with a passion that burns deep within me... grrrrr), teenager "coming-of-age" shit, and Date Movie or Epic Movie or any "[vague genre] Movie" since the FIRST Scary Movie (ok, the third one was good too- but that's it!!)

Please give me your movie recommendations in my comments page, thanks in advance to anyone who does! House arrest will go much quicker with many things to watch on TV I bet.


carrida said...

This is a foreign flick but it's not pretentious and it's absolutely my favorite movie ever. Gegen die Wand....Head-on in english. It involves lots of drugs and fucked up relationships.

Cheryl said...

I was wondering if you've ever seen the new show on A&E (or maybe it's Bravo) called "The Cleaner".

I'd love your take on this. I've read your blog and a few others for a couple of years now and from the real life stories you tell, this show isn't very realistic. It's way Hollywood and silly and predictable.

Sorry...I forgot to mention the premise - Benjamin Bratt plays an ex-addict (assume Heroin as they talk about needles) who found his way to sobriety and vowed to help others get clean. It's all so contrived. Take a look and let me know your thoughts.

BTW Shelley- I don't know you from anyone, but as I've said I've read your site for a while and I am impressed with the way you have turned your life around. A year ago, you didn't seem to have a chance at all and now you like the way it feels to be clean.

Jazz has given you a second chance at life and you can do this. Good for you. It won't always be easy but I don't think it was in your previous life either.

You are a survivor and I think you are now getting a chance to really live and grow up a bit.

Can't wait to see baby photos and hear your happy baby news.

Take good care of yourself and baby Jazz.

Anonymous said...

No Country for Old Men
Apocalypse Now
Aguirre, The Wrath of God (German movie but worth the trouble)
Meet John Doe (old B&W)
Godfather movies (at least the first two)

Anonymous said...

I suggest Crash. I really enjoyed that.

Maggie Baby is a good dope flick.

And dude, netflix is $14.95 for three rentals with an unlimited amount.

Melody said...

Try the first couple seasons of Dexter and It's always sunny in Philadelphia. Good shit!

Michelle said...

$4 extra for 5 instore exchanges is way worth it! PLUS blockbuster gave me a free month, PLUS I get $25 if I stay signed up for 3 months, PLUS I got $30 from one of my survey sites just for signing up and answering stupid questions about it, PLUS returning them at the store is way faster than mailing them because they count as "returned" the minute they scan the movies in at the store...

so yeah screw netflix!

Anonymous said...

Shawshank Redemption
Pay It Forward
As Good as it Gets
Vanilla Sky
Usual Suspects
Fight Club
A Beautiful Mind
Garden State
Eddie Murphy: Raw
What Dreams May Come
Edward Scissorhands

Zeitgeist www.zeitgeistmovie.com
Loose Change Final Cut http://lc911finalcut.com

P.S. Weeds is a Showtime series, not HBO. Not that it matters, but I'm sure Showtime would care.

Anonymous said...

Blockbuster Online is DO_PE!!! I love that shit.

I am an old Opio member that got the boot for some bullshit reasons but I check up on ur blog occasionally to see whut's whut with you. I'm also a retarded movie freak and I can give you a MILLION good recommendations. I'm about to watch "Funny Games" (The Original, not the bullshit American redux) right now, so I'll hit you with a laundry list after that.

Hayley said...

Hey Michelle,
There's a brilliant english film called 'Dead Man's Shoes' i really recommend it. It's not a horror or slasher movie, more psychological and fucked up... amazing ending to it. If you can rent that over in the states then do so, i guarantee you'll love it.

Anonymous said...

The Award Winning


María Álvarez, a 17-year-old Colombian girl, works in sweat shop-like conditions at a flower plantation. After finding herself pregnant by a boyfriend whom she does not love and being unjustly treated by her boss, she quits. While looking for a new job, she is offered employment as a mule — one who smuggles drugs by swallowing drug-filled pellets. Desperate, she accepts the offer, swallows 62 wrapped pellets of cocaine and flies to New York City....

Anonymous said...

Here's a few must see classicks to start you off with

"Chopper" - Mark Bana plays the notorious Australian Crimey Mark "Chopper" Read. It's a grimey ass prison flick, and has some brutal ass moments. the best part...It's ALL true.

"Bully" - Larry Clark's film about them Florida youths who killed the one kid who was a dick to everybody. I believe the case was from 1999.More brutal shit bordering on exploitation that is SEVERELY entertaining.

"A Better Place" It has Ethen Suppley(sp) in it. Teren angst and killing. Shit is dark and disturbing in a way only sunny, suburbanites can do it.

John in Boston said...

couple other good drug movies include Christiane F. (German heroin movie, excellent, but get the english dubbed version), Candy (Heath Ledger as a very convincing junkie), Spun (tweaker movie), The Salton Sea (another tweaker), Drugstore Cowboy, Requiem for a Dream, and Liquid Sky.

hayley said...

I agree with John, Spun is a brilliant movie and so is Candy with Heath Ledger... I couldn't believe how convincing he was in his role

Cocaine Princess said...

Hello Michelle,
Lakeview Terrace sounds good but I would hate to have Sam Jackson's character as a neighbor, he looks as if he abuses his authority. Another good cop film, Street Kings with Keanu Reeves, you might like that one. There's that old classic film, Scarface, say hello to my little friend!

I recently saw a comedy with Billy Bob Thorton called Mr. Woodcock, I found it quite funny.

I love Johnny Depp! I have had a crush on him since 21 Jump Street. have you seen him in Sweeney Todd?
It's a musical, he won the Golden Globe for best actor. Benicio Del Toro, another good actor too.

I hope you and your baby are both in good health and spirits. Stay safe dear friend.

Cocaine Princess

Lucinda said...

I'm sure that everyone is going to have already said them:
-Requiem for a Dream
-Fight Club
-American History X
-SLC Punk (haha, it's my favorite film)
-Wristcutters: A Love Story (really funny film, it's a comedy)
-The Edukators (It's German, but the acting is so good, it doesn't even matter)
I figure these are pretty good movies, me and my friends enjoy them, so you might too. = )

Tuesday said...

omg! being HA, does this mean no more computer access? arent you updating at libraries?

Noooo :(

Michelle said...

i have a computer...

Melody said...

Oh yeah, if you like english humor Absolutlely Fabulous is brilliant! Also some other really good movies:
Shaun of the Dead,
Love & a .45,
The Rules of Attraction,
The Boondock Saints
Freeway2,confessions of a trickbaby
Pecker (I love john waters)
I will call you this week, so much CRAP has been dumped on me the last few days, I need someone to bullshit with(whine to)and I love you, you don't let me feel sorry for myself. Talk to ya soon babe, Love Melody

Anonymous said...

Sexy Beast...great flick.

kel said...

Definitely check out the first two seasons of Dexter, and the new showtime series Californication is pretty entertaining also. I too have been watching The Cleaner on A&E and it is good, supposedly based on a true story. The real life guy is a writer and producer for the show.

Crash was amazing. Just watched an indy flick called Quid Pro Quo. A little out there but interesting concept.

Hope you are feeling well and thanks for your recent comments on my blog.

Anonymous said...

You know that I have excuses for not updating! Seriously, I am only online at least twice a month- reading my comments here over and over and over and over and laughing about them, it's a very fun game and I am quite good at it, arguing politics with strangers... basically twiddling my thumbs. But good god, It just seems like a lot of work, although I blather on and on and on and on with no end in sight. I just need to, ya know? I will attempt to update at least 2x a month or every other month or every other week or so that my fans can enjoy and my haters can hate, my lovers can love, my bread can mold, my dog can bark and my fish can swim. is not that enough!