Tuesday, September 23, 2008

pictures that I shoulda posted a week ago

1) the tiny grass snake I found and caught on the front porch
2) my huge ass in my beach outfit (bathing suit underneath since I had to go to the 'done clinic first)
3) me holding the blanket I crocheted for the baby- I started that sumbitch in April and just finished it a couple weeks ago.
4) the room that the baby and I will share
5) same as above, only a close-up of my shelf o' baby crap
6) same room, same crap, this time a close-up of the crib (which my father put together, but my mom and I did the stroller with no "manly assistance!")
7) me and my mom at the baby shower
8) all the women that showed up to the shower... look at all of 'em!! I wasn't kidding, was I?
9) at baby shower opening presents
10) top row [left to right]- my aunt Irene, my cousin Lorraine, and my aunt Diana (Lorraine's mom); bottom row- me and my mama
11) some of the many many presents I received at the shower


Anonymous said...

Your baby room is beautiful!

Congrats on all the baby loot.

I have those same baskets- from Tarjay, right? Tarjay rules.

I am happy for you, Michelle.

Yay for baby Jaz.


Anonymous said...

Where are the pics of the gifts Melody gave you?

carrida said...

Yay, Michelle! I'm so excited for you. I hope your labor and delivery go well. All your readers (even the haters) can't wait to see Jaz...I know she's gonna be so cute!

Cocaine Princess said...

Not only will she be cute but adorable and grow up to a be strong willed woman like her momma!


CindyB1 said...

Good Luck to you and Jaz. I hope the delivery is easy and a happy event. Your baby stuff is great! So glad you have what a baby needs.
Take Care, and if possible get Greg to post and let us know you and baby are OK!

Lots of love,


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
You're looking great.
I see that you still paying attention to the useless comments. Stop! Don't do it.
Think that someone throws some garbage in your front yard. Would you leave there for people to see it? No. You open the trash can and will be the end of that useless garbage in your front yard. Do the same with the useless comments; just throw away. I believe all this people that enjoy your adventures, people that care about you, that read your blog don’t want to see this garbage.

Constructive comments are welcome and that is freedom of speech, disagree of your opinion is fine, but bullshit.... Just leave there for a day and throw away.

You are doing fine. We know Greg (remember what I said to you when I first meet you? I told you right there that he loves you.)
I know you a little bit now, you have lots of patience, and that’s what make life together last forever.

Girl you will be ok. Princess will be the only one jealous, she will loose her place on Greg’s chest, Jasmine will be the one taking naps on his chest. I can see him melting down, looking at you and Jasmine.

Anonymous said...

I've been praying to Jesus for years that you would get your life on a better path. Praise the Lord you are doing the right thing for you and the baby. Once you hold her, you'll better understand how much I love you...
I've always known you would be all right; it was a just a matter of when and how much hurt you would be willing to go through to get there!
Remember that my love isn't perfect--only God's is perfect--but I'm giving you and Jasmyne the best I got. And as for what I want in return for everything your father and I have done for you:
pay it forward to Jasmyne Rose.
Te quiero mucho, aprende mucho, divierte mucho,

Anonymous said...


I have periodically been checking in and I am so happy that you were blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby girl...your life will now forever be changed, and you will be so surprised that as a mother, the things that you didn't think you could do for yourself will change, and you will do anything and everything for your child.
I am a mother of triplets that will be going off to college soon...before they were born, I seemed to have no focus in life and stumble over some of lifes challenges, but after they were born, they helped me become the person I had wanted to be.
I wish you the best, and many years of happiness.
All the best! Piper