Monday, April 21, 2008

started seeing a bunch of bikers and rednecks

^ ^ ^ !!!PICTURES!!! ^ ^ ^

I been feeling crappy as hell lately, need a damn increase on my 'done or a bag or something and not doing any of it. Today I did nothing but lay around the house and try to sleep, I guess each day is getting worse but until today I was getting out and doing things. I dunno when I updated last (and don't feel like stopping to check) so I'll just start with the weekend.

Saturday I went to a stretching/exercise class with my mom, it was kinda fun but I'm not super flexible (although I can put my feet behind my head, ha) so some of the stretches hurt like hell. The lady said that I'd only be able to do the class for a couple months tops because my belly will start to get way too much in the way. Then we went to the zoo over by Summit and Parker. It was fun and distracting, looking at the animals. I've been there tons of times (I've been in Florida for a long fucking time) but this time I seen the black bears and the huge scary looking tiger right up close. Also a couple of gigantic rats- which reminds me, I just finished watching Alvin and the Chipmunks ("They're not kids, they're rats!". There was this turtle that was flipped over onto it's back, and me and 3 others were all crowded around the reptile tank cheering it on while it tried to get back the right way. It would wiggle around for a minute, then get tired and lay there with it's head in the water (it had a super fucking long neck), then start wiggling around again. Finally it righted itself and everybody was like, hooray! Stupid, I know, but who cares? It was fun without drugs. I don't have any pics of that, but I have pics from the next day.

Sunday I was real sick, and pissed off. Greg picked me up and gave me a percocet, left over from the ones I was prescribed back when I broke my elbow. [Yeah- I had some left. Lemme guess- "bullshit!" right?] Then we wandered around John Prince Park and started seeing a bunch of motorcycles and bikers and rednecks so we wondered what the hell was going on. Turns out, there was a chili cookoff going on, which explains the rednecks, and it was sponsored by Harley, which explains the bikers. They had 12 different chili booths lined up and were selling cups for a buck apiece (we got 12 cups for ten bucks) and each cup comes with a ticket. The basic idea is to try chili from all the different booths and then the ones you like, you put a ticket in a box with the name of the chili on it. Between the percocet and the pot I was cool, so Greg and I proceeded to try all the chilis. We would each get one, eat half the cup, then trade. The only exception was when a chili was too hot, since I have ulcers, he would eat em after I tried a couple spoonfuls. We each tried each one though, and then threw tickets in the good boxes.
I do have pics from the chili cookoff, up at the top. I tried putting the pics down here, but they all went to the top. Nothin a bitch can do, especially someone like me who is basically computer illiterate. Damn these pics are uploading slow. Then, after a couple hours of eating chili and smoking and being in the sun, we passed out in the back of the camper. I got my first tan of the spring- I'm so damn white that the only way I tan is if I get a sunburn because after 1 or 2 days it fades into a tan. If I don't burn, I'm albino-looking. Well, I guess SoFla albinos still look tan to everyone else, right? But down here it's a different standard, so it's good to be Florida tan again.
Today I was real sick, and didn't do fuck. Greg is painting my folks' house- its a weeklong job. Nice, huh? Hope we don't get sick of each other : ) By the way, all pictures here are taken by Greg, who is a much better photographer than anyone else (one reason the pic of me and Lucas came out so shitty- Greg didn't take it).
"There's a hole in the world like a big black pit, and it's filled with people that are filled with shit, and the vermin of the world inhabit it." That's Johnny Depp playing Sweeny Todd- what a great fucking movie! An R-rated musical, in Goth-looking London, directed by Tim Burton, starring Johnny Depp as a vengeance-crazed murderer! What the hell else could I want in a flick?
$$QUICK REPLIES$$ <---cuz I am tired of typing
neely- Thanks.
anon 1- "My grandmother was a typical white person" -Barak Hussein Obama. My grandmother's sisters' husband's dog can't discuss politics, but even if he could- why would I listen to him? He's just a dog. Just like I'm just a junkie, so you shouldn't listen to me. Don't take everything so goddamn seriously! Wow!
anon 2- True.
victoria- I don't mind the haters. Have you seen my hit counter? The haters are hooking me up with hits and interesting shit to read. I encourage it by responding to them, you should try it- it's fun. I'm FINALLY tan for the first time since Christmas (our Christmas is like summer in the north, for real). I'm not writing baby name online cause I've picked 2, a boy and a girl name, but they are special to me so I'm not gonna write it for the haters to read ya know? Email me and I'll tell you though just keep it off the internet k?
anon 3- Heroin addicts are all psycho- that doesn't mean other people aren't.
taxitalk- Thanks for the encouragement. I'm staying away from the dope, it's just harder than I thought it would be, ya know? I want this kid to be ok, he/she's gotta overcome a lot of obstacles already.
anon 4- I got stoned as fuck yesterday too...
cocaine princess- The haters make me laugh- I'd rather respond to them than ignore them.
boston joe- Keep up the good work. Obama sucks. He would be great in Hollywood, as a movie star- thats what I think.
anon 5- I say I'm KINDA racist cause that's how I am. "White power" people will hate someone just because they are black. I don't have a problem with blacks- I just hate niggers. Lots of blacks are niggers, but not all niggers are black. Hell, there's white niggers and spanish niggers and probably asian niggers, although I've never personally met one (then again, I don't live in a really asian-intensive area). Barak is a nigger. Lil Wayne is most definitely a nigger!!!! Do you think I care what he'd appreciate? Do you think Lil Wayne will ever read this? NO! I like lots of music where I don't like the band or singer or rapper or whatever. I don't like the guys from Metallica, but I still like their music. I hate niggers, but I like some rap. Is that a problem? Don't take shit so seriously. My racism will never affect you- I don't run shit. I bet you don't even live in my town! 9th grade? I graduated #1 in my class- I know, I know "bullshit! you never graduated! blah!" Though to be honest, it was a graduating class of 7!
libby- Thanks! Now I can pretend I voted. BTW where in hell is Punta Gorda? Did you know that means "fat point"? I'm in Palm Beach County...
TO ALL MY HATERS- If I'm so worthless and racist and whorish and junked out and no one cares what I think- why did my hit counter pass 1000 in 1 month? Huh? I put that fucker up on March 15th and it's currently at 1,237! In your face, haters!


Anonymous said...

You have 1,000 hits for the same reason fatal traffic accidents are surrounded by rubber-necking morons: it's comforting to idiots to know someone has it worse than they do.
Take the sex and drugs out of this blog and you will have 10 hits a month; believe it.
You're like the Fox news of blogdom: full of shit, lying constantly, and acting like everyone but you is missing the Truth.
The real truth is that you could be doing something useful every day, like learning a trade to support you and your baby...or will you just keep whoring your pussy out?
And you of all people knocking Obama? He's got more smarts in his pinky than you have in your entire body.
You're vaguely amusing when discussing how sadly useless your life is. But when you start opining on real life outside of your little hell-hole reality, it's quickly apparent how truly uneducated and woefully thick you are. If you didn't write about giving head and taking drugs you'd have no readers at all, as your views of anything outside of drugs and sex are laughable at best. You know it, so you keep the sex and drugs in there as much as you can.
Faux News, sofla double-wide version.
And now you're mentioning how much you'd love to shoot some heroin into your little fetus. How kind and loving and understanding and intelligent and caring you are.
If there is a "nigger" in this discussion, it ain't Obama.
It be you.
You better lay the fuck off the cracker bullshit or you really will lose that baby, one way or the other. You must be insane to think that your ranting here won't get child services on your ass.
Your snarky smirk will soon be gone, count on that. Life is gonna teach you some heavy lessons in the next year or two. Don't nod out too fast, you might miss it before the cell door slams.
You having a kid is...well, it's just damn sad.
And wouldn't it be funny if that kid turns out to be a "nigger"?
Ho ho ho, you ho.
Sincerely, A "nigger" who can outwrite you in my sleep.
And PS: I get PAID to write.
Try that for a change, geniusgirl.
Make sure to put this blog in your CV!

Anonymous said...

Punta Gorda is near Port Charlotte, west of you.


I think maybe someone from is reading your blog.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Btw, it's BARACK.

Anonymous said...

A class of 7? Continuation school doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, why won't you let us know who the father of your baby is?

Anonymous said...

i know deep down inside of yourself you feel remorse and guilt for your child. why did you start prostituting yourself? because it was easier than getting a job or was it a consequence of drug abuse? perhaps this blog is another form of escapism for you where you can live an unfiltered life in an alternate reality because your reality is just too unbearable. i don't think you are an inherently bad person. i am almost certain that you don't want to hurt your child but cannot control the urges of your own mentality and addiction to think outside of yourself. in all fairness, you are still a child and looking for the answers in heroin, a man, sex etc. but i will give you something that i had to learn the hard way also - you have no one but yourself to get you by. that is not the anthem for isolation or narcissism but a lesson of self-responsibility. You are now responsible for your child and you have certain obligations that come with that territory regardless of the fact if it was an unplanned pregnancy. stop trying to escape the reality of the situation - smoking is killing your fetus, methadone is turning your baby into an addict. i hope that your baby comes out completely healthy and will be able to survive the onslaught of tribulations you've disposed him/her to. i really hope you turn your life around and learn something for you. respect yourself, you are not just a crackwhore, a ho, a drug addict - you are a person. do not become complacent with your present title and prove to yourself that you can be better and that you can provide your child with something you've never had - unconditional love. And you will have contributed to the decency in the world. And from there, everything will fall into always does. Bless you and your child and I hope you conjure the strength to be a better person.

taxitalk said...

the pictures have a real innocent feel to them, you're tiny and cute, say clean, and man am i jealous its snowing here palm girl

CindyB1 said...

I like the pictures, you look so pretty when you smile! Take care of the two of you. Did the Dr. give you the prenatal vitamins and stuff to help keep the baby healthy?

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Why did you take down the beer gut, oops, I mean pregnant belly picture?

Anonymous said...

The reason you have so many hits cause just about anyone can read you and feel better knowing that life ain't so bad. I read you for that reason and to remind myself every day how quitting dope before ending up like you was the best thing I have ever done.

Anonymous said...

Who needs prenatal vitamins when you have methadone & weed?

Anonymous said...

"If I'm so worthless and racist and whorish and junked out and no one cares what I think- why did my hit counter pass 1000 in 1 month? Huh? I put that fucker up on March 15th and it's currently at 1,237!"




Anonymous said...

you're gonna get either a retard or an addicted baby you know?And you'll be lucky if all his/her limbs are in order.
No, you don't know. You'll know when it comes and when you'll have to deal with even more shit to take care of it then.
Aside from your stupidity deciding having a child, I can't believe that your parents are o.k with you keeping this baby. Your whole family must be red-necked, white trash idiots, what are you guys thinking? Do you even think?