Saturday, April 19, 2008

condoms don't exist here in Palm Beach County

It is 3am (well, actually now it's almost 5 but I woke up at 3) and I'm dopesick. Someone I know moved in right up the street (walking distance), I never pictured him in this neighborhood. It will be too easy to get shit now if I want to- and yeah, I checked, the phone number is the damn same. I haven't even attempted to get shit, and I hope it stays that way. I went outside to burn a cig and there was a kitten crying and walking all over the street in front of my house. I yell "kitten!" and it runs up the driveway, I open the screen door and yell "kitten!" again and it runs up onto the front porch. Not a stray cat, someones pet obviously. So I brought her some tuna (I have no cat food) and am keeping her on the front porch until I find out whose kitten. I put a note on the door so no one opens that door and the kitten gets in (my lil bro is super allergic to cats, and it could fuck him up since he's coming home from UF for the summer sometime soon). Greg sent a new pic- hooray! I can replace the crackhead-looking one in the corner! I can't wait until the clinic opens, I usually don't wake up sick like this, it's just... tonight.

I don't really have much to post, but I wanted to answer some of these comments- god I laughed my ass off!!!!


jin- I don't know fuck about politics, but I do know what a racist sounds like, especially since I am one (kinda).

taxitalk- How old is your kid?

anon 1- 1) Oooh, a stab to the heart! Ha! 2) I thought I was full of shit and every word I said was a lie- you'd call DCF on the strength of a lie? You haters are great! 3) Actually it's cause I'm high-risk and it was hard finding a dr, but thanks for your concern.

anon 2/jamie- No, but that's a good question. : )

fatal-rage- Thanks.

anon 3- Yes! I knew I'd get a comment like this! Awesome!!! I called Obama a nigger because I think it's ridiculous that he can say racist shit on national TV and still have supporters (and still be in the race for presidency, wow!) but if I say some racist shit on my little free blog, I get flamed flamed flamed- and I'm fuckin' nobody! If he can hate white people on national TV, I can hate him back on my blog. No one is paying ME for my opinion- I don't have to listen to you! Hah! Thanks for proving my point. Not that it matters- I don't vote anyway. "White-trash meddling alter ego!" Cool! I didn't know my alter-ego was white trash, I thought I was 100% white trash! I'd rather be white trash than black trash any day of the fucking week. But he's not even a nigger, he's a HALF BREED!!!! Run away!!!!

anon 4- What is this shit with tracing IP addresses? I know what it means, I just don't know how you could find out about someones mental illness just by the IP address. What does my IP say about me? Dying to know. And no making fun- I never claimed to know fuck about computers. Making this blog pretty much exhausts my techno-knowledge- that and recording shit on Tivo.

anon 5- He's not a muslim. Just a half breed lying nigga!

anon 6- AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I need more comments like this. Fucking funny shit.

anon 7- See girl, I had no idea. I knew it'd be shitty if I had to go to the public health clinic, so I bounced around different docs (I am high risk for all the obvious reasons, and cause I have hep C) and still ended up sitting in that shithole for hours. Well, it made a good story at least, right?

mark_in_fl- Only if it's the drive in- I don't like theaters cause you can't smoke or drink (I'm not drinking now, but I'm not gonna be dry forever).

anon 8- I know who the father is. But you wouldn't know him anyways, no would you?

anon 9- I say the same thing when people cuss someone out over not liking Ricky Williams of the Dolphins, or whatever sports guy/politician/Hollywood fool they are backing. Why spew so much venom because of Obama? Do you really think that he'd defend you if someone was talking shit about you? Hell no! He doesn't give a fuck about you... wait, are ya black? Then he gives a shit in theory only. If you're white- he hates you, don't question it. Listen- my opinions about politics don't amount to a bird's fart in a hurricane! So don't get so bent out of shape.

jake- Thanks jake! I knew that IPtracing-multiple personality stuff was a bunch of shit, and that proves it. That's not sarcasm either.

anon 10- Yeah, condoms don't exist here in Palm Beach County.


Neely said...

your new photo is nice :)

Anonymous said...

I'd really like to know when and what Obama said anything racist on national television directed towards white people? Instead there is all this conjecture and conspiracy theory surrounding Obama's white racism, yeah - he is SO racist you idiot. I have a strong feeling that you heard through your Grandmother's sister's husband's dog saying something and you latched on. Either that or one of your white supremacist, missing-teeth, mullet wearing counterparts has infiltrated your already clueless mind and filled it with nonsense. I'm absolutely ecstatic that you are a convicted felon and can't vote. Have you considered sterilization? But seriously, you are having a child. Make things better for him/her and do something with your life or your kid is going to end up just like you...and it will break your heart. Don't be so ignorant and have some fucking respect for yourself and DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE. If you don't your child will be nothing more than the mess you are.

Anonymous said...

it is so sad that you have ruined your life so young. what a sad story.

Victoria said...

Hahaha! I always love reading your responses to these psycho anonymous losers that like to pretend they actually know something about you. I always get a few hater replies on each of my posts, but never as many as you do. They all must be smitten with you :)

And yay! New pictures! You look so damn pretty, Michelle! I'm so jealous of your perfectly golden South Florida skin. And I still can't believe you're gonna have a little baby! What are you thinking for names?

I know you don't want to up your dose, but if you're feeling withdrawal symptoms, you should try going up maybe 10 milligrams. Withdrawal symptoms are really hard on the fetus and can cause miscarriage, as I'm sure you know. And you're still going to be dependent on the methadone, no matter what dose you're on - might as well be comfortable.

Tori ♥

Anonymous said...

Yeahhh, a strung out heroin addict calling someone a psycho. You surely haven't had your methadone today.

taxitalk said...

22 months, just a little guy almost two, and man it's not easy but more satisfying then the drugs, i think you are gonna be a good mom, fuck the junk and have a baby, you're tough

Anonymous said...

happy 4 20 girl!!

Cocaine Princess said...

it's been awhile, sorry I haven't posted anything. I just got caught up and I wanted to say hi to you. I too like your new pic.
Cocaine Princess

Cocaine Princess said...

P.S. I too have had my fair share of haters as well. Ignore them!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mich..
Have not responded in a while, I been tryin to stay clean myself and got like 2 1/2 weeks, yay!! hahaha..
Too fuckin funny with all the bama backers.. The guy is a total racist. He also is not too good of a politican with all the stupid shit he has been doing and saying. I actually liked him at first but not anymore. If is soo fucking funny to see people getting all retarded about you saying your view on your blog, get a life man!! Hang in there girl, you gotta do the right thing for you and your baby..
Boston Joe

Anonymous said...

You're not kinda a racist, you ARE racist. Like living in a double-wide trailer isn't kinda white trash, it is completely and utterly the pinnacle of white trash-dom. It's good that you own it though, but along with your list of proud-to-be-fucked-upedness, you might as well add the racist notch on your ever expanding belt, no pun intended. Btw, I don't think Lil' Wayne would appreciate you calling blacks niggers you swamp dwelling crackwhore. You can't be a KKK member and secretly yearn to be a rap video slut. As much as karma has seemed to fuck you up, you have yet to learn anything of value. I'm guessing your kid will be the punch in the face you need. Please do not reproduce until you have legally passed the 9th grade without blowjobs.

Anonymous said...

I will cast my vote for McCain in your honor, Michelle.


PS, I was in kinda your neck of the woods this past weekend, Punta Gorda.

FL is beautiful.