Friday, April 11, 2008

okay fuckers, here's some pics

Okay fuckers, here's some pics... let's see if this works. The first one is me and Kitty, this cat I had for a while. The other one is me and my ex-roommate Joe, who my long-time readers will remember passed away late last year. I don't know how this format will look, but another thing I don't know is how to fix it. Well, as long as they show up, right? By the way- all pics, these and any after these, are all taken by GREGGIE!!! Thanks baby! Check your damn email, my mom's computer was down when I woke up from yesterday's nap, that's why I didn't email back OR update (ya notice that, either?). Whatever. I'm sure you'll get over it soon. Just kidding- love ya baby!!
More pics are coming, as well as more recent pics, so be patient. I just had to prove I wasn't as hideous as that dude I've never met claimed I was. I never claimed to be gorgeous either- all I said is that I'm prettier than any other girl on Dixie (well, maybe with one exception) but that doesn't matter no more cause I'm not on Dixie anymore!
2 months clean bitches! Whoooo! I am on methadone, at the local clinic (West Palm Beach Treatment Center). I'm on 50mg, which doesn't block dope- or so I've heard since I haven't tested the theory. Should I add "yet" there, or would that be jinxing myself? I been busy swimming, taking the gay Palm Tran bus over to the clinic and back (far), watching Oz on DVD (God, what a good fucking show- shameless plug, I know. The most unrealistic shit I've ever seen, but I suppose if it was realistic all we'd see is the prisoners eating lunch, farting, playing cards, and sleeping and it would be boring as hell. Sucks it went off the air.), going to Wal-Mart more than any person should, talking to Greggie, and visiting my ex (Micheal) at his workplace. No time to do hits, ya know? I suppose it's a good thing. Right????
Completely clean, too. I haven't even smoked weed for like, a week. I don't blame anyone for thinking I'm lying here- I don't believe me at this point...


Anonymous said...

Hey Gorgeous,

I like the pics, They look realy good on your blog. I bet the next ones are even going to look better, Guaranteed !!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Kitty and how are things at home?


Anonymous said...

Really nice pics ! jamie

Anonymous said...


She sold the pussy for rock.

Miss said...

Email me ur #. I'm clean to. I figure we could chat on the phone to waste away our days baby girl.