Wednesday, February 20, 2008

plastic, a Honda motorcycle, and the a-bomb

Okay, for those people who I've been talking to about this (and you know who you are) here is my master 2am debating skills at work. I've been trying to argue this point forever, but I write better than I talk (even though inspiration struck at 2am which is when this was written) so here:

"Natural" products VS "man-made" products
The words "natural" and "man-made" have been made into opposites by the tree-huggers when they aren't. Anything man-made is inherently natural, which is defined as "of or from nature." That includes plants, animals, dirt, stars, fire, people, and anything that the plants/animals/people produce. Man (by "man" I'm including women ok?) is 'of or from nature', whether you believe that we were created by God or planted by space aliens or evolved from muddy primordial ooze. And with all our technology, we still can't create matter- that is to say, we can't make something out of nothing. Every synthetic compound and polymer and chemical was created from ingredients found in the earth. Where the hell else would we get stuff, besides the world around us? You may look at 2 brands of soap, Aveda and Lever 2000. Now, Aveda is described as "all natural" because it is made strictly out of "all natural ingredients" while the Lever 2000 is "not natural" because it contains "synthetic ingredients" not found in nature. But all the chemicals in Lever 2000 are nothing but elements, atoms, and other items from the earth arranged by man in a specific way to create something useful. It's synthetic, while inherently natural. And... what about the Aveda, the all-natural products? What exactly is it? It's a bunch of natural products... arranged by man... in a specific way... to create something useful. And it's all natural. Just like plastic, a Honda motorcycle, and the a-bomb. Some stuff may be synthetic, but everything in creation (and that includes our creations) is natural and therefore the word means nothing.

To all the people who have been contacting me through the internet so I can get them heroin- I'm not doing it. I'm scared, it could be a police conspiracy or you might be fucking FBI. I don't know. I just know I'm not buying dope for any more strangers who contact me through here or other places I hang out online. There's one person I will help out... but that person knows who they are.


$ anon 1 $- yeah, everybody's got a different opinion about that.

$ heatherrreloise $- thanks for the support, but I doubt I can really stay clean. It's worth a shot though, no?

$ cindyb1 $- do you have any idea how much that fucking costs? I have no money and no health insurance- hell, I can't afford free detox, much less the level of medical care you're talking about here. Wow. Why don't I just get my blood changed like Keith Richards used to do before he went on tour? Seemed to work for him.

$ boston joe $- waiting for your call!

$ libby $- no, not that I'd want to even if I could.

$ anon 2 $- methadone will just drag this out

$ anon 3 $- HELLOOOOOOO, who the fuck are you again?

$ anon 4 $- I have the right to do whatever the hell I want.

$ anon 5 $- ummm..... not very creative. I prefer shit-talkers with at least 3 working brain cells.

$ anon 6 $- yeah, everyone has their own opinion on this.

$ jerome $- yeah, everyone has their own opinion on this subject too. Free speech kicks ass, does it not?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

and second

Anonymous said...

I love Aveda, but it is over the top expensive. Sally's Beauty Supply (if you have one) has this brand called Aura that is almost exactly like it.

Honestly, I get the shampoo because it smells good and works well. They have the duplicate of Shampure- the gigantic bottle for $7.99 and the rosemary mint conditioner in the large bottle for $9.99.


Anonymous said...

So you're not going to cop for people anymore but you will offer some junkie off the internet your couch when you don't even know whether they are male or female? You have killed too many brain cells to ever be a noral person again.

Anonymous said...

my therapist told me there is no such thing as noral

Anonymous said...

Like you are one to be talking about brain cells? A pregnant(maybe)pathalogical lying person who continues to intoxicate a helpless fetus? You need to re-evaluate your silly responses. Sometimes when you try to sound all smart you reveal how dumb you really are.

heatherrreloise said...

i like the point you
bring up in this blog.
i have never really thought
about it like that.
thank you for a change
of thought; refreshing and i like it.

& it might be hard, but as long as you give it the best shot.
i used to be a cutter.
for about ... i don't know, fuck six years? yes, it was almost six years. there are horrible scars on my wrist from when i was fifteen.

i am now nineteen.
it is an every day struggle. sometimes i am so upset and i want to resort to the thing i consoled myself with for six years.

now i smoke cigarettes, or write, or a beautiful mixture of both.
(i know cigs aren't good for you either ... but hey, i think it's better than the cutting.)

so i, to a degree, know where you are coming from.
and if that day comes and you can look at yourself and (even this small) "Wow, two weeks." it feels amazing.

I am at two months no cutting. I have never been more proud of anything in my life.

So good luck:]

CindyB1 said...

I was under the impression that a hospital HAD to treat a sick person regardless of insurance or not. That is what I have been told anyway. You NEED medical and prenatal care. There must be a free clinic or something similar that you could at least attempt to get some help. Look in the phone book, look on the net. Just look and you might just find somewhere willing to help you and your baby.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Don't get drugs for people who contact you online. You really could get in trouble. You know this b/c you said it. I guess my point is why would someone think that you'd do this? You could be a crazy set-up too!

Kristin said...

I don't know why but I love this blog. I was in your situation exactly 2 months ago when I was preggo. If you need some advice let me know.

heatherrreloise said...

i smoke either camel #9s (menthol), those new marb. smooth ones, or the green marb. menthols.
depends on how "menthol-y" i am feeling.

Jake said...

So you wrote this post at 2AM?

Damn. The libraries in your area sure stay open late. Or open really early.

Anonymous said...

Jake, get with the program. She keeps a hard copy journal too.


Anonymous said...

She calls herself a "junkie ho", so I'll follow her lead.
The ho claims she's pregnant a few months ago and everyone falls over themselves trying to help and give advice here. Then her bro and an old boyfriend show up and say it's a lie, like her tales of having a kid and so many other lies to get the attention she admits to "craving" here. (Btw, whatever happened to baby bro? Never mentions him anymore. Guess he's had enough of her bs too)
Now she's supposedly pregnant again, maybe by the old moron so lame he has to live in a van and steal a junkie ho's money while abusing her. She begs on this blog for help to escape this guy who's holding her against her will...then a few days later he's a great guy again!
Meanwhile she's doing heroin and coke and crack and booze and anything else she can get her grubby hands on, fuck the unborn kid. It's all about the ho, no one else, and those of you here who encourage her are just as pathetic.
Some think she's a "great" writer. HA! Clearly these are people who don't read much. Maybe for a blogging junkie ho she's semi-literate, but go to the library and find thousands of books by thousands of writers who write circles around this moron. Yes, moron, for what intelligent person leads a life like this and publishes family pictures and tells where she whores herself and at what time?
She wants to get busted and guess what? She's on the dge of that, but big. You think the local LW cops and the local feds as well are not aware of this blog? This shit is now well-known, as well as MAM's real name and criminal record.
She wants attention, baby she's getting it! Wait until she tries to kick in jail. Lots of attention there, honey.
Great writer! What a joke. Read some books for a change, you chumps. This ho is a selfish, pathetic LOSER. Yes, loser. What does she do that is any good at all? She is a total drain on society, and a perfect argument AGAINST universal health care. Why should my tax dollars help an idiot like this in any way? Let her rot.
Anyone here who supports her in any way is also an idiot. She lies about having a kid, being pregnant, being held against her will, and on. Meanwhile she's turning tricks for horrible scumbags, you oughta see the strip she usually works. I drive by it at least a few times week on the way to the office. Nothing but the lowest of the low shop for "women" like her there, I'm talking 350-lb illegals who sooner or later will lock her up in some basement and show her what whoring finally leads to.
And there's a good reason you ain't seeing a recent picture here, the same reason she works that strip instead of doing escort work like a real pro ho and is holed up with a 50 year-old loser pimp in a van on the beach every night: this gal is butt UGLY! Huge ass, messy face and hair, fat gut. She isn't even the best-lookin' gal on the Horror Mile, as some call her office.
She'd better get her shit together fast, because the johns are gonna dry up soon as she gets more unhealthy every day. This ho writing about health products is like Bush writing about being a Mensa member. her constant shooting and smoking have rendered her a walking version of a downer cow, as they call them at meat-packing plants.
I've read this blog a few times since last fall, one of my coworkers loves it and tells everyone here and in LW about it. So honey, when they slow down to look, it may be because they're just stopping to laugh at the lying and pathologically attention-obsessed Miss Mor...on.
She WANTS to get caught, that's why she identifies herself so clearly here. Her local LW cop, the one she hates, has also read this blog recently, and he'll be visiting her and the van boy real soon, count on that.
If she has any brains at all she'll get the hell out of town and fast. But she really has a death wish, and you're all fanning the flames, so be proud of yourselves.
Personally, it sickens me that my tax dollars go to cleaning up the messes left by idiots like this.
And oh yeah, has the ho ever once apologized for lying about having a kid or not being pregnant the first time (if she even is now?)?
Of course not. She'll do or say anything to get noticed, and doesn't care who gets hurt.
She'll care soon enough after her next, much longer stay in the pen.
You think this blog can't be used as evidence?
Think again.
We'll see what the judge thinks of her "great writing"!
Have fun. I'm off to volunteer at the local nursing home with my kids.
You know, helping others instead of it all being about us.
Very sincerely, Ron from D'ray

Anonymous said...

great post Ron!

Anonymous said...

I saw the picture she has up and she really isn't that pretty. She writes in her blog that she is so cute but shes ugly as hell. I thin its the drugs talking. HA.

jin said...

what type of person do you have to be to spew ignorance and hatred at a complete stranger anonymously in the comment section of their blog?




jin said...




Anonymous said...

Ron definitely has small penis syndrome.


Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that Michelle supports Hillary's universal health care plan.

taxitalk said...

do you believe in God or something is that noral. Don't answer if you don;t want to, fuck move to canada we got free health care and cold winters, you don't want to work my streets though, cause they are beyond rough, there is a serial killer killing prostitutes left right and center, and the cops don't care, fuck I think they like the guy or guys hell it might be one of them, but there is lots of other stuff you can do here and the summers are nice, no H though you shot oxycodon H is on the west cost I guess here in alberta its all prescription baby, but if you do make it up here use the health care for good cause its free, My buddy just went to detox for 1 month for free, he sold crack but i still love him, his dad got him into it
what do you do?

Anonymous said...

Ron makes some good points and doesn't seem that hateful to me. His unhappiness about paying for others' selfishness is fair enough. Refuting an argument with "small dick" insults only proves his points, actually.
Not a bad writer either, but he was a little out of line with the fat remarks. Hell, if she's really porky and still doing good business she must be doing something right.
Why not joing the local 24-Hour Fitness and increase the target demographic, though?
Haha! Just kiddin'!
Who needs crack and smack when you've got 12 year-old scotch?

CindyB1 said...

I went back and looked at Michelle's mug shots again. She does not look fat to me. But it is just a head shot. I thought junkies we always skinny because they spend the $ on drugs not food. And wasn't it Ron who held her against her will and Greg is the Van Man. Must be a big van to have a couch to lend. Please try to stay clean, Michelle, for your baby, and if you can't don't bring an addicted damaged child into this world. My opinion is that is not right or fair to a child for a start in life with all these problems. Take Care, Cin

Anonymous said...

Just because someone doesnt support her using drugs while with child does not mean their being mean to her. It seems to me she just dont care about anyone but herself otherwise she would do the responsible thing and be seeking prenatal care and help for her addiction. If she waits to go to the hospital for the first time when she is 9 months and addicated she can kiss her baby goodbye. I think everyone "being mean" is just thinking about the baby.

taxitalk said...

you can have anything you want, i don't know how i can help but if you can just take it go ahead. I wasn't sue how you would feel about that one , if you need it take it the pic

Jake said...

Drug Addiction is not a disease. It was labeled one simply as a way to get medical insurance to pay for treatment, and for people to try and save their jobs if they're an addict. You can bet your ass the only people who define it as a disease are addicts.

Cancer is a fucking disease. And cancer doesn't make you go out and suck dick in order for you to have it. Cancer doesn't make you lie to anyone who cares about you. Cancer doesn't make you steal and be a complete shithead.

But then, addicts love to mkae excuses to explain their total lack of self control. So they call it a disease.


Anonymous said...

This is for a few of the individuals who have been commenting here lately....

Not every one who has history with drugs is in and out of jail, sells their ass for payment, and deludes themselves into thinking that some loser living in a van and taking all their money has their best interest at heart.

I suppose it's easy for some who have been lucky enough to never have faced addiction themselves, to lump everyone who has an addictive personality into a catagory... but it simply is not the case.

There are many functioning addicts. I know, I was one of them for a very long time. I may be clean now, but I will always struggle with this. Every day, for the rest of my life. Like someone with a physical medical condition, I will have to stay on top of this and manage it, to prevent it from ever taking over again.

Someone made a comment that addiction is not comparable to a disease such as cancer. That's true, but there is quite a bit of scientific evidence pointing to the fact that addiction to drugs and/or alchohol is hereditary. For example, bipolar disorder, depression, ADHD, and panic attacks are said to be genetic, they may not be considered a physical "disease" per se... but none the less, they most certainly are a condition that usually requires some form of management.

Maybe it's easy for you to look down on those who have struggled with addiction, and while there are quite a few total peices of shit who qualify as addicts, there are also some very successful and intelligent individuals who do too. I believe that if someone is using and is a total waste of space ... they would be that way with or without drugs. The drugs and alchohol just amplify those attributes even more.

I used for many years. I also happen to have a good marriage, a career, and I donate money, as well as my time to a charity. You so called "normal" people who have never dealt with these issues DO NOT have the market on good deeds, accomplishment, and accountability.

That is all.

Jake said...

The above post = Bullshit.

I don't look down on addicts for being addicts. I look down at them for not wanting to stop being addicts. Yes, I know it's hard. In some ways, the hardest thing one will ever do.

I was an addict. For a long time. Then I decided I needed to stop, and I did. It wasn't overnight, it took a few years, but I had truely committed to myself to stop. So I did.

I'm not something special. I've failed at many things. but if someone like me can quit, then anyone can quit.

"That's true, but there is quite a bit of scientific evidence pointing to the fact that addiction to drugs and/or alchohol is hereditary."

Addicts love to twist that around. There is scientific evidence that children of addicts do become addicts themselves. But it's not a disease. There is no recessive gene that is past on from generation to generation. For that to be true, then EVERY child of an addict would be one.

Do the math, look at how many addicts there are in this world. Then compare the number of addict offspring vs. addict parentage, and of course you're going to get a match. The number of addicts is so large it's bound to happen.

Hell... if it's in an addicts genetic makeup that if their parent was an addict that they would follow, then why do some children NOT become addicts?

Here's some more "proof" for you. It's been proven that a person with brown hair who is an addict got that way because some other person with brown hair is an addict.

Ridiculous Argument. But about what you've expect from a junkie.

Anonymous said...

You people are all such fucking losers. What the hell do you care if she is lying or tellin the truth or whatever the fuck she is doing. This is her BLOG and she can say and do whatever the fuck she wants, if you don't like it, DONT FUCKING READ IT LOSERS. Oh.. Oh, she lies, she is a slut, she is a junkie, boo-fucking-hoo.. DON"T READ IT ASSHOLE!!!
Mich, I know you don't care what these losers say yet they seem to hang on every word you say, isn't that fucking great!! hahaha!!

Boston Joe

Anonymous said...

oh, this is gonna be fun

1) in the back of someones refrigerated truck while they took the first load of food into the store
2) in every bathroom of every store/restaurant/gas station EVER TO EXIST EVER (in the US)
3) on a lifeguard stand (okay, that's lame- but still fun)
4) under an F-450 that was up on blocks (just ducked under it and no one knew what was going on)
5) in a camper tent set up by the railroad tracks
6) in every motel EVER TO EXIST EVER (in florida and the state I used to live in)
7) in the back of a taxi cab while talking to the driver like nothing was going on
8) in the holding cell in the county jail (NOT upstairs after they strip-serach you)
9) in a donut shop with the entire WPB police force out there eating an early breakfast
10) while driving on the highway
11) on the city bus (like anyone who rides the bus gives a damn!)
12) in a trailer parked illegally on my friend's boss' property surrounded by trees (aka the crack shack)
13) squatting behind a convenience store dumster
14) more abandoned building and houses under construction than you've probably ever SEEN
15) in a pool, laying on a pool float
16) sitting outside of a trailer, because if i went into the bathroom the trailer owner would know what I was doing

sooooooo many more, these are the most memorable

What do you think you're getting away with??? You are a junkie whore living in misery.

Anonymous said...

this woman needs to be locked up in a nut house

she's not an addict, she's a grade A, 100% certifiable nut job

Anonymous said...

"You can bet your ass the only people who define it as a disease are addicts."

That is such an unbelievably false statement.
I'm not saying it is a disease or it isn't... as I don't do drugs and don't really care.

But, to say that the only people who *think* it's a disease are junkies, is a grossly inaccurate assessment. There are many scientists and doctors who classify addiction as a brain disease.

Try doing a little research next time "Jake"... Google is your friend.

Jake said...

Do some research? When would you like me to fit it in? During my 18hour a day, 6 days a week Residency at the hospital? During the 3 hours a day I'm studying to be accepted into a Chronic Pain Management Fellowship? Or maybe it'd be better to do it in those precious 3 hours I sleep?

I think I can say without hesitation that I know a hell of a lot more about the physiology and physicality of how narcotics affect the human body than you do.

All you did was prove my point. You pointed out there are tons of Dr.s and Scientists that have labeled it a disease. Sure. Because it gets insurance to pay the bill. If it weren't a "disease", no insurane in the world would help with treatment costs.

The only "disease" it can really fall under is some form of mental retardation. But the biggest reason it's NOT truely a disease is that a person HAS THE FREE WILL TO EITHER BE AN ADDICT OR NOT BE AN ADDICT. No other disease gives that option.

Yes, google is my friend. Because lord knows if it's on the internet for the whole world to see, then it must be true.

Know what else is my friend? Medical text books, 4 years of med school, including 1 year of internship and then 5 years of surgical residency. During which time I attend a TON of lectures adressing addiction and at every single one whenever the word disease was thrown out there was a collective giggle in the room.

But shit. You're right. What do I know about the human body?

Anonymous said...

Fuckin' A, Jake, let's hear the addict-ennablers talk some shit now! Tough to spew their "please feel sorry for me while I steal your stuff and make your town a hellhole, it's a disease and I can't control it!" when confronted by some basic medical facts. They hate to admit they're just WEAK PEOPLE.

This chick thinks she's the McGyver of junkies or something and we should all be entertained by her getting her ass pumped full of wetback jizz so that she can buy the crappy drugs that only dull the pain of her horrible choices (choices that only a very UNintelligent person would make) for a few hours, before she has to go do it all over again.

But she loves the attention, as she's said so often! For those who say don't read this blog, consider that it's a great lab rat study on how someone can let themselves become this sadly useless. This is where crime starts right here. If she really is pregnant, that kid is going straight to social care after all these selfish, me-only posts of hers.

Any judge sees this blog and she is history.

Party is so close to over, honey. Get a brain while you can.

Alice D.

CindyB1 said...

Jake, it seems to me that if you have overcome addition that you would have more compassion and less repugnance. This girl needs help not hate.

Jake said...

Hey Cindy..... I have all the compassion in the world when it comes to addicts. Correction. Compassion to addicts that actually want to stop doing drugs. This girl has shown zero interest in actually stopping. Quitting is not easy; a person HAS to commit to changing their ENTIRE lifestyle. So far, Michelle has not shown she's willing to do that.

But even beyond that, the reason I've reacted with such venom to her, is that if she really is pregnant, (and not just trying to get attention), then what's she's doing to an unborn child is paramount to torture and then murder. My Hippocratic Oath outlines my responsibilities as a health care professional. My job is to help those that can't help themselves, and her unborn baby fits exactly into that profile.

There are plenty of places Michelle could get help. Places free of charge even. But she has to be willing to give up all control and follow the policies of these places, and she won't do it. She won't change her lifestyle.

So to an addict like that, I could care less. But to that child that could possibly be born with a physical dependency on narcotics? Who speaks for him/ her?

Just because that baby's mom is a useless, worthless, stupid and weak piece of shit doesn't mean the baby should have to suffer.

Fuck what you see on TV. Actually go to a hospital, like actually physically go into one, and watch a newborn that was being fed narcotics throughout its development. Spend some time watching it go through physical withdrawal. Listen to it scream in actual fucking pain because it's used to having drugs.

See that even only once in your life, and you'll understand. Work around babies like that for a couple of years and you develop a deep and burning hatred for the piece of shit women that do that to their children.

I hope to fucking god that Michelle is lying about being pregnant. I hope to fucking god.

And I hope to fucking god that she steps out in front of a bus. Even an aborted baby would be better than anything in her case.

You want my understanding or sympathy? Then take some responsibility and make an effort to better yourself.

So why do I bother reading her blog if I despise her so much? I do it because no matter how tough of a day I have, I know there's some sorry motherfucker in Florida who has it much worse.

Anonymous said...

Jake your a very good writer and you get your point across very well.
It's not worth explaining youself to Cindy, she likes to start problems because she has nothing better to do. She has no clue.
Cindy was sending out the link to Michelles blog in her GA forum like it was something special.
Keep on keeping on...

Anonymous said...


I meant Libby not Cindy.

Anonymous said...

Michelle you really need to change your lifestyle, the following article hits close to home.,0,6285961.story

jeff said...

Wow, I didn't know a heroin addict found time to blog. Anyway, I really don't care like all the above people do because um...I have something called a life. I got your point tho about the natural and chemical shit, it made sense.

CindyB1 said...

Hey Anon, thanks for the correction of my name. I don't even know what a ga forum is. I don't start trouble, so I don't want to be labeled as such.


Anonymous said...


CindyB1 said...

Me too. She may have gotten busted again as well. It has been a while since she checked in here.

Anonymous said...

She is not dead or busted. No new mug shot is on the site. She has posted on iophile and said she is 9 days clean.

CindyB1 said...

DUH! I didn't even think about looking for a new mug shot. I hope she means it when she says "clean".

Anonymous said...

She is not clean. Even when she says clean she only means off heroin. She still smokes pit, crack and drinks.