Wednesday, December 26, 2007

getting us paying custies north

Well, nothing really has gone down since yesterday but I update every time I have internet access (since I'm not, you know, living anywhere at the moment) so here goes. I got some fun presents yesterday, including a portable radio/CD player which will be fun to carry around during work. Now all I need is some CDs, which I can get for mad mad cheap at the Lake Worth flea market. Hooray!

Last night, after getting lost in Ft Lauderdale with Lorry (my cousin) and Lucas, I got dropped off at the McD's over on Lake Worth Road since I had $15 worth of "arch cards." Greg met me there and we had a decent meal. He let me do a shot first, of course- wouldn't have been able to eat otherwise. Then we went to the Lake Worth drive-in and saw some movie with Nicholas Cage called National Treasure Book of Secrets. It was a decent movie, but I was high on weed and heroin and I was full from a big meal and I had been running around all day so I fell asleep and missed the ending. Whatever. Greg was bigtime pissed at me cause I was sleeping and didn't give him a Christmas bj at the end of the night. Hah! I love that man.

Today I went to work and didn't make very much. I was given some hash and bought some more h, which is cool, but that left me with 70 shitty-ass dollars, $60 for Greg. Then when I tried to make more, police chased me out of town. Now I'm up at the downtown library with 5 minutes remaining online. Glory.

This lady stopped the damn bus! Said she was having a heart attack, I think she wanted attention. Homeless ladies LOVE the hospital, you get a bed, food, doctors, nurses, medicine... all that shit. He sat at the bus stop where she was sitting (she wasn't even a passenger, just chillin' on the bench) and called 911 and waited for the ambulance. I don't know why suddenly it was the bus driver's responsiblity to take care of this old lady- I figured that the only thing he had on his plate was getting us paying custies north on Dixie Highway. Whatever.


da ice queen said...

the old lady was u talking about DONNA or DIANE "the trasure troll lady" cause if you werein Ldub it has to be one of those 2.


Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to be rude by any means with this question... but why do you have to give your friend 60 of the only 70 dollars that you have, especially when it's money that you worked your ass off to make?

taxitalk said...

I think I'm in love, Ill read more, your the first blog thats any good, stop being a hooker cause you look hot,you can do better it'll kill ya, but hey who am I do what you want make it good and ill read it did not mean to offend, its cold were i live but hookers make a killing literally stay safe

taxitalk said...

leave me a comment cause ill forget about your blog mine is good too, I'm new to all this computer bullshit and i found you because freedom is one of your interests i could not read the whole thing too much too much, I took in too much tonight and found yours too late who are you again? Great fucking blog

taxitalk said...

nevermind i wrote down the title, don't read my shit if you don'y want to. its got nothing on you,I had a baby and cleaned up, man you made me feel like I was on drugs again, except if I was a girl,

Anonymous said...

Do you go to the library on Clematis Street?

Anonymous said...

Does your middle name start with "R"?