Tuesday, December 25, 2007

come a-knockin' when 3am rolls around

Christmas day and I have writer's block. Last night was a ton of fun. Me and Greggie went to Hops and stuffed our faces with steak and beer. Well, I had beer- Greg's never been much of a lush. Hah, night before last we were sitting up at our campsite (our spot by the intercoastal where we park the truck and sleep in the camper) drinking Captain Morgan and Pepsi, I emptied my second drink so I asked him for his drink (he was saying, "I can't drink anymore") and it was the weakest drink under the sun. He's such a lightweight, it's so cute. Anyways, I've been drinking far too much lately, between hanging at bars and hanging at our campsite and hanging in the city and hanging in downtown. If it didn't fuck with my heroin so much, I'm sure I could be a full-blown drunkie. But we still had fun yesterday. I made tons of money (when you consider the fact that I only had like 2 hours to gather it all, and on Christmas Eve to top that) and found out where my d-girl lived. I just rode by and noticed all 3 of her vehicles parked in front of a house in the area where she always wants to meet me at. So now I know, whether I'm supposed to or not. Doesn't really matter- it's not like I'm gonna come a-knockin' when 3am rolls around.

Today I woke up and immediately started smoking pot. Not sure why, it just worked out that way. Went to Greg's house this morning and took a shower. He cut like 5-6 inches off my hair yesterday, at first I was traumatized but now I like it. Makes me look older- I didn't get carded at Hops last night, or at the store last night after dinner, or at the store in Miami today. I'm 22 and look younger so not getting carded is a new feeling.

So me and Greg smoked pot and went to Dennys for breakfast, then smoked more pot. Lucas picked me up over on Forest Hill and Congress to take me to Miami too see my mom's side of the family for Christmas. We shared a joint on the way over, and this is what we said:

Lucas: do you think they'll get mad at me?
Michelle: they wouldn't suspect you in a million years, not of getting high. I could tell them and they'd think I was lying.
Lucas: you're right, I could probably tell them myself, me and Michelle shared a joint on the way over. They'd be like, yeah right whatever.

So, he's safe and I don't give a damn. Perfect combination. So we got here, exchanged presents and candy and food and Merry-Christmas-to-yous with the relatives, and now we are getting ready to go home. So I gotta go.

Ho ho ho from the biggest ho of all...


icanfixit_1@hotmail.com said...

Merry xmas.

You have major writing talent, love reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

You told us that Greg have money and, He lives in a camper??? Wake up girl.

Anonymous said...

Oh... you went to his house, why you don't sleep in his house? Why sleep in a camper, when the guy have a house?