Monday, September 24, 2007

"yo, you straight?"

Ummmmm...... writer's block.

Kitty cried for a straight day and now she's cool. She's even using a litter box! I've never had cats before, so I didn't know how much a litter box stinks! : ( FYI she's already fixed, at least I'm pretty sure or else there'd be male cats all the fuck around my apartment, no? I have to leave her inside all the time so she doesn't run away but when I go I turn on the radio so she doesn't feel alone. She comes when I call now and sleeps right on TOP of me. Kitty loves Shelley, hah!

The only reason anyone is still calling me Shelley is 'cause I call myself Shelley. Plus it's my s/n on and was my s/n on Kinda hard to get away from. I still hate that name. Michelle is prettier.


I made like $275 last night in 2 dates. That was pretty cool.

My new 'hood (south-side Lake Worth) is scary at night! I went to the store on US-1 to go buy a pack of smokes last night and there were dope boys and scary Mexicans everywhere! I must've heard, "yo, you straight?" 5 or 6 times on the 10-minute walk to the store and back. I need me a bodyguard. Looking back, I should've copped myself a rock and smoked it off a Pepsi can or something. Oh well. It's not like I won't have another opportunity to do so. Maybe I'll geek out tonight. Hooray! Haven't smoked in a minute...

Goddamn writer's block!


CindyB1 said...

Don't mean to sound stupid or anything but, what are they asking when they say "Yo, you straight"? Are they asking if you want drugs? I'd be wary of anything they have. No telling what it is.

Take care!


Anonymous said...

i wanna join opiophile :(

sKILLz said...

Yes there asking her if she needs any durgs.
Chances are there not lookig to beat her, but seeing that shesa female they might take her as an easy mark.