Thursday, September 27, 2007

get my driver license and steal a car

They have free internet everywhere now. K-Mart, Lake Worth, Lantana, the community center in West Palm... everywhere I go I get online. Woohoo! Still don't update. Why not? Maybe it's cause when I'm online I'm too busy fucking around on which is tons of fun or because I'm too busy with Greg telling me, "let's go, you've been fucking around on the computer long enough, call [my connect] and let's get out of here." Also still nothing in particular to say. I just don't want to stop writing, it's just that nothing is fucking happening. Seriously! A big boring pile-o-nothing. It's been raining for a straight week, which blows donkey nuts. When it's not raining it's thundering and lightning-ing and threatening to rain so we still can't go out because we know the minute we leave it's gonna POUR DOWN so we stay home and it stays not raining for 3 more hours until we decide fuck it, let's go outside, it's not gonna rain and then it pours for the rest of the night as soon as we get far enough from the crib. Okay, there are some exciting things coming up though because it's almost October.

1) Halloween

2) Halloween specials on TV

3) Horror movie marathons on TV

4) Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, Orlando (I'm going I don't care what anyone says even if I hafta go alone)

5) My driver license was suspended for 2 years and the 2 years are up in October

I'm gonna get my driver liscense and steal a car and drive up to Orlando! I guess if I'm gonna steal a car, why bother getting a license? If I get pulled I'm fucked either way.

"Is she joking? Is she joking?"

I went to the methadone clinic and got turned down cause I'm on SEIZURE MEDS. Those turtlefuckers. Whatever, I wasn't really gonna quit anyways.


ihatediseaseriddenpigs said...

first off, theres nothing outstanding about your writing. a third grader could do a comparable job (comparable means similar)second theres nothing at all amusing or cool or anything about you or your pathetic life...i mean u live like a filthy pig doing drugs, sucking cock...your not even a person; your a piece of disgusting stinking shit...take a bath you waste of life

CindyB1 said...

Hey, ihate, who asked your opinion anyway? Anyone can say mean and nasty things, that does not make you better than anyone else. If you are so appaled by Michelle, DON'T read he blog.

See, That's easy!

Mimi said...

I don't recall anyone asking for your opinion or comments ihate. If anyone cared what you had to say, they would read YOUR blog! Perhaps, you should take your judgements elsewhere, somewhere that they are welcomed.

dharmabum said...

Actually it is kinda fun for me to use someone(do they qualify as life) like IHate and see how much i have learned in abnormal psych. The answer is that it is really too easy to see numerous signs and symptoms: Idiopathic Copralalia
Word Salad
Tangential matriarchal sexual urges (wanting to do the boom boom with mommy).

OOPS...Sorry M. I forgot, no negativity on your blog. Shit, now i cant find the delete key. Thats because masturbation is making me go blind...and have hairy palms. The priests were right!!!


CindyB1 said...

Wow, Dharm, you have a lot of $0.50 words going on there! hehe

You must be a student of Psychology.

Michelle said...

I don't think I ever claimed there was anything "outstanding" about my writing. I do it for shits and giggles. I don't remember going to your house, putting a gun to your head, and forcing you to read what my third-grade mind came up with. But let me just say, you didn't hurt my feelings. If I don't care about someone, it's just about impossible to care about what they have to say... thanks for your opinion anyway. Long live the First Amendment that allows you to post your opinion like that! Hooray for free speech!

Anonymous said...

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