Friday, September 28, 2007

judge people until the sun implodes

There isn't nearly enough shit-talking going on here! I figured that out when I read some comment someone left yesterday calling me a piece of shit or something cause I'm a heroin ho. It doesn't piss me off reading/hearing stuff like that, maybe it should but it doesn't. It makes me laugh. Like, if I'm online and I read something I think is boring or terrible or disgusting or badly written, I go look at something else. But apparently this guy/girl (who I've never met) hated me SOOOOO MUCH that he created a blogger profile just to leave some shit-talking. So for a couple minutes, I was on his mind. I don't know if I'm explaining it right, I just know I think it's funny. Plus, I'm a big supporter of the First Amendment which allows you to talk shit wherever and whenever you want to whoever you want however you want. Some other said, "if you don't like it, don't read it" but that's not what this country is about. We all have the absolute right to look at others and say what we want! People say, "you have no right to judge me!" Sorry, hon, yes I do. I can judge people until the sun implodes and there isn't anything anyone can do about it, except judge me right back. That's the American way. But the good thing is that if someone DOES judge you and talks shit, you have the right to not give a damn what they said. God bless America. So if someone feels like shit-talking on my comments section, don't even bother defending me. Not saying I don't appreciate it, but it's a waste of your finger muscles cause I think shit-talking has it's place.

Well it's Friday and that means it's Money Night. Hooray! I went to a noon NA meeting which was kinda boring. Still don't know why I went, just seemed like a good idea.

God, these updates are just getting shorter and shorter, no?


dharmabum said...

but it's fun defending you. I mean 10 years from now someone might realize they have not lead a productive life ever since they did not catch your back.

it was funny though, that person putting that much effort into going after you. I wonder why people don't get that part, you know what you said about how for that amount of time they put in slamming the fact you are upright and breathing affects him so. But...then again maybe i dont get it. But i would rather not get it instead of having something like tha bother me. I love not giving a panda bears nutsack about anyones opinion.

especially seeing the condition of people who do.


suzanna said...

I've been reading your blog for several months now, following your life from a outsider perspective... I want to just say that I find you a very articulate and intelligent writer. I never see carelessness in your writing, or spelling/grammar mistakes, not that I am looking for that, but there is a stereotype with people who are addicts... that they are careless or stupid... you seem to be a very smart person, just by the way you write and express yourself. I hope you are able to get the assistance you need with regard to your addiction. It sounds as if you aren't sure what you want because you can't imagine a life other than what you've got. When you can't picture anything else, it's comfortable with "the devil you know." Anyway, just wanted to say I find you very likeable, funny, and smart - I wish you the best!

cc said...

Hi Michelle! I've been reading your blog for a while third opium/heroin blog addiction.

I found it VERY interesting that you're from Bham originally. I'm from NoAl but have lived in the ham for a while and I even escaped to central Florida for a couple of years.

I bet I know people that you knew when you were growing's a small world after all.

mr. said...

first amendment as a double-edged weapon:

does this mean we get to flame the shreds of dignity off the occasional douchenozzle who leaves a comment filled with typos and/or pinnacle-of-mediocrity word compost? because i distinctly remember something about "no fighting on my blog!"

i mean, there's no reason to target -you-, you know you have a brain doubled with an ability to write well. a select few adherents to your comment section, however, should have been long taken of by natural selection.