Thursday, August 30, 2007

there was crack EVERYWHERE

My veins are coming back. Hooray!

I got a comment the other day where someone said that they hoped that my blog was fiction and not what actually happens. Sister, that makes two of us.

Micheal called me the other day. I told him that I have my own place now, the "undisclosed location" that no crackheads or dope fiends or evil cops know of. The only person (besides the other people in the building) who knows I live there is Greggie, and I like him coming over. Also I know he won't tell anyone, even if he gets mad at me. Because there's 3 ways to communicate something to the whole town- there's telephone, telegram, and telecrackhead. Which one sounds the most efficient?

I've been swimming every day, either at the beach or the pool, and when I'm not underwater I'm running around outside trying to make money or just hanging out. As a result, I have a bitchin' tan. I've never been this dark before, I'm the whitest person in SoFla as far as I know (not counting any albinos, of course, but if you're an albino and you voluntarily live in south Florida you're fucking stupid hah!). It's pretty cool.

So... last night I spent $50 on crack and smoked out at this apartment/crackhouse that a lot of people hang out and get high at. I really didn't want to hang with Dirty Debbie and company, so me and my friend (the only one living in that crackhut that I can honestly call a friend) locked ourselves into his room and lit up. Halfway through smoking it, we start hearing BANG BANG BANG on the door.

my friend: "Who is it?"
outside: "Lake Worth police!"

And let me tell you, there was crack EVERYWHERE. Good thing they didn't have a warrant, hell, they didn't even search- not that they had to. There was choreboy and baking soda and a spoon and pushers and shit like that just laying out on the table, my shit was sitting right under the corner of a pillow and I had needles and a cooker in my purse. But the cops just came in, shined their flashlights around, and said they were coming back later tonight with "papers". Is that policeanese for "warrants"? Well, I wasn't about to stay there and find out. I did a couple more hits and went on home about 30 minutes after the cops left. As a result, I didn't have any money when the rent lady woke me up this morning. Fuckburgers. I actually just payed it off (it was due at 11am, it's now past 3pm) because I had to cop a lil something first of course.

I guess that's everything interesting that happened.


the walking man said...

Every knife has a sharp edge and a dull edge . honey you sure do seem to prefer to walk the sharp edge, which by the way got that way by making it narrower.

Not a criticism, just a comment, everyone walks their own road at their own pace.



Joe said...

Hey Mish..
what the hell is that walking man guy selling, every ass has a hole and you are it pal.. no shit you walk the sharp edge, what a moron Anywayyy.. That is cool that you have your own place now and I agree with you, "telecrackhead" is the fastest way for you to have 10 crackheads at your door in like 5 min!! haha!! You and me are so much alike. I have read on here that you really don't like to smoke crack but you did it. I am like the total same way, if something is there I will do it just 'cause it is there.. Actually today I was with a freind of mine waiting for the dopeman and he was like you want a line I got some great shit. I really don't like to do coke anymore 'cause I always geek out but I was like yea, OK I will do it 'cause I will have some H and it will be good together and I won't geek out. yea right! ha!! not that I geeked out but that is total rationalization at it's best!! Hope you have a cool long weekend..wish I was in FLA instead of here in Boston for the holiday but what can ya do right.. Later..

Boston Joe

PS - you should post some naughty pics of your tanned self for all us married guys who don't get none..hahaha!! no really..

the walking man said...

Hey Joe yep I know a few junkies in Massachusetts and they are as dim witted as you and don't have the concentration to read beyond the first sentence.

Hope all your dopemen take the weekend off and you can't get any fix and have to live with the monster in your soul 'til Tuesday.


Michelle said...

No fighting on my fucking blog!

the walking man said...

OK your blog your rules



the walking man said...

I apologize Joe



Des and Kev said...

HAHAHAHAH thats funny shite there!

Because there's 3 ways to communicate something to the whole town- there's telephone, telegram, and telecrackhead. Which one sounds the most efficient?