Monday, August 27, 2007

my 'hood, and my new home

Well, another couple of days where nothing much happened, though I have been making a truckload of cash. On Friday I had to move out of my family's crib and had no money and no damn place to go, having spent all but $10 the night before on heroin. Looking back, I'm not sorry I did that because I woke up Friday morning SO sick (I hadn't done a shot since about 6pm Thursday night) that if I hadn't had any I don't know what I would've done. Madness, utter madness. So I got right then went with my mammy to go get an ID. It was a surprisingly short wait at the DMV, then I packed a weekend bag and got dropped off in Lake Worth. My 'hood, and my new home. I worked until I was able to get in touch with Greg, and then I worked some more but this time without my heavy suitcase slowing me down. Instead of getting a room, I bought more heroin and spent the night with Greg in the back of his camper. I thought it would be too hot to sleep there, but the fan and the "air conditioning" (ghetto as it may be) actually kept us pretty cool as we slept.

Saturday was PROFIT DAY. I started working at about 10am and by noon I had made over $230. I went to CVS and bought a whole bunch of "hygiene items" such as lotion, toothbrush/toothpaste, toner, body wash, soap, hair ties, etc. Then I attempted to buy 7 bags from #3 (I'll call my dope dealer that because she's #3 on my speed dial) but she kinda pressured me into buying a full gram because that was all she had on her at the moment. Whatever, just $30 more than I was planning on spending. Then I got a room at... wait. I haven't even told anyone in the NEIGHBORHOOD where I'm staying, and I'm planning on posting it online? Nope, not gonna happen. I got a room in Lake Worth, that's all I'll say. Technically I'm not allowed at that motel, me and Micheal were thrown off the property many moons ago. I explained to the manager (in the form of bold-faced lies, mostly) that Micheal was the reason I had been "asked to leave", and that I had gotten sober and was working now and with a 48-year-old man who had better things to do than start trouble. It worked! I'm still there. Plus a week is cheaper than a week at the Barefoot Mailman (my former residence) which is a plus. One night is the same price. But the new place has a pool! And on Friday I had just bought a new bathing suit, a Tommy Hilfiger knockoff, and I wanted to show it off. I checked in, let Greg smoke a joint in the new room, and then we went swimming. It was awesome. Then I went upstairs and took a shower so I could try out all the new crap I bought at CVS.

Then I went back to work, since my phone bill was due. I missed the Metro store by about 15 minutes and had to pay at a Western Union location, which turned out to be a buck cheaper. Hey, a buck a month is $12 a year which still doesn't total up to much. But hell. That's a dollar I could be spending on a candy bar. I payed for another night then shot myself to sleep. But I ended up making over $400 on Saturday. Not bad for street meat.

Sunday was like the perfect lazy day. I woke up late, got stoned, and went to the beach with Greg. We were trying to figure out which beach to go to, and decided on the one that was less than 5 minutes away from my new crib. I guess there is something good about living in south Florida, no? : ) I actually got a tan, no small feat for someone like me whose veins are swimming with Irish, French, and German blood. Actually it's more of a mild sunburn. But hell- it looks good. After the beach we showered and went to eat at Carmela's Pizza in Lantana. That's the place that me and Joe got pizza from every single day while living at the Barefoot, and it kinda made me sad being there. I still have the 10 flyers he collected, entitling me to a free pizza by turning them in. But they're not mine to use, they're Joe's. So I'm keeping them. I kinda want to put Joe's picture up on the wall surrounded by the pizza flyers as kind of a memorial. I really miss that man. I'll never find another roommate that awesome. After dinner I went back to work since I was out of dope and planned on staying another day.

One comment- each shot of dope takes me at least half an hour to find a vein, sometimes longer. I tried jug shots, but Greg said he wasn't hanging out with a chick with track marks on her neck so I can't do that. Mostly I'm hitting the bottom of my feet, which hurts like a son-of-a-whore but works, eventually. This morning I hit on the first try, and on my second shot I hit on the second try. So I guess that's an improvement. Not that I ever give up- I guess I finally found something I'm committed to. Hah!

Today I was woken up at around 10am since I forgot to pay my room last night. I payed and tried to go back to sleep, but it didn't work. It's impossible to wake me up without waking up the Dope Sick Monster, and once he's awake I better be spearing a vein pretty fucking soon- OR ELSE! So I got myself straight, then decided to come here, to the Lake Worth library, in order to update my bloggie and fuck around on Opiophile. It's like a junky MySpace, hah! I hadn't barely turned the corner when I got scooped up by a regular, which was cool because then I could afford lunch at my favorite little sushi spot right down the street from the library. Saito Bangkok, the best sushi joint in town. Mmmm, sashimi specials (drool like Homer Simpson). I still have a blast left (and 15 bucks) so I guess I should go to work. That is, after screwing around on Opiophile. Haven't done that yet.

I lost my notebook today! Left it in a date's car! He's a regular and he has my phone number, so hopefully I'll get it back. Hopefully.


manda said...

Hi. I found your blog by chance and I read it occasionally. Sometimes I wish it is a fiction and that you are not really experiencing all of these things. Since this is the internet and I have no way of knowing, I just wanted to say that. and also be careful. your life is such a risk. Sorry for the uninvited opinion.

CindyB1 said...

Hi, I also read your blog and check to see if you are OK. Your life is so very different than mine is I find yours very interesting. I am very sorry about your friend. Do your folks know what you do? How do they feel about it if they do? It sounds like you get along with them very nicely. Please be careful, I hope one day you will find an easier way.