Wednesday, August 15, 2007

written on a matchbook cover I found


Firmly grasp individual match, keeping fingers away from the igniting tip. After liberating said match from its confinement, assure that your matchbook cover is closed. Briskly strike the tip across the provided strikeplate on the backside of your matchbook to facilitate ignition of said match. Repeat when necessary. Flame good.

Wow, all that to light a fuckin' match, huh? Like anyone pulls out a book of matches and says to himself, "well I got cigarettes and I got matches- if only I had some really detailed instructions! Then I'd be groovin'!" Hah!


Matt said...

Michelle - I have been reading your blog for a long time. I am sorry about your friend Joe. He was married, no? Did you know his wife and family? I tend to think about you duing my days. I wish you the best to get clean in health and mind. Your stories are quite interesting, so I truly enjoy your posts. Will you post current pictures soon?
You can email me at
Take care Michelle.

Michelle said...

How in God's name did you know he was married? Did you look up the obits in the online Palm Beach Post? If so, how'd you get his last name? That's buggin' me out something fierce. Yeah, I knew he was married and I met his wife once. They weren't divorced but they might've well have been. They were seperated and barely spoke. I think he called her or she called him once or twice a month just to see how the other was doing, that was the extent of their relationship. Trust me, I lived with the man. As for his family, I'd met his mom a couple times and met the rest of his family tonight (technically last night since it's after midnight) at the funeral. Current pictures? It's a thought. I have a camera phone now so we'll see what happens. Did I answer all your questions? Good...

the walking man said...

Hmm walked on over here from another blog, to be quite frank I don't know what to say. I read everything on the page and to be honest I can't believe you're a republican.

everybody walks a different road and everybody walks that road at their own pace. I guess the key is not letting that road kill you, everyones road is trying in one way or another to bring them to death.

Some with heroin, others with heaps of money, others still with old age, all roads eventually lead to the same place.

I can relate to the loss of your friend, a month ago we buried a nephew who died of alcohol toxicity, his sister found him. Bit of drag that was.

No preaching because it isn't up to me to live your life for you, hard enough living my own even though I only shoot insulin every time i eat.

My illegal drug use ended years ago but I have enough prescription drugs for pain to keep me fairly well medicated. At least even.

Interesting blog, though disturbing to see one so young having a go at it the way you do. But not all that uncommon anymore is it?



Matt said...
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Matt said...

Yes, I looked up the obits in the online Palm Beach Post. I only figured it was "your" Joe by the age it listed, that is why I asked you those questions.
Please let me know if I am overstepping my boundries...I have more inquries...
Did he OD on H? How did his family act towards you? Did they know he was staying with you?
Send me some pictures!!
Take care.