Monday, December 18, 2006

a big pile of gag gifts

Yesterday was the Big Family Reunion. We do it every year either right before or right after Christmas, all my family gathers at my grandparent's house in Key Largo (they live in an old people community kinda near Key West) and have a big pile of wrapped "gag gifts," which can be trinkets, tools, toys, candy, food, and stuff like that. We put numbers in a hat and each relative picks a number. Whoever is #1 picks a present from the pile and opens it, then #2 does the same, all the way down the list over and over until the presents are gone. When it's your turn, if you like someone else's present, you can choose to take their gift instead of picking a wrapped one from the pile and then whoever you took from gets to choose another from the pile. Sounds kind of confusing, I know, I guess you have to be there. I got myself a little pen/radio (I'm using the headphones it came with for my Sirius radio), a hot orange blanket (my great aunt chose this, I got it from her), some potpourri (which I gave away), a Publix giftcard, a TV (this wasn't part of the gag-gift pile, it was from my aunt Diana- thank you by the way!), and if there was more I don't remember. Saturday, I worked and spent far too much money, did some cocaine with Shane and Kim, and basically stayed up all night and day. The thing is, after sleeping until 5pm on Thursday, I didn't sleep at all. So while sitting at the Family Reuinion, I was down for the count. It didn't help that I had done 3 bags right before heading off to the Keys. I couldn't keep my eyes open for a minute, not even while I was eating.

My parents, little brother Lucas and I got home around 7pm, and I proceeded to fall asleep on the patio bed while smoking a cigarette. I woke up about 12 hours later to Micheal calling on the phone. He might come get a motel room with me tonight, if not tonight then tommorow. Either way, I'm excited. I'm also out of weed. Sucks to be me, huh? I'm waiting for Micheal to call back, I don't know why. Want to see him tonight, need to get weed first, that's pretty much it.

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