Sunday, April 26, 2009

real SoFla shit

Yesterday I went to the seafood festival in Pompano and today I went to the sweet corn fiesta in Royal Palm. I am so damn sunburned, but I always get burned and then it just builds up into a tan. Real SoFla shit. I couldn't eat anything anywhere, cept corn. I tried giving Jazzie applesauce but then she got really bad gas and was screaming all day and night yesterday. Tons of fun. I got 8 days off methadone and I still feel like crap and don't sleep much. Most of this week I've been helping Greg at a painting job. By "help" I mean distract him and wave the baby at him, which is fun. Tried them 5-Hour Energy drinks that Lucas hyped, but they suck. All in all, I'm doing pretty well.

Boring update, but what can ya do.


Naomi C. said...

congratulations on doing so well. when i withdrew from meth i could barely sleep, infact, my sleeping patterns were so sporadic. i was snoozing from about 5-7pm and staying up the rest of the night/day maybe dozing off now and again if i had pumped myself with enough booze. not saying i wouldn't of slipped up if i had been sober from alcohol but it didn't help i replaced my meth and heroin with alcohol as a couple of months later, i got really depressed and it lowered my inhibitions and self-esteem, care etc and i got a bag of brown and white and injected it resulting in cardiac arrest and a stint in hospital. next time i come off, im going to cut out booze as its too easy to let yourself go when your judgment is impaired (obviously)

i just got back from london tonight after taking my twin nieces to GIRLS ALOUD at the 02 arena in london yesterday (sunday). 4 tickets were £35 each, the hotel was £149, dinner at the arena was £68.15, the next day museum cost £16, food that day came to just over £40, the train fares came to over £80, toys from hamleys equalled £36.50 not to count the various sweets, icecream etc. along the way. As I was there, I realised just how lucky my nieces were. Me and my sister never had stuff like that as my mum worked her arse off as a nurse and my dad worked but when he went on a drinking binge, obviously he wouldnt have a penny left to look after us so really we had nothing as extravagent as that. It felt so good to be able to take the twins there with their mum, my sister. The happiness on their faces made it all worthit, every penny. I had to save some money, and I still owe some. If anything it made me more determined to go back to work and get off meth. You will so notice the difference, do you plan to go back to school or work? Whatever you choose, now you don't take drugs you will have money left over to take Jaz places and culture her. I look at fellow addicts with kids in my area who have never taken them out of our tiny little city and it makes me so sad. Kids don't need to go abroad, but just somewhere different to experience things. And really, you need money. As I said before, I commend you for staying on the straight and narrow and doing so well. Most people I know loose their babies a couple of months after birth as they turn back to gear. Take care x

Anonymous said...

Michelli, You are doing so well, I'm proud for you. You're paying your Dad and I forward through Jasmyne, which is as it should be. We love you and are here for you.
te quiero mucho,

Greg said...

I am truely impressed, I met you over two years ago, closer to three. You were walking down Dixie Hwy, Looking gorgeous. I picked you up and we did our business.

From that point on I looked specifically for you when driving down dixie and with in two months I stopped seeing any one but you.

I learned in this short time that you our a caring person and quite intelligent. You always had a smile on your face and still do!!!!

Never in a million years would I have quessed that you would be capable of getting off the hard drugs, hooray! hooray! hooray!

You amaze me more and more everyday!!!!! Keep up the good work and Jasmyne will grow to be as Gorgeous and intelligent as you with out the trials that you have learned the hard way.

Congradulations, you have seceded from a life of filth and poverty, not to mention a life time of hurt.

I am so proud of you that words can not describe the love and admiration I have for you.

You have accomplished so much in such a short time, wow wow. Please give your self some time and patients on what you plan to do next with your life.

And definitely give your self a pat on the back for the monumental accoplishements you have already struggled through.

Love You and Jasmyne