Wednesday, April 15, 2009

it's april 15, do you know where your taxes are going?

I would have been posting pics but there's something wrong with my picture folder. Every time I open it, everything shuts down. And I would just move the pics to another folder, but I can't open the fucking thing. Lame. Just wanted to say that later today I'll be at the local Tax Day Tea Party protest in downtown West Palm Beach today. I got a onesie for Jaz that says "I'm paying for your bailout." Her very first anti-government protest! So I will figure out how to post pics, and will do so tonight or tommorrow because I want those pics on my blog dammit!

Here is the main website for the tea parties:

Here is a retardedly conservative viewpoint on the tea parties:

Here is a retardedly liberal viewpoint on the tea parties:

Down with big government! Down with small government! Freedom!!!!


Anonymous said...

Many people for the first time are not getting refunds due to tax increases. Also many are simply not paying any taxes that are due. Seems they'd rather put food on the table and not have their family living on the streets.

Are the feds power hungry, yes.

Are people sick of the feds screwing up the country, yes.

Are states re-asserting their authority via the 10th amendment, yes.

Michelle said...

and not just any states- it's all the states of the old Confederacy! These states-rights resolutions could be only the beginning of a crazy anti-big-govt revolution! It's a long shot, but we got precedent don't we. He doesn't realize that he has LARGE pockets of opposition throughout this country because of course if you dislike him you must be crazy. Jackass.


Anonymous said...

I think its like half the country that dont like socialism and government controlling their lives both libertarians, centrists and conservatives.

'The Atlanta Police Department officers on the scene at the Georgia State Capitol just told me they are confirming that their estimate is 10,000 people present at the Atlanta Tea Party.'

This is the law-abiding silent majority being fed up and pissed off and no longer keeping silent.
Most feel their country is becoming something it wasn't intended to be-Communist!

I talked about seccession happening state by state before he was elected to many people who thought I was nuts-we'll see.

Anonymous said...

That Malkin site has a good picture and video roundup of over 800 rallies today, wow!

Americans are Tead off!

Ju said...

What was probably the icing on the cake for the tea parties was when Rick Perry, Texas' governor stated that Texas can secede from the union. That will draw a lot of attention but more importantly it sends the message that these movements are serious for such strong words to be used. While the media will say they Texas does not have the right to do this outright (there are some court cases which agree, there are certain paths they can take to get this goal).

While they do not have the right to do this outright, there are certain paths they can take to get this goal. Come on, you know this is possible because this is the same country which gives exceptions to tax cheats through cleaver legal

Really it is just using the legal system creatively.

Texas probably has the best chance at success. Here is just one way how it can work. The annexation agreement made when Texas joined the union provided that Texas would be able to divide into 5 states. This would create 8 more conservative Senators.

If Texas were to try to divide and be rebuffed, the US would be in violation of the agreement and Texas should be able to go free.

It is not all that far fetched.

Regardless of the TX situation, the movement was larger than expected. And it is just a start because the thing about grass roots is that it will only take hold, grow and spread.

Some pics here:

Liam said...

Well, leaving aside any question of the actual politics, I think I might know why your pictures won't load. This just happened to me tonight.

It might be that one of the pictures somehow got corrupted, always a possibility, and that can sometimes cause an entire folder to glitch and refuse to open. How to fix it...? I don't know, ask someone knowledgeable about computers you know and suggest that a picture might be corrupt. If that's not it, I don't know what the hell.

Good to see you out and about, Shelley. Rock on. <3 to Jaz.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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