Monday, April 20, 2009

phrases that piss me off majorly

politically correct- this expression comes from the former USSR, with politically incorrect speech (anything against the government) punishable by imprisonment or death. Does this concept have any place in the USA? Hells no.

African-American- most blacks in America are not African in amy way. Hell, most whites here can trace their roots back to Europe, but we don't call a random white American a 'European-American' because white people are not supposed to have a culture.

media attack machine- it doesn't matter if it's the "right wing attack machine" or the "liberal attack machine", its still stupid. If you don't like a certain media source, don't watch/read/listen. Just change the channel. Yes, Fox News leans right. Yes, CNN leans left. So what?

animal rights- as Rush would say, animals have no rights. Don't y'all animal rights folk believe in evolution? As in survival of the fittest? Well in that case, animals had better go ahead and adapt to US, the human beings, who are at the top of the food chain whether you like it or not. It is not our responsibility to impede human progress to protect any species, it is their responsibility to survive IN SPITE of our influence. Animal rights activists are usually more anti-human than pro-animal.

income tax- unconstitutional involuntary labor for the government.

minimum wage- a restriction on free trade and actually bad for American workers.

affirmative action- government sponsored racism.

reverse racism- this implies that "normal" racism is always whites hating blacks, and that it is somehow different and needs its own phrase if blacks are hating whites. Wrong- it's exactly the same thing, so "reverse" is unnecessary.

gun-free zone- I wonder how many shootings take place in gun-free zones? That's where I'd go rob a house, cause no one had guns.

zero tolerance- fascism by definition.

[any American president]= Hitler- disrespectful to all the people who died in the Holocaust, at least until the death camps open up.

war on drugs- prohibition revisited, with all of the exact same problems we had back then, especially the violence caused by organized crime running substances.

pain and suffering- get over it and take some responsibility for your probably retarded actions that caused you to get hurt. In some cases, some folks should have their medical bills paid but if these million dollar lawsuits over coffee burns and lost pants are just ridiculous.

endorphin deficiency syndrome OR post-acute withdrawal syndrome- can you be honest with yourself long enough to drop this "syndrome" bullshit and just say that you want to get high? No one wants to hear your excuses, just cop a bag or a pill and shut the fuck up.

I'm gonna get some shit for this next one...
harm reduction- because if there's a group of folks really concerned about their health and general well-being, it's drug addicts. The whole game is a risk which druggies voluntarily take, why should the government then fund protection from their own habits, which they chose to partake in? There's also the fact that as long as drugs are illegal, govt-funded harm reduction programs are complete and total hypocritical bullshit. "Drugs are illegal, says us, but since we know you can't or won't obey this law, let me throw some money around to protect you while you go against the legal code." Bullshit. The only real "harm reduction" is legalization, period.

racial pride/gay pride- save the pride for something you actually accomplished instead of something you were born with and have no control over. Might as well say "I'm proud to wear size 8 1/2 shoes."

progressive- ever notice that most self-described progressives are anti-capitalism, pro-welfare, and anti-progress? Weird...

Drug Enforcement Agency- just die already (not the employees, just the organization).

speech codes- ummmmm, first amendment?

National Endowment for the Arts- go ahead and put the cross in piss, or draw a Mohammed cartoon, or stick a bullwhip up your ass and photograph it for all I care- freedom of expression. But why should tax dollars pay for this crap? You feel really strongly about public art, then put your money where your mouth is and donate so these, ahem... "artists" can continue to create. Where in the Constitution does it say that funding art galleries is a function of government anyways? Hint: it doesn't.

loitering with intent to commit illegal activities- how in the hell can you legislate something like intent? If we are innocent until proven guilty, and you can't prove something that hasn't happened yet, how in the hell is this shit legal?

separation of church and state- this phrase is NOT in the Constitution, and the "establishment clause" where this phrase came from is constantly misinterpreted. Voluntary (that's the key word) prayer in public schools, teaching intelligent design alongside evolutionary theory in science class, town halls erecting a Christmas nativity, or reading the Bible on break at work are NOT "Congress making any law respecting an establishment of religion" and are completely 100% Constitutional. In fact, banning some of those things might be stepping on the "free exercise" clause...

compassionate conservative- stop trying to make your political position more palatable to the other side, grow a set of balls and just be conservative.

racial quotas- government sponsored racism.

gun control- forget about waiting periods, carry permits, non-violent felons, mental patients, and fully automatic weapon bans- throw all of it away. Just let us all have guns and who knows, maybe violent crime might even go down.

partial-birth abortion- I try to be pro-choice because I love freedom, but I can't get past the part where they're killing babies who could survive on their own. I don't see the difference between partial birth abortion and stabbing my 7-month-old in the brain with a steak knife.

seatbelt laws- "oh, if only I, an American adult, had someone to keep me safe while I drive my own car! The fact that the seatbelt is right there means nothing, because no one is actively forcing me to wear it or threatening fines for not wearing it. Wait, big government is here to protect me from myself? FINALLY!" If you want to travel headfirst through your windsheild at 65mph, that should be your business.

feminist- yes we get it, abortions are awesome and men suck. Now will you take that butchie shit somewhere else because real women are sick of hearing it.

gay marriage "slippery slope" argument- how will Jacob and Steve's legal marriage affect YOUR straight marriage. Here's a hint: it won't. And how 2 legal adults (who have legal standing and can sign a marriage certificate) getting hitched can lead to a man marrying his sheep (who of course has no legal standing) or a little kid (who also has no legal standing) is really reaching. Just get married to who you love, folks, and if you really hate gay marriage then don't get gay married.

homophobe/homophobic/homophobia- do they really think we're AFRAID of those little fairyboys? HAH! Why not just "homohateric" or something more appropriate that will echo the general population's feeling on gays?

President Obama- I hope he fails miserably.

institutional racism- translation: "I didn't do a single thing right and fucked myself and others at every possible opportunity, but I'm a member of a protected victim group so it's not my fault." Cough cough HORSESHIT.

reparations- if you can name ONE black person in 2009 who has been enslaved legally by ONE white person in America, then maybe that person (but no one else) deserves reparations from his ex- owner (and only him). But that one person doesn't exist so shut up black people! We have a black president, y'all won, not shut the fuck up.

the rich get richer while the poor get poorer- why can't they BOTH get richer or BOTH get poorer? Hint: that's how it works in real life.

man-made global warming/climate change- cyclic warming and cooling of the earth has been occuring since way before humans existed. Blaming 200 years of industry on the imminent destruction of the entire planet is ignorant, not to mention ridiculous.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals- could they have chosen a crazier spokesperson?

gender is unrelated to sex- do I really need to say anything about this gay shit?

political prisoner- why is it that everyone who is referred to as a political prisoner has killed a bunch of people? Just call them murderers. Yes, I know, there are REAL political prisoners (such as anyone jailed for nonviolent drug "crimes") but I'm not talking about them, I'm talking about the ACLU-sponsered politically-correctly-colored murderers.

blogosphere- a pretentious way to say "blogs." Just say blogs.

the Twelve Steps- here's a program with the same 3-5% success rate as every other drug program on the planet, and yet they claim to have a monopoly on truth and getting clean. There's a lie in there somewhere. These programs are all about brainwashing, whining, and pseudo-superiority.

Al-Anon- 12-steppers who never did drugs or drank or gambled but still felt the need to whine in a circle for an hour a day. No one cares what happened with your drunken daddy 50something years ago. Get over it and stop rehashing ancient bullshit.

Scientologists- how much money do I hafta pay to learn the "great truths" of space aliens and thetan levels? This is not a religion, it's a worldwide scam., Why doesn't Stephen King or Ray Bradbury start a religion so we can take THAT seriously too. And not only are the CoS the most lawsuit-happy "church" in existence, they are also the most secretive. Anyother religion will tell you what they believe, and happily. What are they hiding?

9-11/Katrina conspiracy theories- these people believe that Bush is a monkey and the dumbest fool in America, yet he orchestrated a devestating attack on his own country's soil "for oil money" and still had enough brains and evil cunning left to create a hurricane, blow up levies, and drown a bunch of black folks just for shits and giggles. Brilliant analysis.

protected victim groups- these people don't need protection against getting their wittle feewings hurt, just get over it already.

white guilt- race traitors and race baiters. I never kept the black man down myself. I refuse to take on guilt for something that other people, people who share nothing with me but approximate pigmentation, might or might not have done generations ago.

hate crimes- thought legislation and mind control. Re: 1984 by George Orwell,

wealth redistribution- eventually you run out of other peoples money.

tolerance- not everyone will like you- get over it. Also, this leads to policies that, and I quote, "tolerate everything except intolerance." Ummmm, say that again?

nationalized healthcare- an obvious overstep of the governments responsibility.

diversity- the same folks who strive for racial diversity will do most anything to avoid diversity of thought, such as people who don't believe that diverse always equals better.

pro-choice- if they really supported a woman's right to choose, then why do they get so pissed when someone chooses NOT to abort? "Freedom of choice" means that abortion, motherhood, and adoption are all equally acceptable options. Otherwise, you're just anti-baby.

Anyone have any that I missed?


Anonymous said...

President Obama- I hope he fails miserably, Boo! Boo!, not going to happen.

loitering with intent to commit illegal activities, really funny!

nationalized healthcare, it's needed by all involved, Businesses need help and employees need help paying it. And government can get good prices like wal-mart, thier's a concept.

Michelle said...

Hi Greggie :)

Scroll down to the bottom and take the liberal test, wouldja?

Boston Joe said...

that is why I love you shelly!!!

Anonymous said...

its rare to see your high level of intelligence combined with a stunning level of ignorance.

think about going back to school to help clear out some of that ignorance or you could just get back on the dope and have an excuse to remain ignorant

Michelle said...

blah blah blah, you know I'm right.


Anonymous said...

you forgot national organization of women maybe?

Anonymous said...

Why do you have so much hate in your heart?

Michelle said...

because I'm a white southerner, dontcha know anything?

william said...

Awesome Shelley, you nailed all the typical, ordinary conservative talking points. And threw in the gay marriage thing because you're just such a libertarian.

Lemme ask you something. You spend so much time complaining about all the societal pressures that keep you from expressing yourself (political correctness, tolerance, civil rights, etc). How is that any different from (your words) "protected victim groups," "institutional racism," "affirmative action?" Don't all the minority advocacy groups that you claim to despise essentially represent your own feelings of oppression?

Yeah, you're a white trash, racist, former hooker/drug addict, and the whole world is out to get you. Poor fucking you. Aren't you making yourself into the same type of victim that claim you hate?

Look, I'm a free speech absolutist, just like you (though you seem so bothered when others exercise the same right you demand for yourself). I support your right to say anything. But why do you feel the need to act like a white southern girl has faced so much oppression.

Take your own advice darlin. Instead of bitching about how society has done you wrong, man up, grow a pair and get the fuck on with your life.

Michelle said...

Tell me, where have I said that society is keeping me down? I made all my own choices and now I live with the consequences. I don't blame anyone else for my drug use or anyfuckingthing else that I freely chose to do.

william said...

I'm not saying you blame anyone for your past. I'm saying your entire worldview is dictated by persecution. What is "political correctness" in your mind? Is it not a set of informal rules that you feel inhibit your inalienable right to free speech?

I hear you constantly, here and other places, whining about the political correct police and how those how preach tolerance: "tolerate everything but intolerance" (or some similar circular, dipshit logic).

Point being, if you feel oppressed by the agents of tolerance, what makes you any different from any of the other victim groups you despise so much? Just cause their grievances are past, and yours are present/future, doesn't change the net effect.

Michelle said...

Yes, it does make a difference. Something that is happening NOW is important, while something that happened back in the sixties that is effectively over is now UNimportant. Blacks were discriminated against then, whites are discriminated against now. Which is more important, what we can change (the present) or what we can't change (the past)? We should be learning from our past, that treating one racial group preferentially is just asking for trouble. Switching the "good" and the "bad" races around isn't fixing any of blacks problems, just creating problems for the majority whites. I speak out against hypocrisy mostly, and PC of course because it is completely hypocritical.

william said...

So you do acknowledge that you feel victimized then right? You feel oppressed.

Despite your insistence on personal responsibility, you're claiming that society isn't giving you a fair shake (not past, but present tense). That despite all your efforts, you are targeted and discriminated against?

Forget about the timing of the oppression. You're saying that you can't stand victimhood, while claiming to be the victim of some imaginary slight.

You know what the truth is? Some people just love to play the victim (regardless of race, religion, etc). It eliminates the need to take responsibility for ones own actions. That's your true hypocrisy.

Michelle said...

I am not a victim of anything but my own bad decisions. Also, political correctness and progressivism is slowly but surely taking away our liberties. Both of those things can stand without any hypocrisy.

william said...

"whites are discriminated against now"

"creating problems for the majority whites"

"white people are not supposed to have a culture"

I don't know missy, sure sounds to me like you feel victimized.

"Also, political correctness and progressivism is slowly but surely taking away our liberties. "

That's exactly my point. You're playing the victim against the big bad forces of progressivism and political correctness. Its not even worth denying...its fucking obvious.

Now I know you're going to claim that the difference is that your grievances are legitimate and other victim group's are not. But isn't that always the justification? My feelings are real, yours aren't?

william said...

I just don't understand what you think makes you're gripes so special? Why is it that the victim group you identify with should be able to air their complaints, but not others?

And if you're such an advocate of free speech, why are you constantly whining about others exercising the same right?

Anonymous said...

Michelle, sorry to break your heart:

These "wholesome" conservatives you praise, follow, and worship so ardently are the greediest, most ego-centric, and most ignorant people you will ever have the displeasure of meeting. These bastards would sell their virgin daughters into much nastier drug circles than you've seen for a quick buck and fuck (just keep it quiet!). The media makes these people look good, and the mindless viewers (present company included) soak that shit up like a biscuit in gravy. To the typical republican (especially the Bush posse--including Bush), law, tolerance, and common sense come second to corporate endorsements and big bonuses.

Sadly, I came to this conclusion after spending many years in the conservative media machine. And that's what it is...a very efficient, well-oiled machine. They say jump, you say...? Exactly.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I ended up here, but wow! You should have your own show. I am laughing because I agree with almost every single thing that you said!

Anonymous said...

i'm in love with william.