Monday, June 30, 2008

year-and-a-half-old candy bars

I'm really stoned on this freaky weed, so forgive if any of the following makes no sense:

I got in a mini car accident today on the way to the methadone clinic. My little bro drove me on over, but he usually stays up until past 5am playing with his little nerdy faggot friends (and they don't know how to shut the fuck up either- I've already threatened violence, I'm gonna look like full of shit if I don't hit one of 'em real soon) so he was falling asleep at all the red lights. I kept having to wake him up when all the cars moved and we stayed put. So I drove back so he could not kill us both, and my liscense is so taken away from me so I'm not supposed to be driving anywhere. Yet, I drove. And we were almost home, all the way at ***** Blvd and ***** Trace and I had to turn left but the left arrow light was red so I pulled up to the red light and I just chilled there, waiting for it to be green. Then WHAM we got hit by some car behind us.

I figured the asshole was gonna call the cops, and here I am driving on a suspended license. Lucas of course was awake by this point, and he and I decided to switch seats real quick. Then the lady who just hit us runs over to the window as we were switching, and she's all like, "I'm so sorry please don't call the cops I don't have a drivers license your car is fine I can see it." I ran outside and checked the back bumper, and it was crazy (because my brother drives a car about as sturdy as a tin can) but there wasn't even a scratch on it. The girl's car was fucked though- the whole corner was up and the headlight was smashed to hell. Lucas was like, "well at least I'm awake now, I'll give ya that." So, the mini accident was totally not my fault! I got hit from behind at a red light- not guilty.

Also, me and Greg bought a Baby Ruth bar at a gas station and the wrapper was some sort of contest winner- for a contest that ended on 5/10/07. I can't figure out which is worse, a gas station selling year-and-a-half-old candy bars, or that I ate one of 'em. Gross.

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Anonymous said...

Michelle, smoking anything, especially cigs, during pregnancy can have some serious consequences. Did you know that it creates complications for the actual 'giving birth' process, that can lead to YOUR and YOUR BABY'S deaths? Did you know that it promotes miscarriages and still birth? That means you could birth a dead baby. Your making the little blood vessels in your baby's brain constrict so they are not getting enough oxygen which means they could have symptoms of retardation. Also, the obvious, the lung growth is extremely compromised. You could have a child with severe asthma and that will cost you thousands of dollars a year. Not to mention having to watch your child struggle to breath everyday and have to do all different kinds of breathing treatments. I want you to know that it will be YOUR fault becuase you were too damn selfish to quell your addictions for 9 months. Your baby doesn't deserve you as a mom. Why don't you take the help your loving family is handing out to you and take control of your life. You have them to lean on while most addicts have no one when they get clean. What are you gonna do when your child is born? You can't raise a healthy child in active addiction. I don't care how you rationalize it in your head. Your head is playing tricks on you as it is. Get help. You have peole that love you. It's not all about you anymore. That was also your choice. You let yourself become pregnant and now it's time to own up to your actions.