Friday, June 27, 2008


Absolutely nothing has happened, but I gotta throw some love out there. These are both people already linked to on my blogroll but they deserve some special mention. First off, my little brother Lucas. We both hadn't updated for... well, a while. 21 days for me, and over a month for him. So we decided that we'd both update right at the same time and then point readers in each others' direction. So, here we go. If you want to read a blog that was written from the same house (2 rooms away in fact) as well as the same family but has a TOTALLY different world view than me (a more innocent one), then check out the awesomely written blog that my baby bro maintains:

And some love for another chick, one who I've never actually spoken to not even online, but her blog speaks for itself. Her name is Melody, and I've been reading her for a while and I think I'm in love. The girl and I just have so much in fucking common... anyways, props to her should be directed to:

...and that's it

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Melody said...

Thanx for the link and the comment you left for me babe, I for sure and for certain love ya back, it's impossible to do otherwise, sometimes it's like I've found my long lost sister. How could I not love that? I'm keeping up with you and look forward to updates on baby J. Later on girlie.