Tuesday, January 2, 2007

America is guilty because...

Saddam Hussein is dead! From reading and watching, I've gathered that there are 2 schools of thought surrounding this "tragedy" (if you can call it that).

School of Thought #1:
"That rat bastard deserved to die! Hanging was too good for him, he should have been tortured and murdered like all the innocent Iraquis and others that died under his rule!"

School of Thought #2:
"By killing Hussein we become no better than he is. Murder is never the answer, nobody deserves to die. Oh, and it's America's fault."

Call me a fucking staunch conservative if you want, but I agree with SoT #1. The world/society in general is better off with certain people dead. Does that mean he "deserved to die"? I'm not God, therefore I shouldn't be allowed to make that judgement. But in my personal opinion (and what else are blogs for)? YES! Kill the sum' bitch! I'm also sick of people blaming America for this shit. He was found guilty by the IRAQUI government, hung by the IRAQUI people. What does that have to do with us again? My dad says they have pre-written articles (written by mad lefties and commies, etc) that begin with "America is guilty because..." and then they just fill in the blanks. It's stupid but funny. The thing is that I'm pretty liberal in most of my views. I did vote for George Bush, but only because he was the "lesser of two evils" compared to Al Gore. Am I glad I voted for him? Not really, not that it would have made a difference, and now as a convicted felon I can't vote anyways. Hussein killed sooooooo many people, and that's okay just because he was put to death? Does hanging him make him a fucking martyr or something, absolve him of all his crimes? Fuck that! I think the death penalty is nothing but revenge gone wild, but sometimes revenge is NECESSARY as well as therapeutic. He's up there with Stalin, having killed millions- and now that he's dead, he will never be able to do it again. Never. So rah rah, Iraqui government. Those poor bastards over there deserve a better life anyways. I'm glad Hussein is dead.


M T said...

Hussein loved his nation. He killed those who opposed him, true. he was cruel. the people of iraq were better off under him than now, dont u think? do u know how many innocents die each day there? hussein would not have allowed that. US can afford it, its not their nation. what worries them is their own soldiers' deaths.
what right do u think america has over another nation's affairs as long as it cant prove any bad plans iraq had for US? america has done this before - vietnam, cuba...where not? (though afghanistan was necessary in a way). america meddles and has innocent blood on its hands. its not communist propoganda, shelley.

Michelle said...

we didn't kill him, iraq did.